A normal day turns out to be a social day for us Sex Story


By BigBro

It was just a normal Friday. Like so many other days. I just got home after a long day of work and had to change out of my work stuff. Tossing them in the hamper in the bathroom. I was not a clean freak but I hated dirty. My sister on the other had just tossed things all over without a care in the world. Looking down at the pile of her clothes. Picking her shirt up and putting in the hamper then her shorts as well. As I tossed them over her panties dropped out on the ground. “Gross” I said out loud to myself. “She might be my sister and I love but she can be a slob sometimes.” I went on to say. Pick them up I stopped and looked at them. Nothing special at all. A pair of Victoria’s secret brands. The color was blue and they were soft. Looking inside I could see her pussy juice. My dick moved starting to get hard. “I need a girlfriend.” I thought tossing them in the hamper as well. Turn on the shower pulling off my boxers and got in. “What are you doing? Why are you hard?” I asked my own dick. “That’s your sister. Plus she wouldn’t even look at you twice.” Washing myself off. Turn off the shower and getting out and dressed heading to my room. The front door closed “why are guys pigs?” I heard said out loud. “Hey” I let out. “Oh sorry bro, I thought we went out.” I heard back from the other room. “What’s wrong?” I said as I walked out to the living room. “Wow” my sister was all dressed up. With a dress, heels on, and hair was done up all nice. “Oh, right you had a date tonight for your 21st birthday. They grow up so fast.” I said with a chuckle. “Sure make jokes on me. That’s what my date did as well” trying to hold back her tears from flowing out. “Oh, baby come here” walking over to her holding her tight against me she held me back tightly.

“What happened, sweetie?” I asked her “the date started off ok. He was ten mins late but said it was because of the traffic. We went to the restaurant” she went on. “We had to wait twenty more mins for a table. After we sat down his phone was buzzing and he was texting someone.” She went on talking more. “He ended up getting up from the table to go to the bathroom. So I waited for him to return.” She stopped and looked at me “He never did return. I waited over a half an hour for a text. I got a text from that asshole.” Pulling her phone out and bringing up the text she looked down at it. “Sorry not feeling like we have anything to talk about went home.” She said. “Can you believe that? He left me to pay for the drinks on my own birthday.” She let out. “I guess I am just ugly.” I grabbed the phone from her and deleted the text and blocked his number. “That fixes the first part of your problem. Now you are all dressed up you looking amazing.” I told her as I looked her up and down. “I even put cute panties on for him.” She told me with a cute smile trying. “Ok that’s it he is not worth it.” I told her walking away. “I am taking you out for your birthday.” I said as I went to my room. “Give me ten minutes.” Telling her “thank you” is all that I heard as my door closed.

I grabbed some nice pants and a nice shirt. Putting them on. Wondering to myself “hmm I wonder what her cute panties look like.” Thinking to myself “what is wrong with you.” I said to myself again. Grabbing the bottle of body spray spraying it ok. Opening the door heading back out. She looks up with a smile on her face. “Not the date I was expecting tonight. But definitely did get a winner.” I could her that she was feeling better and happier. “I am going all out tonight for you. So with that let’s go out.” I opened the door for her and walked with her. Down to the car. Opening the car door for her. “What a gentleman I have for a date tonight.” Sitting on the sit her dress moved up seeing a slight hint of her crotch and a pink shade of her panties. “This will be a good night.” Telling her in an upbeat voice. “Yes it will for sure.” She said as I closed the door. Hoping in on the other side.

Driving down the road we started talking. About work what was going on talked about friends as well as plans for the weekend. “Wait you missed the turn.” She said to me. “It’s ok. I am taking you to a fancy restaurant.” I told her. “Oh really? A place you take all your dates I am guessing?” She said with a chuckle. “Don’t be silly. I want to take you out on a date. I don’t want it to be at a place where we are known. I don’t want you to be a little sister Beth. I want you to be my beautiful date, Bethany.” We spent another five minutes driving down the road. I felt her hand on top of my hand. She grabbed it pulling it over and put it on her leg. My heart was racing. “That has to be the sweetest thing that I have ever heard. Super cheesy but still really is sweet.” She told me. Holding my hand against her leg. “So I guess that will mean you are my handsome date Tony.” She let out squeezing my hand. She sounded like a school girl at that point.

Pulling in to the restaurant I parked the car in a spot closer to the door. It was not a main brand chain it was a smaller Italian restaurant. Candles on the table smaller booths closed in for privacy. “Are you ready for a nice night and good company Bethany?” I asked her looking her up and down as she sits in the seat. She leans over to me. Very slowly I start to lean towards her. Our lips touched and we kissed. Not a kiss that a sister and a brother would give. But a kiss that a couple would give out on a date. It was not a long kiss but a faster kiss. No one said anything after. We both got out of the car walking to the door opening it. “Hello” the hostess said to us. “Only two for the night tonight?” She went on to say to my sister. “Don’t you two look very lovely dressed. A special night tonight?” She asked looking at Bethany then back to the hostess. “Yes ma’am it’s a very special night tonight. It’s my very beautiful girlfriend’s birthday tonight.” I told her. “Oh that’s so sweet. What a good boyfriend. You have.” She told Bethany “I agree he really is the best” she said as she kissed me. Deeper than last time more tongue but just as fast. We walked over to our table to have a seat.

After over an hr of drinking, eating, talking and flirting with each other. The kitchen staff and others came out and sang her happy birthday. After I paid the bill we got up “thank you” she said. “This has difficulty been one of my favorite birthdays.” She told me. I pulled her close to me kissing her. “I am glad I made it better for you. I love Bethany.” “ I love you” she said back. Getting back in the car. I looked over at her. “So” I said. “So” she said back to me. “We can go home if you would like. Mom is home I sent her a message earlier. Or” I hesitated putting my hand on her leg. Moving it up her leg rubbing her leg. “Or we can go to a nice hotel that is close by to here.” I went on telling her. “Ok” she said. “I want to go to the hotel with you” she said as she opened her legs more to my hand.

Getting to out room I opened the door. She heads in taking her heels off and tosses the to the side. She fell back on the bed with her arms up. “This has been such an amazing night. This bed is so comfortable. I wish I had one like it.” She went on saying. I was just fixated on her. On her half open legs that her dress was up with just inches covering her up. She looks down at me with a smile. “What are you thinking about?” She asked me. “Do you want the truth?” I said. She nodded her head at me. “Ok this has been such a good night. I don’t want to ruin it now” I went on talking to her. “I want you. I want to kiss you more. I want to take your dress off of you pull your panties to the side and taste you. I want to get on top of you and make love to you. Not as my sister but as my girlfriend Bethany.” I told her. “That would definitely not ruin this night at all.” Getting off the bed she reaches back unzipping her dress and having it fall completely off of her. Leaving her in a pair of pink panties. Pulling my shirt off of me and tossing it to the side undoing my pants and forcing them off to the ground. “Oh look at that we are both in our underwear now” a devilish smile on her face. “It’s my birthday and I get what I want tonight.” Polling my over the bed. “Get on” she ordered “I am going to suck on my boyfriends cock now. Because that’s what good girlfriends do for boyfriends that treat them so well.”

Grabbing my boxers pulling them down. “Wow you are so big.” She said in a shocked voice. “Close your eyes and just enjoy the feeling” I felt her fingers dance along up and down. The warm breathing and blowing on my dick. Soft kissing on me over and over again. She was taking her time I am not sure who was enjoying this more me or her at this point. I could feel her tongue a long the shaft of it licking me up and down. I am not one for sounds or anything but it felt so good I let out a moan. “I am glad that you are enjoying this.” She flipped her hair around and looked up at me. “I want to show you how much I care about you.” Looking back down. I felt her take all of my dick in her mouth. Moving all the down pulling all the way back out of her mouth jerking me off. “I want you to cum in my mouth.” Jerking me off more now. “You are way too good at this Bethany. This feels amazing.” As she keeps going. “I a” I could get the words out in time. I started cumin she had the head of my dick in her mouth not missing a drop of me at all. She started kissing me holding her close to me her soft body pressed up against me. Reaching down grading her ass sliding my hand up and down as we kissed.

Finally braking our kiss she looked at me. “I have a confession to tell you. I don’t want you to be mad at me ok?” She went on. “I umm lied to you. I did not have a date at all tonight. From the start I want to be with you. I have had a crush on you for the last couple of years now. Always trying to dress sexy around you. I even went on some anonymous chat site. That text message was from someone in that group. Don’t be mad at me.” I grabbed her kissing her again. Rolling her on her back I pulled her panties off of her tossing them over to the rest of our clothes. Opening up her legs getting on top of her. I started sliding myself in to her. “I saved myself for you. I want you to be my first.” I could see the pain in her eyes. “Am I hurting you?” I asked her. “It’s ok I want this. I don’t want you to stop.” She let out in a low voice. “I want to tell you something. I know we are on a date and stuff. But I want this to between you and me. I mean I don’t want a boyfriend doing this to me. I want it to be you I want my brother doing. I want to be your Beth again” I was fully in her going really slow back and forth. “Please brother. I need to hear you say it.” She bagged of me. “Yes sis. I am very happy that I get to share this with you I love you Beth my beautiful sister.” I told her. “Happy birthday” I said as I started going fast and harder in to her. “I want to ride you bro. I want to be on top of you now.” She said as we rolled over and she climbed on top of me. I grabbed her hip squeezing her my other hand was reaching up touching her face. She started bouncing hard down driving me Harding in to her. Moaning loudly leaning down close to me kissing me. “I am going to cum with you in me. Don’t stop yet bro make me cum.” She said as she tried to keep her breathing. She was going hard and faster on me grinding at the same time. She finally ended up collapsing on me kissing me. “That was the most amazing time of my life.” she rolled over having me a spoon with me.

By BigBro

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