A Black Night Out Sex Story

#Cuckold #Interracial

By DarkAction

Jan takes advantage of a friends night out to play her Queen of Spades card.

Jan was getting ready for a night out with her husband Rob and a group of friends. They regularly went out with this group, all of whom were of a similar age and background. Generally these nights out led to sex with unexpected partners and this was a big attraction for Jan.

Jan and Rob had an open marriage and were happy for each to take a new partner providing they were discrete and no long term relationships developed. Jan had a huge appetite for sex and would fuck with anybody given half a chance. Age and nationality were no barrier and she had enjoyed boys as young has fifteen and of men varying shades of colour from white through brown to ebony black. She had swallowed their cum and filled her pussy and backside with it. She loved to be a slut.

With the prospect of sex with a stranger in mind she dressed provocatively and, because it was a warm balmy evening, with the minimal of underwear. Her underwear consisted solely of a thong. This was covered by a very short, tight fitting and clingy red dress, which stopped just below her pudendum. The figure hugging dress emphasised Jan’s hour glass figure and was opened sufficient to give a tantalising glimpse of her 38D assets. The short dress also showed off her shapely legs to the best advantage.

Rob was having difficulty in restraining himself from pushing Jan on to the bed for a quick fuck. However, he knew that he might also be copulating with someone else during the evening and that he would be free to fuck Jan when they got home. He loved to fuck Jan after somebody else. It was a big turn on for him.

They were both ready by the time the taxi which they had ordered, arrived to pick them up. The group were meeting up in a large popular public house which was usually heaving with people as like minded as Jan and Rob’s group. The taxi driver could not take his eyes of Jan and she was aware of this. She moved to the middle of the seat so that the driver could see her through his rear view mirror. She then opened her legs enough to give the driver a clear sight of her sparse undergarment.

Jan and Rob joined their friends in the public house who were stood in a corner of the lounge. Jan was pleased with this because she was able to see everyone in the room from their position. Her eyes were immediately darting round the room and she was pleased with what she saw. The men outnumbered the woman and most were young and attractive. She was almost wet already.

The group all got their drinks and chatted away amongst themselves. Jan had already fucked the best looking men in their party on various occasions and tonight she was looking for a new man to fuck with. She was able to take in the view whilst she engaged in conversation and she spotted several likely candidates.

Whilst she was looking around she caught the eye of a black man who was also obviously looking for someone to lay. They held each others gaze for a little while and both smiled sending a clear message that they were interested and available.

They both continued to converse with their respective friends but kept looking at each other and smiling. Jan was getting very damp beneath her flimsy underwear. Rob eventually noticed that Jan was eyeing the black man and he whispered to Jan, “I think you’ve scored there”. At this Jan nodded to the man and moved her head to indicate that she was going to the toilet. She excused herself from her party and moved across the room passing immediately in front of the black man who put his drink down and followed Jan.

There was a communal door leading to the toilets and Jan politely held the door open for the black man. Once in the corridor to the toilets, the man took hold of Jan’s hand and pulled her into the gents toilet. There was nobody in so he took Jan into the cubicle furthest away. No sooner did he slam the door shut than they heard somebody else enter the toilets.

They were not, however, going to be put off by anybody and they kissed passionately in the small space available. Their tongues were exploring each others mouths and their hands were feeling their way around each others bodies.

When they broke from the kiss the man said “Hi, I’m Alex but my friends call me Rambo”. “Have you ever taken a big black cock” he asked Jan. “Oh yes, I’m something of a Queen of Spades,” she replied. This was indeed true. Jan loved black cock and loved to be dominated by men during sex.

Rambo had now discovered that there was nothing more than a meagre thong to negotiate to Jan’s pussy. He was busy fingering her wet pussy and toying with her clitoris. He started to gently finger fuck her with two fingers and Jan was unfastening his belt and lowering his trousers. She pushed his trousers down to his knees and she could see that his dick was already trying to escape from his underwear.. “Wow,” she muttered. “it’s so big. It’s a magnificent specimen. I want to suck it.”

She sat down on the toilet but Rambo made her stand briefly whilst he removed her dress. She sat back down again and took his dick in both hands. Even with both hands she could not hold the entire length. It must have been a good 10 inches long and was only slightly less girth than a can of beer.

She took the glans in her mouth, sucking and licking it, then running her tongue the full length from his balls to glans. He pushed his dick into her mouth, forcing it as far as he could until Jan gagged a little. He pulled back a bit but immediately thrust it straight back in, trying to force it down her throat. Holding her breath Jan took two or three inches down her throat and he throat fucked her for a short time. However, Jan again gagged and he pulled out.

“If your throat can’t take it lets see what your cunt can take,” he said.

They swapped round and Rambo sat on the toilet. Jan then placed a leg either side of the toilet and began to lower herself on to his dick. She was very wet and had no difficulty in guiding the dick to her cunt entrance. She moaned with pleasure as she lowered herself still further. Her cunt was parting to take his dick and she could feel herself being stretched. She continued moaning as more of his dick entered her. She felt a slight pain but this was more than worth it for the pleasure she was deriving from it.

Eventually she took all of his dick inside her and she began to lift and lower herself whilst he was also thrusting his groin up and forcing his dick into her. They fucked like this for nearly ten minutes and during this Jan had an orgasm, sending her juices down his shaft and across his thighs. Whilst he was fucking Jan, Rambo was biting her tits and leaving love bites around her nipples.

A short while later Rambo came inside Jan. His cum raced around Jan’s insides and it seemed to be endless. He just kept shooting jets of cum, emptying his balls entirely. This then began to leak from Jan and again ran down his shaft. “Suck me clean,” he demanded and They swapped positions so that Jan was able to take his dick in her mouth. “Clean it good and proper,” he said. “I’m hoping to get another fuck tonight.”

Jan loved the taste of cum and the love juices and she made a good job of cleaning him up.

They dressed in the confined space and listened to hear if anybody was in the toilet. Believing it to be clear they left the cubicle but as they reached the door Rob came in. “Oh,” he said slightly surprised. “Sorry to interrupt.” “That’s ok,” said Rambo. “I’ve finished fucking her for now but she loves big black dick and I will be fucking her again some time.” With that he gave them both a business card with his contact details on it. “Call me when you next want my black dick,” he said. “You can watch or even film it if you like,” he said to Rob and then added “I’ll bring some mates round if you want an orgy.”

Rambo left to join his party and Jan and Rob proceeded to join their friends. “Did you have a good time,” he asked Jan. “Absolutely,” replied Jan, “And I want to take up his offer to bring his mates next time.” “Will you watch and film us please,” she asked Rob. “Definitely,” he answered, “but conditional on you coming into the toilet with me so that we can fuck now.” With a big smile they headed back to the far cubicle.

By DarkAction
#Cuckold #Interracial

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