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#Gay #Group Sex #Interracial #Trans

By SamanthaCD

I just had 3 guys fuck me and I wanna tell someone about it!!

I just got home from one of the most insane nights of my life and thought I’d share a little.

For those who haven’t read my previous stories, I am a man in my forties with a wife and kids. Also, I am a cross dresser that has a boyfriend on the side. I identify as bisexual.

My boyfriend Dave has been out of town for almost a month now. He’s a high priced lawyer and has been hired to work a case that has taken him away from me for a while.

I had just got off the phone with Dave and he told me he was going to be gone another week, or so and I had been missing him badly. Our sexy FaceTime chats just weren’t cutting it for me. I was trying to find time to dress up around the house but it just wasn’t working out. Someone was always around or needed something. I was staying up way past my usual bedtime just to spend some time in my basement wearing some of my women’s clothing I had hidden.

I had enough sitting around taking what I could get so I decided to go out. I grabbed a few of my preferred clothing items and put them in a bag. I told my wife I was going to a game that night with some guys from work. I went to a popular gay bar that Dave and I had been to a few times.

I had put on a black bra and panties set along with my favorite black stockings on at home and just wore my normal clothes over them. While in the parking lot of the bar I removed my shirt and jeans and put on a slender black dress that Dave got me for Christmas. I did my hair and makeup as best I could in my car mirror and confidently walked into the bar. This was the first time I have ever been in public dressed as a woman without Dave by my side.

I had a couple drinks and in that time I had 2 different guys come over and flirt a bit. I wasn’t much interested in them as they weren’t really my type. However, as the drinks made their way thru my system I had to go to the bathroom and on my way I saw a man that absolutely was what I was into. He was tall, about 6’3” and fit. Dark brown hair with a touch of gray and a thick beard of the same color. He had a nice dress shirt and tie but no jacket and slacks and nice loafers. We made eye contact and he smiled at me as I left the bathroom.

A few minutes later he approached me and we began talking. He was kind of arrogant and I wasn’t really hitting on his personality all that much but he was just so damn good looking. Shortly after we started talking, two other men that obviously knew the first one came over and joined the conversation. The first one’s name was Jeff, the second and third was Eric, and Leo.

Leo was similar to Jeff in that he had business apparel on but was shorter and less fit, and average looking guy, and Eric was a black guy about the same height as Jeff and thinner.

Fast forward two hours and about 10 drinks later and all four of us are at Jeff’s place. I really had no plans for what I was going to do tonight and certainly didn’t think it’d go this far but it is what it is.

We started in the living room. I removed my dress and got down on my knees. All three men were standing in front of me with their cocks out. Jeff was on my left, his cock was about 7”, Leo was on my right and his was 6”, and Eric stood in the middle and his black cock was almost 10”. Now I’m just guessing here and I did have a number of drinks but that seems about right.

Absolutely fascinated by 3 cocks in my face and one being this big beautiful black cock, I leaned in and began sucking Eric. Stroking the other two and sucking periodically. I had been with two men before but this was new, three cocks! What’s a girl to do?

After a solid 10 minutes of being on my knees and sucking these 3 strangers dicks, Eric finally stood me up and pulled my panties down. Jeff sat down on the couch and began rubbing lube all over his cock. Eric was nice enough to bend over and lick my cock a little.

Then I felt Jeff’s hands grab ahold of my hips and pull me towards him. I felt his cock touching my asshole and I instinctively just sat down on it. It hurt a little as I wasn’t completely ready for it and didn’t go as sow as I would’ve liked to but the small amount of pain went away within seconds as I began to ride Jeff’s cock reverse cowgirl.

Leo stood on the couch next to us and dangled his cock in my face which I immediately began sucking. Eric returned to licking and sucking on my cock. I have been in some interesting situations before but this one was incredibly hot. I had a cock in my mouth, a cock in my ass and my cock was in another’s mouth.

As I was riding Jeff, I looked down at Eric sucking me. I say his big black cock swinging between his legs and I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me. We made eye contact and I mouthed the words “I want you to fuck me so bad!” Eric stood up and his black monster was pointing right in my face. I was about to get up so he could split me in half but Jeff had a strong grip on my hips and he started grunting. Then I felt Jeff’s cock start throbbing and spurting cum inside my ass. While I waited for Jeff to finish, I slurped on Eric’s cock for a few seconds.

As I stood up, I felt Jeff’s cum draining from my ass and down my legs. Before I could get into position to present myself for Eric, Leo grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him saying “my turn”. I wasn’t going to argue, I knew I’d get Eric’s attention soon enough.

Leo sat on the couch next to Jeff, and I did to Leo as I did to Jeff. I sat down on his cock and began riding it reverse cowgirl as well. Eric put his cock in my mouth and I enjoyed the taste of his pre cum. Jeff sat exhausted next to us just softly stroking himself with one hand and touching me with his other.

Leo didn’t take long before I heard him panting and moaning. His grip on my hips tightened and yelled out as he shot his seed in my ass. As I stood up cum once again dripping down my legs, I knew what was next and I was so hot and turned on.

I didn’t waste any time and paid little attention to the cum dripping down my leg or the two men that put it there. I took Eric by the hand and walked to the end of the couch. I bent over the arm and put my face in Jeff’s lap and started licking what little drops of cum he had. His cock wasn’t hard anymore but I wanted to see if I could make him hard again. Also, I had never had a 10” real cock fuck me before. I had done dildos about that size but the real thing is way different. You don’t get to control how hard it fucks you, so I kind of wanted to distract myself a little by sucking on Jeff’s cock while Eric got behind me.

I began to feel Jeff’s cock come to life in my mouth a bit. His last few drops of cum tasted great. He obviously had a good diet. Then I felt Eric position himself behind me and press his cock against my hole and push it in. Right off the bat I could tell he was thicker than the other two. He was slow and gentle at first but that didn’t last long as he began thrusting and fucking me! I moaned and yelled all with Jeff’s dick in my mouth swelling and getting hard again.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum so hard!” Eric yelled

Then I felt him pull his cock out of my ass, and pull me up by my hair, I turned around and quickly got on my knees in front of him. I opened my mouth and he shot a huge blast of cum in my face. It hit my upper lip and went in my mouth. I quickly swallowed it as the second and third blast hit my face as well. This time hitting my cheek and nose. A fourth went in my mouth as I got closer and put the tip of his cock in my mouth. I felt more and more spurts of cum hitting the roof of my mouth. I couldn’t believe how much cum this man was producing!

As I wrapped up Eric’s cock I heard Jeff, who was still sitting on the couch speak.

“Ready for round 2?” He asked

My face, and legs were covered in cum and I thought my answer was going to be no but I was game for more! I climbed back on Jeff’s lap, this time facing him and slid his cock back inside me. I began to grind on him and for the first time feeling like I could cum. His cock was hitting my spot apparently.

Before I could get to a point where I was going to cum, I felt Leo get behind me and begin pushing his cock against my hole. Had I been sober, I might not have let him try what he was trying to do but with the alcohol in me I just thought why not. I’m gonna give these guys a story to talk about.

I stopped grinding on Jeff and allowed Leo to push his cock in. I felt him slip inside my ass and my initial reaction was, god I hope Dave doesn’t find out about this. My second thought was, holy shit I have two cocks in my ass!!!

Leo and Jeff struggled to get into sync with each other’s movements for a minute but they figured it out and when they did I just about lost my mind. Jeff’s cock was already rubbing against my spot and Leo’s cock was now pushing it harder against it. My cock slapped against Jeff’s stomach over and over again and I eventually sprayed my cum all over him.

Both Jeff and Leo came inside me almost the same time. It was an experience I hadn’t imagined when I left the house tonight but it was a great one!

As I stood up, my face still covered in Eric’s cum, Jeff and Leo’s cum pouring out of my ass I noticed that Eric was recording the two of them fucking me with his phone. Another moment where sober me might’ve had a problem with it but I was so turned on by the whole situation that I had him send me the video. I’ve been home for almost an hour and I have jacked myself off to this 3 minute video 4 times already! Holy shit 3 guys is awesome! I’m going to have to meet up with those guys again or maybe just bring Eric over to Dave’s house for some fun. Wow, so many options!

By SamanthaCD
#Gay #Group Sex #Interracial #Trans

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