A house full of women – part 2 Sex Story

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By a young boys cock

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I sat there on the chair in the laundry room my cock still wet from my Great Grandmas mouth and tongue, a little drop of cum dripping from the slit. I couldn’t believe I just had a bj from the old crone and even more I liked it. Well I guess technically it wasn’t a full bj but she had swallowed my cum and milked me empty. As I thought about it and the offer the old crone had given me before she left my young cock started to get hard again and I wrapped my hand around it, then wondered if I should maybe go to her bedroom instead of jerking off. Just then I heard the shower go on in the bathroom above and some clothes came down the laundry shute.
I looked up the shute and then reached in an grabbed my Moms sweat wet panties fron the box. They were soaked almost dripping wet and I held the crotch to my nose breathing in her beautiful sexy scent. They smelled like sweat and pussy juice combined and I wondered if she would come downstairs and suck me off if she knew her wet panties were in my mouth and I was drinking the moisture from them. I started stroking my cock like crazy as I tasted her cunt on her panties and the taste of her crotch sweat was incredible, there was even a scent of ass.
I was getting close after a couple minutes and wrapped the panties around my swollen cock so I could cum in the crotch of them. This time I kept my eyes open and watched as another load of cum squirted from my cock filling her panty crotch. I sat there as my cock emptied and went soft then I stuck the panty crotch back in my mouth and pretended I was eating my cum out of my Mothers pussy. When I was done I threw the panties back into the laundry tub and went up stairs to the kitchen.
My Great Grandma was there and she gave me a wink and looked down at the crotch of my shorts, i think I turned a beet red. “It took you a while to get back up here boy” she said “where you down there sniffing some more panties?”. I took off down the hall to my room in embarrassment wondering if she knew what I had done to my Moms panties. Oh who gives a fuck I thought and turned on my playstation for some war action.
An hour later Mom knocked on my door and came in to chat for a min and say goodnight, it was 10 pm and her bed time. I kissed her goodnight thinking of her panties in my mouth and I felt my cock stir. After she left I played a little more then turned to some porn for my goodnight jerk off, it had been hours since the laundry room incident and as I was stroking I wondered if my Great Grandma was still awake.
The more I stroked my cock and thought about the feeling of great Grannies mouth on my cock the braver I got until finally I just had to do it. I crept down stairs to the main level where the old crones bedroom was and slowly walked up to her bedroom door. I could see a little light under the door and reached out for the doorknob . It turned without a sound and a slight creak as the door swung open revealing my Great Granny sitting there with her wrinkled tits hanging down on her chest like two big cucumbers. She looked up and smiled “It’s about time, I was just about to give up and go to sleep.” she croaked. I asked if I could come in and she patted the bed asking “Are you here for another bj boy?”. I nodded yes and she told “Get out of your shorts and let me see the monster.”. I didn’t think I had a monster but I knew I was bigger then anyone else my age that I knew of even when I was soft I was twice as big.
I hesitantly pulled down my shorts and licked them off my feet, my cock already hard and sticking straight out from my body ready for sucking. The old crone beckoned me over to the side of the bed near her head and reached out with a wrinkled boney hand wrapping her fingers around my prick and starting to stroke me. I had expected her hand would feel like a crows talons on my cock but instead it felt soft and warm and she had a firm grip on it. Her hand moved quickly up and down my cock and she pulled me right up against her bed as she moved over towards the edge. I watch with wide eyes as she stuck her tongue out and began licking all over and around my cockhead. Oh my fuck it felt so fucking good but when she sucked my head into her warm moist mouth I let out a loud groan. She pulled off her mouth and told me to be quiet, my Moms room was above the crones room.
My cock head disappeared into her mouth as her hand stroked me and played with my balls alternately. More of my cock was in her mouth now and I had tears flowing down my face it felt so good, I was gonna blast any second now. I stifled another moan as my hips thrust forward, my cock head hitting the back of the crone throat and my balls erupting in 4 big squirts as she grabbed my ass cheeks and held me tight in her mouth. My Great granny swallowed each squirt of cum as I blasted them down her throat until I was spent, my legs weak, Her mouth and hand worked my cock until it was empty of all my cum then she drew back and smiled up at me. “Cum back anytime” she said with a soft laugh. I put my shorts back on, kissed her on the mouth tasting my cum and went back upstairs to bed where I had the best sleep of my life.

By a young boys cock
#Incest #PreTeen #Teen #Virgin

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