A house full of women Sex Story

#Incest #PreTeen #Virgin

By a young boys cock

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I was a young boy finding my sexuality in all sorts of ways, porn, jerking off, sex stories, sniffing my Sisters, Moms and Grandmas underwear, the dirtier the better. I was the only male in the house with what I thought was 3 sexy women and one old woman. My whole fucking family was women and I had to be the youngest. I thought my bitchy mean sister 13 was smoking hot, my Mom 39 was a fox with a fantastic lean tight woman’s body, my Grandma 58 was soft and a full figure and my great Grandma 74 was old and lean. I had watched lots of porn to do with incest and I wanted to fuck anyone of them, except the old one.
My Mom and Great Granny were the only ones home at this time and my Mom had gone out for her nightly run. She would be home any minute and I went down to the laundry room and stood by the laundry shute. Mom would go into the bathroom and take off her clothes throwing them down the shute into the laundry box. Her panties would be all wet with sweat and pussy drippings, all I had to do was catch them when they dropped down. As I waited I took off my shorts and sat on a chair and started stroking my young hard cock in anticipation.
I was stroking away loving the feeling of my hand sliding up and down my cock when I heard someone above in the bathroom. Mom must be home already I thought as I heard the toilet flush and sure enough a pair of panties came down the shite and I lean over and grabbed them bringing them to my nose and sniffing. Suddenly I was covered in some piece of clothing and I pulled it off my head to see that it was a night dress but it wasn’t my Moms. I looked up as I leaned back out of the laundry box and I thought I saw a movement up above but there was no one there.
I looked at the panties I had in my hand and dropped them on the floor, these weren’t my Mom’s panties, these were like my Great Grandma’s panties and they were wet. Yuk I thought I had breathed in the old ladies stench. I stood there for a moment and them picked them up looking closely at the wet crotch. It didn’t look like piss which is what I had thought initially, so I smelt it breathing in the smell. It smelled like pussy, like Grandmas panties smell.
My cock twitched at the scent and started to grow hard again. I smelled them again and licked the crotch thinking I was licking her old pussy and my cock grew harder, I sucked on the crotch of the panties as I stroked my cock, closing my eyes and visioning it in my head. Fuck yeah what difference did it make whos panties they were, I took them out of my mouth and wrapped them around my cock getting ready to squirt my load into them.
I groaned and said “Yeah you old bitch suck my cock, Suck it real good and swallow my cum” I was at the brink and I cried out no to loud “Yeah I’m gonna you fucking old whore drink my spunk” and then my hips came up off the chair and I groaned as my cock erupted .
Something warm and wet engulfed my cock as it was spurting cum and my eyes flew open looking down at my cock and all I could see was the white hair covering my Great Grannies head as her mouth sucked the cum out of me and I heard her swallow. FUCK I thought as I watched in amazement as she milked me empty and didn’t spill a drop. She finally let got of my cock and looked up at me with a big smile and said “So yeah like your cock sucked by this fucking old whore huh? Well you don’t have to hide down here jerking off, just come into my room and I will suck your cock anytime you want.”. Then she got up and kissed me on the mouth and it wasn’t an old Grandma kiss either, then she just turned and walked out of the room

By a young boys cock
#Incest #PreTeen #Virgin

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