A Crazy Mid-Summer Weekend – Part 2 of 2 Sex Story

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By Jessy42

Her pussy pulsed and rippled, milking out a few last blobs of Shepherd cum into her swampy pussy.

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Chapter 6

Jennifer polished her br(o)ther’s purple cock-head to a glossy luster, licked up and down his cock-shaft, lapping at his drained balls, gathering up the stray cum drops that had escaped her lips. When she drew her mouth away, she left the boy gasping like a landed fish.

Her pussy pulsed and rippled, milking out a few last blobs of Shepherd cum into her swampy pussy. Adolf’s dick was still hard as a rock, and Jennifer wondered if they might be tied together, like mating dogs. She wondered if she should have Jon fetch a bucket of cold water to throw over Adolf before they could uncouple.

Jennifer giggled at the thought, the possibility failed to alarm the young girl. She adored having her pussyful of doggy cock, fucking or stationary, or having him just lying there on her back, his body all heavy and twitching, his hard cock was a treat. She wondered how long it would be before the dumb brute could fuck again.

But then Adolf woofed and stirred, beginning to draw his dick out of her soaking pussy-slit. His cock came out as it had gone in, inch by precious inch of hairy dick emerging, as her pussy-lips clung to his retreating dick. His slick red cock-knob pulled from her fuck-hole with a wet popping sound.

The brute hiked back and hopped down from Jennifer’s ass. He turned, standing sideways to her as she looked back over her shoulder at him, and saw to her delight, that his big cock was still impressively stiff. Her pussy felt all hollow now, and she felt his warm spend cum oozing and dripping down her inner-thighs.

The girl had adored her first mouthful of sibling cock and cum, and naturally, she wondered what a dog’s dick would taste like if she sucked it. Would doggy cum be as fucking scrumptious as br(o)ther cum?

She gazed speculatively at the brute’s hairy cock, licking her lips. The succulence of Jon’s cum still lingered on her lips, keeping her naughty appetite simmering merrily away. Jeez, she thought, grinning like an imp, I sure have a lot to tell Tracy.

Glancing to see if Jon was watching her, and finding that he was – Jennifer slid a hand down to her pussy. She stuffed two fingers into her sodden pussy, and gathered up some doggy cum on them, giving her clit a nice little rub in the process. Then she brought her hand up to her lips and licked at the gooey residue.

“Oooohh… mmmmaahh… so good!” she squealed. Doggy cum was hot, thick, and gamey tasting. If the stuff was so tasty delivered secondhand, what would it be like if a girl… a naughty girl, to be sure — were to suck a load of it right out of a big doggy dick?

“Oooohh Shit… S(i)s, that’s fucking wild,” Jon cried.

She scooped up some more from her pussy and lapped it from her palm and fingers. She could taste her own pussy-juices blended with the canine cum, together it was so yummy. It reminded her of Tracy’s suggestion that the two of them might lick each other — a prospect that was becoming more and more intriguing to adventurous young girl.

She gazed at Adolf’s cock again, her mouth starting to water. The red meat of his naked cock-knob was all slathered with cum and pussy-juice, making it look even more delicious. Her lips trembled at the very idea of mouthing a dog dick that had just come out of her creamy pussy-hole.

She imagined sucking Adolf’s cock after the b(ea)st had been fucking sexy Tracy! Or sucking Tracy’s pussy after it had been filled full of doggy cum! Jennifer knew that she was going to have to call on her raven-haired girlfriend… but not quite yet.

She looked at Jon again, wanting to be sure that he was paying attention – she was beginning to realize she enjoyed doing naughty things all the more when she was performing for an audience. Jon was gazing down at his dick. He had one hand wrapped around it, and was tugging it up and down a bit, making sure that it was still nice and stiff. When he saw his s(i)ster looking at him, he grinned and drew his hand away, shoving his hips out and offering his erect dick to her.

She reached down for more doggy cum, and brought her wet fingers to her mouth, she licked her lips and showed him her tongue as she licked Adolf’s cum suggestively and seductively from each finger.

“God… you’re fucking nasty… can I…” Jon croaked. “Can I fuck you, Jenny?”

“You wanna fuck my mouth again… or my pussy?” she seductively whispered.

“I wanna fuck your pussy,” he rasped. “Jeez, S(i)s, I know it’s nasty, but hell, I don’t care if it’s sloppy seconds… after a Dog! I’m really Hot for your pussy!”

Her blue eyes gleamed like smoldering cobalt and her pretty face was radiant with perverse desire.

“So. you wanna change places with, Adolf?” she asked.

“Huh?” he muttered, not getting the idea.

“Like we already did, but the other way around,” the saucy little slut giggled.

Jon’s jaw dropped. “Jeez… you mean…?” he gasped.

“Huh hum… Yeah… you can fuck up my pussy-hole, while I suck the dog’s lovely dick,” she wildly giggled.

“Oooohh, Wow! S(i)s, you’re awful,” he cried, but his dick was bucking and jerking like a bronco. Sucking Adolf off seemed even more wicked than fucking with the brute — and all the more exciting because of it! He tried to grin, but his facial muscles were all stiff and twisted by lust. He nodded.

Jennifer was delighted by his expression, and more so by the way that his big potent dick started to drip pre-cum. How wonderful it would be to have her br(o)ther’s cock fucking away at her pussy, and spurting his cum deep into her pussy, she imagined having puppies with Jon’s face — and she giggled, “I hope the fucker can cum again… I really wanna suck his doggy cock now!”

Jon gasped, reacting to her depraved confession as she knew that he would. Jennifer slid across to where the German Shepherd was standing. She rolled over onto her side and hiked her belly up a little, parting her legs and lifting one knee so that her crotch was fully accessible. Then she reached out and cupped Adolf’s balls.

Jon was crawling toward her, his dick arching out like a pike aimed at her pussy-slit, and his balls hanging down. Jennifer moaned at the prospect of another double dose, simply adoring cum in either end, and positively worshipping the wonderful stuff when she got hosed from head to tail. She was glowing radiantly, feeling deliciously depraved and loving the sordid sensation.

Her hand slid up from the dog’s balls and closed around his cock. Adolf turned his head and gazed at her, doggy wisdom sparkling in his eyes. He yelped with enthusiasm. Jennifer skinned back on his hairy sheath, making the naked red shaft thrust out. She inhaled all the mixed odors of musk, cum, and pussy-juice wafting heavily from his gamey slippery shaft.

“Watch, Jon,” she whispered.

Jon was not about to look away. Jennifer slid her blonde head under the German Shepherd’s belly and turned her face toward his jutting dick. The dog held himself rigid, his flanks quivering in anticipation of a strange new thrill. Jennifer stared at his cock-knob, hesitating — but not with any reluctance or doubt, simply gazing at that huge shaft of red cock-meat like a gourmet at a banquet.

Her pink tongue slid out to lick her lips, she looked at her br(o)ther, then at the doggy cock, then at her br(o)ther again, almost as excited at having Jon witness her depravity, as she was at the prospect of sucking off Adolf’s lovely dog cock. Her hand pushed back on his dick, rolling the hairy sheath back almost to hairy balls. The brute’s piss-hole was gaping open and the angry red meat of his fat dick was all streaked and lathered with milky pre-cum and pearly pussy-juice, looking like some delicacy carefully prepared by a French chef.

Jennifer flicked her tongue against the very tip of the German Shepherd’s cock-head, lightly, merely licking up his slippery pre-cum. She drew back for a moment, letting that first taste of dog dick stimulate her taste buds. She made a little purring sound of contentment, as she discovered that dog cock was absolutely scrumptious.

Adolf was whimpering and shuffling from paw to paw, shivering all through his big, brawny body, but still he held himself in check, instinctually he knew the girl was about to clean up his cock. He would have done it himself already, but he was too distracted by his owners.

Jon groaned, his handsome face all twisted with lust. His cock was throbbing savagely, he was desperate to fuck it into his s(i)ster’s little pussy-hole, but like the doggy, he held himself back, waiting for naughty Jennifer to start this strange threesome.

Jennifer lapped at the dog’s cock-knob again, her flattened pink tongue gliding over the flushed red cock-shaft, and slurped up the combined juice that was slathered on the slick cock-shaft. “Uuuumm, doggy cock is lovely,” she whispered, knowing that her words would further excite her br(o)ther — if he could possibly be any more excited than he already was. “I’m gonna blow a whole lot of dogs from now on, Jonny! I’m gonna suck off every dog I can get!”

“Suck him, S(i)s! Suck the fucker!” Jon urged. The sight was making him so fiery hot that he thought that his eyeballs might melt.

The blonde twelve-year-old began to lick the dog’s cock-head with wet slurps, licking all over his dick, her slobber glistening on the meat to replace the mingled cum-juice that she was tonguing up. Adolf whimpered and whined. A great glob of gooey pre-cum appeared in his flaring piss-hole. The stuff was too thick to drip down, it gleamed there in his cleft like a melted pearl. Jennifer whimpered hungrily at the sight.

She shot a glance at Jon, then slid her tongue out and very daintily licked the cum drop off the German Shepherd’s open piss-hole. It rolled onto her tongue was like a glob of quicksilver, fluid yet thick. She let the doggy cream run over her tingling taste-buds, tantalizing her, whetting her appetite for the main course. Jon was panting. Jennifer slid her tongue out so that he could see the pearly goo on her pink tongue. He groaned at the wild sight.

Jennifer swallowed the delicacy, moaning. Her br(o)ther’s cum was lovely to taste, but the dog’s slime was hotter, thicker, and gamier, she yearned for a bellyful of the wild stuff. She opened her mouth wide and slid her lips down over the animal’s cock-knob. She sucked rapturously, whimpering, her cheeks hollowing in and her lips puckering out as they collared his cock-shaft.

Adolf bayed like a wolf. Now that his cock-knob was in the girl’s mouth, there was no mystery about it. He began to hump frantically, fucking into her face and tipping her blonde head back as his cock filled her greedy mouth and plunged back to her throat.

Jennifer sucked as the brute withdrew. That wonderful mouthful was making her so hungry and so horny, her nipples stood out as if they were pebbles, and her clit swelled out from her soaking pussy-slit, she spread her slender legs wider.

Jon knelt between her slim, shapely thighs and dipped down, bringing his hard cock level with her pussy. He grasped his s(i)ster by her hips, and without manual guidance, fucked his dick into her tight fuck-hole. His cock-head slid easily into her pussy, and her tight lips clamped around his throbbing shaft.

Jon held steady for a moment, with only his cock-head in his s(i)ster’s pussy, savoring the anticipation. Then, with a long, slow, underslung stroke, the horny youth slid his dick all the way into her pussy – with a sigh Jennifer arched her back, trying to get his cock deeper into her pussy.

“Aaaahh!” Jennifer sighed, feeling her pussy fill to the core as the Adolf continued to thrust his dick into her mouth with frantic vigor. Jon’s hands slid under Jennifer’s trim little ass, lifting her loins higher. Ass corkscrewing, he began to ram his cock in and out of her fuck-hole. Jennifer fucked with him, her ass grinding and her hips jerking. Her belly dipped, and her thighs hooked around his heaving flanks, clamping him in a wet velvet vise.

Her pliable pussy-hole molded itself around the contours of his cock, clinging to every inch. Her pussy muscles gripped and pulsed around her br(o)ther’s cock, driving the boy to a frenzy. He fucked his cock to her fast and hard, his cock thrusting to the hilt in her nearly-hairless pussy.

“Uuunnghhh… uuunnghhh!” Jennifer grunted, as her br(o)ther fucked into her pussy, and the doggy stuffed her mouth full of rock-hard dick. The brute was humping so fast now that his haunches were a dark blur. His long, bushy tail was swirling about like a propeller behind his haunches. Jennifer writhed in exquisite joy, fucking and sucking with wild abandonment, her mouth as hot as her pussy.

Her pussy began to cream – and her mouth was slobbering as if it, too, were in the sweet spasms of an orgasm.

Jon pounded in furiously, his balls slapping against her up-thrust ass with a solid thud. The dog’s balls were rolling in under her chin. Both sets of balls were full of cum, and Jennifer longed for both loads. Her belly was already full of sibling cum, but she wanted to gulp down great gobs of doggy cum to enhance that nourishment. She also wanted her br(o)ther to squirt his next load of cum into her pussy that was already filled with thick an(i)mal cum.

“Fuck Me, Jon! Give me your hot…,” she wailed, as Adolf’s dick pulled back through her lips. “UUUuummpfff!” she gagged, as Adolf jammed his cock back into her mouth. The German Shepherd was tossing her head about on his dick, like a bull goring a matador with his horn, and Jon was heaving her slim pelvis up and down, as he fucked his cock into her pussy with savage thrusts.

Jennifer was coming and coming, pussy-juice poured from her pussy each time her br(o)ther thrust into her pussy, a lathering of juices seeped from her tight pussy-lips, running down into the crack of her jerking ass.

Adolf growled, his lips turning back from his gleaming fangs in a doggy grimace. His cum squirted into her mouth.

“Ooooohh… mmmmmaaahh!” Jennifer groaned, as she gulped the sweet cum down greedily. The thick, gooey stuff was all coming out of the dog’s cock-knob in a slimy rope. “He’s coming in my mouth, Jon! The fucking dog is shooting in my mouth!” she cried.

But Jon already knew that. He watched as she was swallowing ravenously, but the brute’s b(e)stial load was too much for her. Foaming cum spilled from her lips and poured in cascades down her cheeks and chin.

“I’m Gonna blow, Jenny! Gonna come in your pussy!” Jon walled, as his balls exploded.

“Yeah…. uuuunnghhhh, fill my pussy, Jonny!” Jennifer moaned, squirming her crotch wildly down to meet his cock as his cum squirted out.

Jon shot into her pussy so hard that her clit exploded on his sliding cock-shaft, her orgasm surged and pulsed through her lithe body, as her br(o)ther filled her fuck-hole, and her doggy continued to squirt his gamey goo into her hungry mouth and belly.

At last, the an(i)mal faltered, his flanks grinding down to a quivering halt. Jennifer nursed a few last globs out of his dick, then pulled her mouth off the brute’s drained cock, and concentrated on another orgasmic wave building deep in her pussy, as her br(o)ther spilled out the last squirts of his cum into her womb… again she imagined having a litter of German Shepherd puppies with her brother’s face, and gave out a giggling sigh as she climaxed again.

Then Jon, too was finished. He clung to her for a moment, his cock jammed up her pussy. Then, gasping, dizzy with his dynamic orgasm, the boy pulled his cock out of his nubile s(i)ster’s flooded fuck-hole. His thick cock stood out straight for a moment, then collapsed like a felled tree.

Jennifer gazed wistfully at her br(o)ther’s cock and sighed, realizing that Jon was finished for the moment. Then she looked at Adolf hopefully, but that potent brute, too, had shot his last b(e)stial load for the time being. His thick cock was retracting slowly back into his loins, the knob already enveloped by the hairy sheath, and his balls shriveled and voided.

Full of cum and well creamed, herself, insatiable little Jennifer still felt all hollow and empty now, with no stiff cock available to plug her fuck-holes. Then, on this wild day of adventure, she thought about Tracy… and smiled wickedly.

Chapter 7

Jennifer felt so deliciously naughty that she had to share what she did with her girlfriend, Tracy. She knew that Tracy would be mightily impressed by her doggy adventures — and that the carnal confession would most certainly make that raven-haired cutie all hot and squirmy. After all, now that she had experienced both Bestiality and Inc(e)st, in both mouth and pussy, it seemed only proper that she complete her sexual education by discovering the undoubted pleasures involved in the sucking of hot pussy.

The cute blonde got to her feet, doggy and sibling cum seeping from her sore pussy and flowing down her slender thigh as she walked over to the shower shed door… she was a mess to behold. Adolf’s cum glistened on her chin, she looked as if she had been eating a glazed doughnut. Jon stared at her nubile, cum-smeared body and grinned, admiring his sister in a deprived manner, he would no longer be capable of thinking of her as anything more than a sex starved Slut… but at the moment he was too spent to take advantage of her sexy naked.

“What are you going to do now?” he asked as she moved away.

“I’m gonna go see Tracy,” she giggled, gazing saucily over her shoulder. “But first I’m going to take a quick shower. Why don’t you join us after you’ve had time to recharge, Jon?” Jennifer replied, then she glanced down at the exhausted German Shepherd. “You might as well bring Adolf along, too.” Ass swaying provocatively, Jennifer stepped through the shed door, her pussy tingling between her thighs, and her mouth already beginning to water for her first taste of pussy.

* * * * * * *

When Tracy returned to her own back yard, she was hot and excited, her passion aroused by the distinct possibility that she and Jennifer would soon become lovers. The fragrance of her excitement preceded her, and Major came bounding to meet her. His dick was hard again. It jolted under his loins.

He jammed his muzzle between her legs, starting to lap around her inner-thighs and her pink bikini bottom.

Tracy giggled and squirmed on his tongue for a moment, then knelt down beside him and began to fondle his big cock and balls. She was wondering if it would be possible to sixty-nine with a dog, or if they would have to take turns licking each other. She quickly off her bikini, then she twisted her naked body under him, and slurped his cock-knob into her mouth, suckling on the slick red dick while the doggy continued to lick her pussy with his drooling tongue.

His huge cock was jerking and throbbing so excitingly that Tracy wondered what it would feel like to have that rock-hard dick stuck up her fuck-hole. She felt no qualms about the idea. After all, she had already sucked his dick, so she reasoned that fucking with the big brute would not really compound her sins.

“Yeah! Wanna go fuckies, Major?” she giggled. The dog woofed and yelped just as if he understood what she had suggested.

Tracy debated whether she should fuck him doggy fashion or human style. Both positions had benefits, she figured. Getting down on her hands and knees while the brute thundered into her dog style would make her feel like a bitch in heat, groveling under the an(i)mal, sinking into the realm of utter degradation. But screwing with him face to face would be thrilling too. She would be able to look up at him, to see him pant and slobber in his b(e)stial enthusiasm as he slammed his cock into her — she grinned at the idea — in the standard!

It didn’t really matter… Tracy knew that she would be fucking and sucking with the Great Dane a lot, and would have a chance to try all the positions soon enough. She decided to take him in the missionary position the first time.

She ground her pussy-slit onto his snout and sucked lovingly on his cock-knob for another moment, then rolled away and moved toward the poolside area. A wave of pure lust caused Tracy to shudder in anticipation. Major came eagerly after her, tongue hanging out and stubby tail twitching in doggy delight, his b(e)stial instincts telling him that he was about to learn a new trick.

Tracy laid down on a lounge chair and grabbed the inflatable pillow she had been using when she was sunbathing, doubled it up and slid it under her ass, so that her crotch was elevated. She arched her slim back sinuously and opened her legs.

Major, not comprehending this position, thrust his head between her thighs and slurped some more. Tracy enjoyed his tongue for a minute, then grabbed him by the collar and hauled the big dog up so that he stood straddle-legged over her, his cock level with her loins.

She slid her hand down onto his cock and brought it to her soaking slit. Major whined in confusion as his cock-knob flared in her drenched pussy. He shook his head, bewildered, realizing he was poised at the opening of a pussy, but not knowing what to do with his front paws, since he didn’t have haunches to which to cling.

“Silly mutt!” Tracy giggled. It was like training a virgin, she thought. She pulled his cock-knob into her pussy-slit, hiking her ass up a bit higher and wriggling under the tall beast. Her pussy-lips sucked him deeper.

Major woofed. The position was totally strange to the dumb an(i)mal, but his cock-knob was now bedded in pussy, and he certainly knew what to do about that. His haunches tensed, and with a powerful lunge, he drove every inch of his cock up her fuck-hole.

Tracy grunted as his cock filled her. Face to face, girl and doggy, they stared at each other. The dog actually looked rather embarrassed at finding himself coupled from the front, as if such a thing were a perversion in the canine kingdom, a taboo among modest mutts.

Tracy began to move her pelvis, frigging her pussy up and down on his cock. Major quivered and shook. He pulled slowly back, experimenting carefully. The Great Dane yelped with joy and began to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy.

Tracy wailed with pleasure. She gazed down the arched plane of her slender body, watching the dog’s cock sink into her pussy. His balls were slapping against her ass on every plunging stroke. His head went up and down and he lapped at her tits, rapidly discovering the advantages of fucking in human fashion. He slurped at her mouth and Tracy sucked on his tongue, tasting her own succulent pussy-nectar blended with his doggy slobber.

The girl jerked and squirmed wildly, even more frenzied than the thrusting brute. She drew her legs up, clamping her smooth thighs around his flanks, then opened them wide again, giving him full rein in her crotch. Her feet flailed in the air behind his hairy haunches.

“Ooohh! Aaaahh! Give it to me, boy!” Tracy squealed. “Fuck my fuck my pussy… you big bastard! Hump Me!”

For several minutes Major rammed into the hot depths of Tracy’s pussy. His red cock-knob surged in her pussy-core and his thick, hard, hairy cock-shaft jolted up the length of her hot, wet hole. Her pussy creamed and his dick plowed in even faster as her pussy oiled itself with juices. His cock was surging up her fuck-hole, throbbing and jerking as he filled her pussy, and she thrust her ass up and down. Her lithe thighs lashed against him. Major slammed into her pussy to the hilt of his vibrant cock-shaft, and Tracy twisted spasmodically as the b(ea)st pulled back.

“Oooohh… I’m Coming!” she groaned, as she began to orgasm in pulsing waves. She knew that she was going to keep climaxing as long as the doggy continued to pound into her pussy-hole. Her clit going off like a machine gun, and her pussy seeping goo.

Yelping and whining, Major fucked on, his paws clacking on the tiles and his head going down for a slurp of tit, then heaving back up.

They were soaring towards Major’s climax when Jennifer appeared on the scene.

“Ooohh, Wow!” the blonde girl exclaimed as she stepped up beside the wildly fucking couple.

Although totally given to depravity and proud of it, Tracy blushed slightly at having been caught getting fucked by her Great Dane. She could see that Jennifer was thrilled rather than shocked, and that also the sexy blonde was stark naked. She missed a beat in her sudden surprise…

“Oooohh… don’t stop!” Jennifer cried.

But Tracy couldn’t have stopped the dog if she had wanted to — which was the last thing that she wanted. Mostly because the savage brute was nearing the crest, and was frantically fucking his dick up her like some fucking machine run amok. There was no way they could separate now until that massive b(ea)st had emptied his cum load into her womb.

Jennifer knelt down beside them, watching Major’s hairy cock thrust up Tracy’s fuck-hole, then jerk back out all slathered with delicious-looking pussy-slime. The blonde girl licked her lips in hungry expectation, giving her dark-haired friend a sultry glance.

Reaching down, she got a handful of the Great Dane’s hanging balls, squeezing gently. “Oooohh, he’s gonna blow soon!” she moaned, feeling the huge sac swell promisingly.

Abandoned to passion, Jennifer moved behind the dog’s heaving haunches. Thrusting her fingers in, she began to finger-fuck his shit-hole, as his stubby tail whipped around in her arm.

Jeez, I’m finger-fucking a dog’s asshole, Jennifer thought, feeling wonderfully wanton and depraved.

The Great Dane yowled and went wild as he felt the sensation of the girl’s thrusting fingers in his tender asshole. He bucked, plunging his dick into the dark-haired beauty with gusto, as the equally lovely blonde nymphet finger-fucked him up the ass with relish.

Jennifer slid her other hand lower, and began to caress his hairy balls as they bounced off her friend’s ass. She whimpered, knowing what a treat Tracy had in store for her pussy.

After being fucked by her German Shepherd, Adolf; Jennifer was looking forward to getting a chance to fuck with Major, too. But all in good time. There were variations to be worked first. Her hand slid up and down, caressing his hairy ball sac and cock-shaft, as she continued to finger-fuck his asshole, as the massive dog thrust and humped, driving his red cock into Tracy’s pussy, and heaved back against Jennifer’s buried fingers. Jennifer’s pussy quivered as she listened to the wet slapping sounds that Tracy’s pussy was making as her pliable fuck-hole was filled with doggy cock.

“Oooohh… fuck me, boy!” Tracy cried, as his balls slid over her ass and slapped at her wet crotch, while his hairy cock-rod rammed into the hilt, stuffing her full and shaking her body with the fury of his assault. Pussy-cream sprayed out as his fat dick plugged deep into her pussy.

Jennifer moved the dog’s balls aside and gazed at Tracy’s pussy, delighted by the erotic vision. Tracy’s pink pussy-lips were unfurled and rippling as the dog’s thick, hairy cock-shaft plunged into the wet coral-pink folds as his knot began to swell at the hilt of his shaft, and his balls bulged alarmingly in Jennifer’s hand.

“Shit, here he comes!” she wailed.

“Aaaaahh!” Tracy squealed, arching her fuck-hole up on the brute’s cock, as his doggy cum came rushing up his shaft, and squirted deep into the depths of her pussy.

He jerked in and out. Great geysers of doggy cum flooded into Tracy’s womb, some seeping out and blending with the girls’ juices, slathering her hairless crotch in a foamy lather, the sight of which was making Jennifer drool.

The mighty Great Dane emptied his cock and balls in torrents and geysers, and Tracy squirmed under him, adoring every drop of his creamy hot cum. Once his balls were drained, he yelped and whined as he tried to shove his knot into Tracy’s pussy, but Jennifer jerked him back hard and his long dick yanked out of her friend’s pussy.

Jennifer quickly bent down and his cock swung around and slapped against her cheek, laying a slick trail down to the corner of her mouth. With a wild giggle, she sucked it into her mouth and slurped the mingled juices from his spent doggy cock, knowing that Tracy was watching her intently.

Chapter 8

The raven-haired girl lay back, and spread her legs open invitingly. Jennifer finished sucking the succulent cream from the Great Dane’s tasty dick, then pulled her mouth off him and turned to Tracy. The two naughty and adventurous prepubescent girls exchanged a meaningful glance, both more than ready for the next exotic experience they would share on this eventful day.

Jennifer placed her hands son Tracy’s knees, and for a moment, simply gazed hungrily between her spread thighs, licking her lips in eager expectation. She had never sucked a pussy before, but she hadn’t the faintest doubt that she was going to really love going down on her naughty, nubile friend… she had watched girls doing it many times on the Web.

Tracy’s hairless pussy was all drenched with doggy cum and cream, a tantalizing sauce slathered over the soft pink slit. Her clit stood out, begging to be sucked. “Eat me out, Jenny!” Tracy moaned, giving her ass and hips an upward tilt.

Jennifer leaned closer, her cheek brushing against the inside of Tracy’s sleek thighs. She inhaled the tantalizing fragrance of Tracy’s soaking pussy; it was a tempestuous perfume spiced by the gamey aroma of doggy cum.

She approached the feast like a gourmet, ravenous for the main course, yet lingering over the hors-d’oeuvres. Turning her head, she licked at the slick, damp flesh of Tracy’s inner thighs, gathering up the slime that had trickled down her shapely legs.

Tracy’s clit swelled out of her unfurled pussy-lips, as if it were the stigma of an exotic flower. Doggy cum seeped from Tracy’s pussy and flowed down her ass-crack. With a soft moan Jennifer dipped in lower. With delicate, dainty tongue strokes, she lapped up the overflow from Tracy’s pussy, and from out of the tight crack of her up-thrust ass.

Tracy, propped up on her elbows stared down past the slope of her body, and was enchanted by the sight. Jennifer’s pink tongue felt so good licking over her spread crotch.

“Mmmmooooohh… Jenny,” Tracy softly moaned.

Sliding down again, Jennifer licked up the creases where Tracy’s thighs joined her pelvis, lapping near her friend’s hairless pussy-slit, but not yet making contact.

“Don’t fucking tease me!” Tracy wailed, jerking her pussy up frantically.

Jennifer smiled slightly, gratified by her friend’s enthusiasm. She cupped her open hands under her firm asscheeks, lifting the girl’s groin up, as if it were a goblet that she was about to quaff to the sweet dregs. She rubbed the tip of her nose against Tracy’s tingling clit, and whimpered and shuddered approvingly.

Jennifer ran her tongue up the unfurled lips of Tracy’s pussy on one side, then the other. She purred, finding pussy as tasty as she had imagined it would be. She licked lightly at Tracy’s clit, then pushed her tongue up into the dark-haired girl’s fuck-hole, stabbing in and out.

“Uuuumm,” Jennifer sighed, as pussy-juice and doggy cum wetted her tongue. Flattening her tongue, Jennifer began to slurp all the way up Tracy’s drenched crotch. She started in the crack of her ass and slid on up through her gaping pussy and on across her tingling clit… she loved the exotic flavor.

Jennifer had been using only her tongue to begin with. Now she opened her lips wide and clamped them over Tracy’s quivering pussy-slit, and she began to suck. Doggy-goo gushed into her mouth, driving her crazy, while Tracy was jerking and writhing in ecstasy, as she ground her pussy around in her blonde girlfriend’s eager face.

Jennifer’s lips were plastered to Tracy’s fuck-hole like a rubber plunger to a clogged drain. She suckled on the velvety smooth lips, and her tongue flashed in and out of her pussy, plunging as deep as it would go.

“Uuuumm… Uuuummoooohh… aaaahh!” Jennifer whimpered, adoring Tracy’s succulent pussy.

“Oooohh God… I’m gonna Cum!” Tracy groaned.

“Oooohh… come for me, Tracy! Cream my tongue!” Jennifer gasped, thrilled to the very core by knowing that her mouth had brought her friend to the crest.

Cum spilled out into Jennifer’s mouth. She sucked and swallowed, wallowing around in Tracy’s groin. Tracy orgasmed in surging waves, her ass squirming on the lounge chair, her pussy-juices pouring out in a deluge, filling Jennifer’s mouth and warming her belly, as she gulped the sweet nectar down greedily and suckled for more and more.

Tracy sighed and sank back and laid still on the lounge chair, softly panting.

Jennifer, insatiable, kept right on sucking and tongue-fucking, rubbing her face around in the girl’s creamy crotch, coating her mouth and chin with pussy-cum. She looked up into her friend’s blushing face, and softly sighed, “Cream again! Ooohh, shit! I love it… Come for me again, Tracy!”

Tracy whimpered, wanting to orgasm on Jennifer’s sexy mouth again, but she was hungry for pussy, too. She was eager for a mutual oral embrace. “Turn around, Jenny,” she groaned, “Let me suck you, too. Let’s suck each other off together!”

Jennifer moaned. Without removing her mouth from Tracy’s pussy, she began to rotate, on her knees, slowly swinging her ass and hips around. Within moments she was straddling Tracy’s eager, upturned face. Her fuzzy blond pussy hovered only inches above the dark-haired girl’s mouth, and Tracy gasped as she grasped Jennifer by her asscheeks and drew her down, then arched her slender neck, pushing up to meet the descending delicacy and began to suck voraciously.

The teenagers began to sixty-nine with wild joy. Jennifer’s trim little ass jerked as she squatted over Tracy’s face, and her own tongue was licking around in Tracy’s steaming pussy. Jennifer didn’t know which end of this coupling she loved the most, sucking or being sucked, pussy and mouth equally aroused.

Her tongue slurped and her pussy squished, her tongue tingled and her clit quivered. Jennifer began to soar toward the heights, trembling and shivering. “Cream with me, Tracy!” she groaned, her words muffled on Tracy’s pussy.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna Come again!” Tracy cried, her words bubbling from the chasm in which her sweet lips were sucking so hungrily. Jennifer’s ass jerked down; Tracy’s ass heaved up; they seemed to be glued together, bonded mouths to pussies.

The girls writhed together in rapture as they rose to the simultaneous crest, clung there, then slowly ebbed. They kissed each other affectionately on the pussy, both panting and gasping in the lovely aftermath of their thrilling shared climax.

After a while, they moved apart and turned into each other’s arms, embracing and kissing each other on their slimy lips, sharing the residue of their lust back and forth between mouths and tongues.

“I love pussy-lapping,” Jennifer sighed.

“Uuuumm Yeah… let’s do it lots,” Tracy agreed. “Let’s eat each other out every day, Jennifer.”

It was a wonderful prospect, and both naughty pre-teens were looking forward to a long and lasting relationship, giving and getting with equal gusto. But neither girl was destoned to be a lesbian, they both adored cocks… cocks of either species far too much to limit their pleasure to the delights of pussy, and now, at the same time, they realized that sucking pussy had made them horny for cock again.

Fortunately, the spectacle of their sixty-nine session had a profound effect on the Great Dane…

Chapter 9

Major had been observing the girls as they cavorted, with curiosity to begin with, but then with a growing urgency as the sight, the sound, and above all the scent of their arousal stimulated his lusty nature. His balls were full once more and his giant dick was jutting out, hot and hard and ready for attention.

Tracy and Jennifer looked at the doggy, then glanced at each other, eyebrows lifting. They both wanted that big dick and it seemed a shame that there was only the one lovely doggy cock available…

* * * * * * *

But help was at hand… the fragrance of those two creaming pussies had drifted on past the Great Dane’s nostrils and wafted into the yard next door, where a boy and his dog both lay, exhausted, under the leafy arbor. Jon had been thinking very imaginatively about his s(i)ster and her sexy girlfriend, summing up the graphic details of their relationship.

About an hour or so ago, the boy might have been shocked to think that his k(i)d s(i)ster would make love with a dog. But his outlook had changed radically now that he had discovered how boundless her naughtiness was. Jennifer had sucked and fucked with her German Shepherd and she had sucked and fucked with her own sibling, and knowing that, Jon could hardly be surprised to realize that the girl might also be a pussy-lapper.

The thought was turning him on… his balls, were swelling with renewed vigor and his big cock was starting to rise again in a series of jerks and jolts.

The German Shepherd, of course, did not have the benefit of a human imagination to inspire him. But the dog had another advantage… his sensitive nose. And that flaring black snout was inhaling the fragrance of not one, but two steaming pussies drifting over from next door.

Jon inclined his head and gazed thoughtfully down at his rising cock. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and gave it a few tentative and experimental jacking strokes, causing it to swell and tense. He studied the results with interest.

Since adorable little Tracy had never seen his cock, Jon wanted to make sure that it was big and hard, and presentable before he approached her. He pulled up and down, rolling the sheath over his cock-head, and then dragging it back down so that the fat cock-knob flared out, flushed a dull red and swollen to a shapely wedge. And Adolf, although only a doggy, and acting out of instinct rather than a desire to impress Tracy, had arched his shaggy neck around, and was cleaning the slick red tip of his cock-knob with his slurping tongue.

Both erect, the boy and the doggy glanced at each other like conspirators. Then, by tacit agreement, just as if the boy were just taking his dog for a mere walk, they both rose and headed for the yard next door… arriving to find action in progress.

* * * * * * *

The tall Great Dane was standing next to the girls, his cock jerking and throbbing, while the oversexed nymphets decided who got his next cum load.

“Too bad we ain’t got another doggy,” Tracy mentioned, and glanced across at Jennifer speculatively, knowing that the blonde girl had a lovely big German Shepherd, but not sure if Jennifer would volunteer her dog’s services.

Jennifer smiled, looking a bit coy. “My br(o)ther’s gonna bring Adolf over… after they’ve rested for a bit.”

“Your br(o)ther is bring Adolf over!” Tracy cried. “Are you…?”

“Yeah… I sucked and fucked with my br(o)ther, and our German Shepherd after you told me what you did,” Jennifer admitted, seeing no reason to be secretive with her raven-haired girlfriend.

Tracy gave a little squeal, excited by the idea of Inc(e)st… and wishing that she, too, had an older br(o)ther. Her lively imagination sparked. She wondered what her daddy would say if she offered him a blow-job or a fuck. Hell, for that matter, what would her mom think if Tracy were to offer to suck her pussy! Such thrilling ideas caused her to squirm, her pussy steaming and her mouthwatering.

“Let’s suck the dog’s cock a little, while we wait for your br(o)ther, huh?”

“Um hum,” Jennifer agreed. “We can both give him some head and if he shoots, we can share it, Okay?” She licked her sensual lips in anticipation. Then, still running her tongue across her mouth, she leaned forward and kissed Tracy. They swapped saliva, French kissing and licking tongues, taste-buds sparking with the tantalizing flavors of previous cum fluids that lingered in their mouths.

Tracy slid down and began to suck on Jennifer’s burgeoning tits, her dark-haired head shifting from one budding tit to the other, as she drooled on the rosy nubs. Then she leaned back and Jennifer did a bit of nipple nibbling, too. The girls’ finger-fucked each other as they took turns tit-sucking while the neglected doggy eyed them mournfully.

Then the girls turned to the dog… Tracy laved his cock-knob with her tongue, slurping all over the hot shaft, her hot-pink tongue flushed over the red cock-meat, leaving a slobbery frothy mess on the shaft. She lapped him thoroughly, then selflessly drew away. She held the brute’s hairy cock-shaft in her closed hand and turned his flaring cock-knob to Jennifer’s face.

Jennifer eagerly began to tongue his tasty knob, and licked into his open piss-hole, as Tracy jacked his shaft a few times, making the massive hunk of red dick pulse in Jennifer’s lips.

They began to work on him together, as Tracy mouthed his cock-knob, Jennifer lapped his hairy ball sac, and ran her pursed lips up and down the underside of his vibrant shaft, playing him like a furry flute. Her mouth drew up to the top, slobbering, and the two girls kissed each other passionately, with the an(i)mal’s cock-knob throbbing between their lips.

The Great Dane’s knob began to dribble pre-cum…

“Oooohh,” Jennifer purred, as she flashed her tongue against the oozing cleft, tasting his pre-cum with relish. She drew back and Tracy slurped up a tongueful of the gamey stuff. The naughty girls kissed each other, letting the doggy slime run back and forth between their mouths. Blended with saliva, the stuff was delicious.

Major began to hump, stabbing his big dick against the girls’ faces, cheek to cheek, as they tongued merrily away on his hot cock-knob, greedily lapping up the slimy spillage from his piss-hole.

Then Jon and the German Shepherd arrived….

“Ooohh, Wow!” Jon cried, finding the girls savoring the big brute’s cock and cum. He jammed his loins out, shoving his formidable cock toward them. Both girls glanced at him, eyes glinting impishly and promisingly. But by this time Major was humping away furiously, getting set to blow his wad, and it was no time for them to stop what they were doing. Jon and Adolf simply had to wait their turns.

Adolf whined impatiently, but Jon didn’t mind waiting and watching the sexy spectacle, knowing that he would soon be sinking his own dick into one of the girls.

“Yeah, lick the fucker off!” he rasped. “Drink that fucking doggy cum, girls!”

“Ummm… yummy… doggy cum!” Tracy sighed, as a thick glob flowed onto her tongue, spreading out, tantalizing her. She pushed her tongue out and Jennifer sucked it into her mouth, nursing hungrily on a tongue drenched with doggy pre-cum. The Great Dane jabbed his throbbing dick against her cheek, and Jenny turned away from Tracy and took his cock-knob into her mouth, suckling with relish.

Suddenly, Jennifer’s mouth was full of cum. Major had shot his load abruptly, surprising the blonde cock-sucker. His cum squirted down her throat. She gaged, and gulped, and sucked, then drew away, generously allowing Tracy to take some of his succulent load.

The Great Dane spurted once into the air, his cum splashing on Tracy’s cheek. Then Tracy took his cock-knob back into her mouth, and his next foaming dose slathered her tongue as it flowed on back to her throat.

The girls were cheek to cheek, both mouths wide open. Major humped, aiming his squirting dick into one mouth, then the other.

Between them, the girls sucked the doggy dry, then tongued up the overflow from his knob and shaft. Drained, the doggy stepped aside, panting. His dick was still jutting out, big and hard, inspired to a remarkable potency by the magic of their mouths.

Tracy and Jennifer kissed adoringly, letting dog’s cum flow between their grinding lips. They rubbed their nearly flat chest together, embracing passionately.

Jon lurched closer, sticking his cock and balls out in their faces, thinking that the girls might like to give him the same sort of double blow-job that they had treated the Great Dane to.

“Do you wanna suck my br(o)ther’s cock?” Jennifer asked.

Tracy, eyeing his succulent-looking cock for the first time, nodded with enthusiasm.

Jennifer slid down, licking her way over Tracy’s burgeoning tits and down her trim little tummy. She looked up at her br(o)ther, making sure that he was watching her — wanting all of her naughtiness to be known and witnessed. Then she buried her face in Tracy’s little pussy.

“Jeez, S(i)s… you’re sucking her pussy!” Jon gasped, wildly thrilled as he watched Jennifer’s nimble hot-pink tongue slide around in Tracy’s hairless pussy.

Jennifer licked and slobbered, as she ate out Tracy’s quivering pussy. She tilted her face so that her br(o)ther could clearly see all the juicy details. Her hot tongue slid in Tracy’s pussy-slit, her lips sucked voraciously, and she slobbered into Tracy’s pussy. Grinding her crotch on Jennifer’s licking mouth, Tracy turned her radiant face toward Jon’s cock and opened her mouth invitingly.

Jon didn’t hesitate, he thrust his dick into the oval opening of Tracy’s lips. She sucked with pleasure, enjoying the musky flavor of a human dick for a change. Jon held one hand behind her dark-haired head and fucked her frantically in the mouth.

His thick cock thrust in, running across the arched of her tongue as he plowed his cock-head back into Tracy’s throat, tossing her head back on his thrust. As he pulled out, his dick dragged her lips along with it.

“Shoot in her mouth, Jonny!” his s(i)ster whimpered. “Come in her mouth while she creams my tongue!”

“Oooommm…. Uuunnggghhhaaa” Tracy moaned around Jon’s thrusting cock. Thick, pearly juices were already seeping abundantly into Jennifer’s eager tongue as Tracy’s pussy began to contract and spasm. Her orgasm surged through her petite body, and she arched her hips grinding her fuck-hole, juicily overflowing, against Jennifer sucking mouth.

“Suck her off, S(i)s!” Jon wailed.

“Uuuummoooo… she’s coming for me,” Jennifer moaned, letting some of her juices dribble from her lips so that her br(o)ther could see that Tracy was creaming.

That sight inspired the horny boy as much as the action of Tracy’s mouth on his dick. His k(i)d s(i)ster was a pussy-licker for real and it was driving Jon wild.

He plunged his cock into Tracy’s mouth, and howled like an an(i)mal as his balls surged, then his hot-thick cum jetted onto her tongue and down her throat. Tracy swallowed his cream with joy. The tangy stuff slid down her throat and flowed into her tummy, mixing with the doggy cum she had already swallowed, as her own juices fed Jennifer.

Tracy took Jon’s cock to the hilt in her mouth, and sucked out the last of his pearlescent cum. His long, thick dick came sliding from her lips like some slimy serpent. The head stuck fast for a moment as Tracy suck desperately on it, pulling a final glob of cum out of his tasty boy cock. Then his cock slipped free. His cock swayed and jerked like a divining rod seeking moisture, all slippery and dripping with her saliva.

Jon swayed and staggered, stepping back, his legs trembling, and he sat down on the lawn near the pool.

Jennifer spread Tracy’s pussy-slit wide open with her hand and shot her tongue as far up the dark-haired girl’s fuck-hole as she could, slurping out the creamy dregs of doggy cum.

Glowing with perverse contentment, Tracy leaned back on her lounge chair, arching her slim body and grinding her ass and hips as Jennifer sucked off the last of her climax, tonguing and slurping greedily. A last spasm shook Tracy.

Then Jennifer leaned back, and looked around, it was her turn to get some cock. She looked back and forth between her br(o)ther and the two horny dogs, wondering which of those lovely cocks she wanted next — and in which hot hole.

The Great Dane’s dick was still stiff and her br(o)ther’s saliva-drenched cock was still hard, and Adolf, who had been neglected until now, was bounding around in a frenzy. His huge cock hard as a steel rod, and his ball sac bloated with a massive load.

Major pranced up, lapping at her face, and then dropped his heavy tongue to her burgeoning tits. Then Adolf sauntered over, and was trying desperately to sink his muzzle into her wet pussy-slit. And not to out done, Jon came over and stood over her, flexing his crotch muscles, making his cock leap and jerk excitingly.

Jennifer wanted all three of those lovely cocks — and she wanted them all at once!

Chapter 10

Jennifer came up onto her knees and rubbed her budding tits against her br(o)ther’s cock and balls, letting him rub against her tingling nipples for a long moment, then she sucked his dick into her mouth. Her blonde-haired head bobbed up and down, and his dick swelled and throbbed, as she eagerly sucked on it.

Thinking that he was going to get another blow-job, Jon began face fucking his s(i)ster, while the two dogs bounded about frantically, lapping at her fuzzy blonde pussy, tits, and up the crack of her ass. But after she had snacked on her sibling’s dick for a short while, getting it really hard and hot, Jennifer pulled her mouth away.

“Don’t stop, S(i)s… suck me off!” Jon demanded.

Her saliva was steaming from his cock-shaft and the head was dripping pre-cum. He shoved his dick into her face. Jennifer kissed and licked it lovingly, but refused to take it into her mouth again. Her mind had been working hard, and she realized that the only way to take all three cocks at the same time, was by getting on top of her br(o)ther, since the dogs were more limited as to positions. She licked up Jon’s heavily veined cock-shaft, then pulled back again.

“Lie down,” she whispered. “I wanna sit on your cock now, Jon! Let me ride the fucker!” That was fine with him. He sank to his knees, then dropped over onto his back on the grass, arching so that his dick was towering above his loins, jutting straight up like a flagpole.

Tracy squirmed up, onto one elbow, eager to watch Jennifer screw her br(o)ther. She was wondering whether Inc(e)st was more naughty than doggy fucking or pussy-lapping, and wishing she had some sibling to ball, as well. She decided she would try to seduce her parents, but that would during a weekend in the future.

Jennifer leaned down and sucked on Jon’s rampantly throbbing cock again, drooling down his cock-shaft. Then she rose up and threw one knee across his hips, straddling his hips. Jon humped up from the ground, and his s(i)ster slowly slid down, taking his cock-head into her already sodden pussy.

She pushed down slowly, feeding his cock up into her pussy an inch at a time. Squatting on trembling thighs, she took him in to the balls. Her pink pussy-lips were stretched around the hairy hilt of his thick cock, dribbling milky goo out onto his hairy ball sac.

“Ooooohh God…. Fuck!” she groaned, as she leaned over him and squirmed her clit around the hilt of his fully embedded cock it. Jon tried to hump up, but Jennifer pressed down on his chest with her hands, and wouldn’t let his dick slide in and out yet.

Tracy crawled over, pushing the dogs aside. She ducked down to lick at Jon’s balls where they were tightly jammed under his s(i)ster’s ass. Then she ran her tongue up the crack of Jennifer’s ass. She began to rim out Jennifer’s tight brown shit-hole. Both frantic dogs were jumping wildly about, tongues slapping everywhere.

“Uuuuumm Yeah… get my asshole nice and wet, Tracy!” Jennifer moaned, grinding her ass against her dark-haired friend’s reaming tongue. “Aaaaahhooo! Shove your fucking tongue right up my shit-hole, honey! Open my ass! I want one of the damned dogs to ass-fuck me!”

Tracy squealed, tongue stabbing, slobbering into that trim little bud. The puckered brown hole rippled and opened, all soaking with saliva and ready for doggy cock.

Jennifer looked back over her shoulder. Major was hunkered down behind her, quivering, his tongue hanging out and his dick looming up.

“Let Major mount me, Tracy,” Jennifer sighed. “Help him get it up my ass!”

Tracy moved out of the way. Major, finding himself confronted by female haunches, instinctively leaped up and clung tightly to Jennifer’s ass. His spine jerked, and he jerked his cock out into her crotch in normal doggy fucking fashion. But the girl’s pussy was already stuffed full of Jon’s cock and the dog’s dick simply bounced off Jon’s ball sac and slid on up through the crack of her ass.

“Put his dick in me!” Jennifer wildly squealed.

Tracy was more than happy to assist in coupling them in b(e)stial ass-fucking. Major was humping away with enthusiasm, but his dick was angled wrong, so that the long cock-shaft was running up and down through the crack of Jennifer’s ass, but not probing into her shit-hole.

Tracy studied the situation for a moment, then grasped the brute’s balls and hiked his junk higher. Her hand slid up onto his cock-shaft, and turning her wrist, she nudged the tip of his red cock-knob into Jennifer’s saliva-soaked asshole.

If the dumb brute realized that his dick was embedded in the wrong hole, it certainly didn’t make any difference to him. Gripping Jennifer around her hips, the big an(i)mal began to hump with vigor. His fat cock-knob stuck in her brown eye for a moment, then it began to wedge on up into her shit-hole. When his hot-red cock-knob slipped past the tight ring, Jennifer cried out, “UUUUuuuunnnngggghhhhhaaaaa… FUCK… FUCK!” Her brown ring clamped around his hairy cock, collaring the thick, throbbing cock-shaft like a very tight rubber band.

“Mmmmmooooohhh God, Yeah… it hurts so Fucking Good! Give me that hot cock up my ass, boy!” the naughty blonde girl wailed, wriggling her ass on his cock.

She pushed back, and the Great Dane gave her another inch. Her tight asshole was stretching slowly making her groan intelligibly.

Tracy continued to assist, caressing at the dog’s shaggy and swollen balls, and making sure his doggy dick didn’t come out of her girlfriend’s asshole for a moment.

Slowly, his cock slid up into Jennifer’s asshole. His knob was the thickest portion of his dick, plowing ahead and opening her tight bowels as his hairy shaft thrust in. With a yelp and a lurch, pulling her back by her hips, the mighty dog plunged in to the hilt.

Jennifer wailed with joy, stuffed by fat dick in both of her love holes at once, and writhing in hot ecstasy between her br(o)ther and the doggy. Jon’s cock-head flared in the core of her pussy and his thick cock-shaft levered in her womb, while the Great Dane’s knob was surging deep in the girl’s bowels and his shaft was throbbing all the way up her shit-chute. His cock was so far up her digestive tract that she thought his cock-knob must be splashing around in the pool of cum she had so greedily swallowed from the other end.

The dog’s balls were pressed tightly against Jon’s ball sac, and both were rubbing on Jennifer’s crotch, and their cock-shafts were throbbing, separated only by the slender membrane that divided her two tunnels.

“Oooohh Shit… I can feel his cock rubbing on mine… Aaaahhhooo, I Love It!” Jon cried, as he was still trying to hump in and out, but the weight of his s(i)ster squatting on his crotch and Major just add a lot more, suddenly he realized if he just held still, Major’s cock would rub him off through the thin membrane separating them… his mind swirled with perverse pleasure. Major was trying to plunge in and out of her asshole, but her tight shit-chute was holding him as it slowly expanded, and her interior muscles gripped his long cock in a wet pliable vise.

It was absolutely lovely to have both of those hot- hard dicks stuffing her to the brim, but Jennifer had imagined so much more, the greedy girl wanted Adolf’s cock in her mouth. “C’mon, Adolf! Fuck my mouth again!” she whimpered, showing the doggy her wiggling tongue.

The German Shepherd knew all about blow-jobs by this time, and it was welcome knowledge, indeed, the sort of new trick that a horny doggy cherishes. He squirmed up toward Jennifer’s head. She tilted her face up and opened her mouth, just the tip of her tongue sticking out like an oral clit.

The German Shepherd hunkered down, his balls swinging just above Jon’s upturned face. Then he sprang up, mounting Jennifer’s head and shoulders. He stabbed his dick out and she licked at it. In his haste, the big dog missed her mouth and his cock skimmed over her cheek. Her tongue flashed against his cock-shaft as it shot past her lips.

Her head swayed, shifting, mouth open and eyes glazed by desire. The dog thrust out again and this time his hairy dick thrust into her mouth. His balls beat against her chin, as she gulped all of his cock into her mouth and held it there, working her lips on the hilt.

Now Jennifer was truly plugged, every hole stuffed full. She gurgled and gagged on doggy cock. Her pussy squished on slick human dick, and her tight shit-chute was stuffed full of the Great Dane’s massive dick. How thrilling it was to degrade herself so, to let them — make them — use her nubile body as a three-way cum bucket!

The trembling 12-year-old nympho held steady for a few more moments, savoring the full penetration as she wriggled about on those three dicks. Then she began to fuck, suck, and bugger, setting the perverse carnal machine in motion.

Her mouth sucked up and down on the German Shepherd’s savory cock. Thighs tensing, she rose and fell on her br(o)ther’s towering cock, while with the same movement, she thrust her shit-chute on the Great Dane’s cock. The dogs fell into the rhythm, fucking into her face and up her ass, and Jon humped up from below, driving deep into her pussy. His thrusts jolted her ass back and up, as the frantic Great Dane shoveled his dick into her hot bowels, forcing her fuck-hole back down onto Jon’s cock.

Cocks shot into her from all angles, all directions. She felt as if her horny body had become a mold for cocks. She swallowed dog cock down her mouth, took more up her gut, and took her br(o)ther’s dick deep into her womb… all at the same time, she was in Fucking Slut Heaven.

They ground on, increasing the pace only gradually. Because all three of those sets of balls had already been drained several times, this dynamic three-way action was going to last a long time, Jennifer expected, and delighted by that prospect. But Tracy, cockles was becoming impatient. It was wildly thrilling to watch her girlfriend take that triple load, but Tracy was getting unbelievably hot and perversely excited.

The ebony-haired prepubescent girl crawled about, licking caressing at the edges. She lapped at doggy balls and rubbed at Jennifer’s brown ring and pussy-lips, felling the cocks as they plunged roughly into her.

Oooohh God… her pussy needed some attention now. Tracy moved back, studying the situation and then grinned happily as she saw how she could fit in very nicely. The Great Dane and the German Shepherd, were mounted over Jennifer’s kneeling body at either end. The dogs were face to face over her arched back, both of their tongues hanging out and dripping.

Tracy stood up and stepped over Jennifer, mounting her as if she were a horse. She shoved her trim belly out and the German Shepherd immediately slipped his tongue into her steaming pussy. Tracy jerked against his muzzle as he bathed her creamy pussy and washed it with slobber. Then she shoved her ass back and the Great Dane, fucking up one asshole, began to tongue out another.

Tracy spread the cheeks of her ass open with her hands, grinding against the dog’s snout. She shoved her belly out for some more German Shepherd pussy-licking, then pushed back again, her slim thighs tensing as if she were riding a bronco.

Pussy-juice and doggy saliva streamed down Tracy’s slim thigs, and coated Jennifer’s spine, dripping down her slender ribcage and flowing onto her bourgeoning tits. The blonde girl was lathered all over by the wild ride. Her head went up and down, swallowing doggy dick. Her lithe body coiled, then uncoiled, taking a heavy asshole full, and slamming down to stuff her fuck-hole to the brim with hard cock in all holes.

Jennifer was starting to cream, feeling as if her mouth and her bowels were cresting, as well as her pussy and clit. She squirmed about wildly, frantically, pussy-cream spraying from her slit as she stuffed it with her br(o)ther’s cock, the overflow soaking his balls and slathering the Great Dane’s balls, as they slapped her wet crotch. Major’s precum oozed out of the tight ring of her asshole, and ran down into her pussy, blending with the wetness there, all flowing down her brother’s cock and ass-crack to pool on the grassy ground. Her horny mouth slobbered and drooled as she savored her delicious mouthful of dog cock.

Tracy shuddered, almost falling from the naked saddle of Jennifer’s arched back. The girl was at the crest and holding there in a sustained rapture, jerking her loins back and forth between the lapping dogs.

She jutted her ass out and let the Great Dane tongue her asshole until she was at the very peak, then shoved her belly forward to finish with the German Shepherd’s tongue slapping into her crotch. She sank down, legs shaking, closing her thighs around Jennifer’s back and rode that pretty blonde-haired bronco for all she was worth.

Tracy’s thighs were all hot and slippery against her friends back, trembling, as she rode up and down the girls back. Her pussy-juice gushed down, the stream dividing, some following the raised ridge of her spine back to the crack of her ass, the other down around her neck and shoulders, trickling down her neck in pearly strings, fallowing the gentle slopes of her budding tits, all steamy hot and gooey now. moaned, thrilled to feel her sexy girlfriend creaming on her so juicily.

The flow that went down the crack of Jennifer ass, went around the Great Dane’s dick, mixing with juices seeping from her asshole. The juices eventually welled up on Jon’s balls, increased by Tracy’s hot flow, turned his groin, ass-crack and ground into a swamp.

“Coming… Fuck, Coming… OOOooooohhaaaa!” wailed Jennifer, her pussy was pulsing and convulsing v(io)lently. Her petite body shook crazily as she yearned to feel the dog and her br(o)ther spirt all their cum into her. She sucked voraciously, and squirmed her ass wildly about, slamming her pussy-hole onto Jon’s cock, and her asshole onto the dog’s big dick. Her pelvis danced spasmodically. Her mouth drew the German Shepherd in so deeply she seemed to be gulping his cock-knob right down her throat, as if that fat slab was destined to meet the Great Dane’s dick-knob, as it came driving up her digestive track from the other end.

“Uuuunnnggghhh… Uuuunnnggghhh…,” she gasped, gorging greedily, relishing cock-meat and longing for cum. Her mouth and throat, belly and bowels, were as starved for cum, as her seething pussy-hole. She deep-throated the Shepherd, as the Great Dane plunged into the depths of her guts, and her br(o)ther rocketed up from the ground, gorging her sodden pussy-slit.

Tracy slumped over Jennifer back, rubbing her sodden pussy up and down the blonde girl’s slimy spine and panting in the aftermath of another wave of orgasm, as she hugged her dog, Major tightly. And Jennifer was clinging to the crest of another prolonged sequence of orgasmic waves under her, wild sensations ebbing and flowing, as she hung on, as she waited for those three big dicks to empty their cum loads into her body.

They came one, two, three. They didn’t exactly shoot simultaneously, but they came close enough together so that their shooting overlapped as they hosed Jennifer down.

The German Shepherd came first in her mouth. His hot cum splashed on her tongue and into her cheeks. She swallowed, whimpering. The brute squirted her with a second dose, then a third, and while he was still draining his cum-bags into her mouth, her br(o)ther soared to the crest under her. His cum shot into her womb like a geyser, the thick stream filling her with squirt after squirt. As Jennifer slammed her pussy down onto Jon’s squirting cock, the massive Great Dane pumped his erotic enema up her shit-chute in a great, solid wad. The welcome stuff splashed into her guts like quicksilver.

“Uuuunnnggghhh… Uuuunnnggghhh…,”Jennifer groaned in joy around Adolf’s cock. She felt as if she were being pumped full of frothy cum by three dynamos that were dousing her with their foam, and dousing the fires that raged in her petite body.

The German Shepherd had started coming first, and he ebbed off first, spilling out the last of his delicious cum onto her tongue and lips, and then jumping down, whining. Her head, vacated, swayed about, a dazed and dreamy expression on her pretty face, her blue eyes glazed. A pearly goo dribbled from the corners of her mouth, as she panted heavily.

Jon’s final geyser burst into her pussy, and the boy dropped back, spread-eagled on the grass. Jennifer held her pussy down to the hilt of his spent dick, squirming, while the Great Dane squirted the last of his burning juice into her flooded ass.

Major yanked his drained cock from her tight shit-hole with perverse wet popping sound, and lurched away from her haunches. Jennifer softly sighed, and pulled her pussy slowly off her br(o)ther’s wilting cock. She sprawled out, belly down, cum running heavily out of all three holes. The ground her and Jon, was as wet as if they had just come dripping from the pool, and it stank like a swamp.

Tracy, although she was well-creamed and not really horny at the moment, hated to waste a single drop of those precious fluids. She knelt over Jennifer and began giving her back a tongue bath, Jennifer purred contently.

Tracy licked up and down, tasting her own pussy nectar. She turned Jennifer’s face to hers and carefully licked and kissed the blonde girl’s mouth, slurping up the cummy seepage from her soft cheeks, and off her puffy lips, and from chin. Then she slid down again, licking out Jennifer’s ass-crack and shit-hole, finally she dipped her tongue into her sodden for a suck of human cum, as well. When she had lapped up every drop, Tracy leaned back and they gazed at each other… a dark-haired girl and blonde, so different in appearance yet so similar in their abnormal tastes.

They both knew, without having to say it, they would be in the mood for some more pussy-licking soon… unless one or more of the available dicks happened to get hard and hot again before then…

But satisfied for the moment, they decided to jump into the pool for a refreshing dip. After all, that was what a swimming pool was for — among other poolside pleasures…

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