a story of how i was raped by my camp counciler thanks to my mom part 2 Sex Story

#Abuse #Gay #Rape #Teen

By plopiplop9990

the following day was scary and weird…..

please read part one of my story so you know whats been happening to me.

all of us students got together in a giant hall with benches and tables sprawled around for breakfast. i remember i did want to eat and sitting down hurt so much after getting my ass fucked the previous night. while my friends ate i decided to go stand by the exit and look at the lake nearby. when i turbed back to look at my friends i saw Lee sat with my friends.

they were all whisperingand talking about something while taking glances at me, the pit in my stomach was unbearable so i left and went to the park set up nearby.

after a short while one of my friends came to me and asked what was wrong. “nothing”i said.

“are you sure, you are acting all moody today and didnt even sit with us”

“its nothing. my belly just hurts. what….what were you all talking about with the counciler guy”

“he was telling us how you think your cousin might be a gay boy and you want to knock him out for it. he told us that we shouldnt feel that way and gay people are not different, but i think youre right. i hate batty boys. if you want to knock your cousin out just let me know. the others will help too”

i just nodded along and agreed with what he was saying but i was terrified. i never really hated any one who was gay, never even met one before. Lee kept saying if i made him sad or angry then he would tell my friends i am gay. would my friends hate and attack me? i didnt know what to do.

a day of activites and adventures went ahead, everyone was having fun and although i tried i was too aware of myself. i avoided touching any of my male friends to avoid looking gay. i kept talking about how hot some of the girl councilers were. and every now and then i saw Lee, most of the day he never made eye contact but when he hosted one of the activities he spoke with me like nothing had happened.

night came and it again time to enter the cabin with Lee. i walked in and Lee was sat on his desk again with his back towards me. i closed the door, without turning he spoke to me

“take off all your clothes and underwear too, amd just stay there”

i didnt move, eyes welling up again and my knees shaking

“come on little gay boy, your friends dont know you are gay yet so if you want me to stay quiet you better be naked when i turn around”

“im not gay though, i like girls, please im not gay”

“you sucked my cock in the shower this morning pretty good, so you must be gay. i bet if i bring your friends in here and got you to do it to them then they would agree”

“no! please dont tell them anything”

“then take off all your clothes, shut up and wait for me to finish ”

i started crying quietly and began taking my clothes off. i was naked. i stood there freezing, for what must of been 30 minutes. he didnt say a word the whole time either, just sat thwre and did his paper work while i was stood behind him.

when he finally finished he stood up an just looked me up down.

“stop covering your willy boy, i want to see it all”

i slowly removed my hands

“there it is, hahaha its so small, no girl will like that anyway so its good you are gay now. come here and unzip my jeans, ill show you what kind of cock girls do like”

i was so out of it i didnt even argue, i just slowly walked up and took his cock out. i was shocked as all the hair had gone. it was smooth and looked weird, even his balls were shaved.

“see, this is what girls like, and little gay boys. now im going to read my book a little while you suck on my balls ok”


“i said suck on my balls. lick them and make them feel good, do it good and i promise i will make you feel good too”

he stripped naked and lay on the bed but with his back up againts wall, he arched his hips up a little so his dick and balls hung down a little.

“come on little gay boy, suck em”

i crawled between his legs and started licking his balls slowly like a cat or dog. after a few licks he grabbed my hair amd told me open my mouth and suck them properly. so i dod as he told me. this must of went on for at least 2 hours. sucking his balls and now an then sucking his semi erect dick. still freezing as he used the blanket for back support. he closed the book and said “remember page 312 ok”

i stopped sucking and said ok. confused by how fast and random that was.

“ok, time for some fun yourself”

he lay down flat on the bed, picked me up and placed my ass on his face. it felt like he had my dick balls and hole in his mouth. he began licking all 3 while his hands pinched and twisted my nipples. i hated the nipples and tried so hard not to scream, everytime i tried to take his hands off he either slapped me or gently bit my dick.

“dam, boy pussy pussy tastes good. you want to lick mine too?”

“no, please no i dont want too”

“haha ok not tonight, but tomorrow you will lick mine while i finish off that book, which reminds me, what page was i on ”


*slap* right across my ass

“what page was i on?”

“i dont know i cant remember”

*slap slap slap*

“if you cant remember in 5 seconds, then my cock will be in your ass again”

i started to cry real bad, i was so scared. i tried getting away from him but he quickly grabbed me and covered my mouth. he reached his hand under the bed and pulled out a sock with what looked like a face mask attached. he placed the sock part into my mouth and tied the face bit behind my head. i couldnt scream or talk. he then flipped me onto my back and spread my legs. instead of the liquid he used last night, he used his spit this time. i watched him spit down on my hole and be readied his cock. in one long and very slow push, my ass was bred again. he still had his hands round my ankles and spread my legs so far apart i couldnt decide if my ass or doing the splits hurt more.

he fucked me again, again i was a gay boy. after his first load, he took the mask off and started kissing me, forcing his tounge in my mouth while pinching my nipple and caressing my balls. he then forced me to climb halfway up the ladder and he fucked me again there.

when it was done, he told me to bend over and he placed a small bottle into my ass.

“sleep with that in you tonight and in the morning the first thing we are going to do is fuck. but this time you will go on top amd bounce up and down on my cock. if i am asleep when you wake up i wamt you to start sucking my cock and wake me up, you understand”

i just cried and nodded

“good gay boy, suck my cock now infact, it needs cleaning i reckon haha, you can stop when i fall asleep”

i placed his now flacid dick in my mouth and started sucking. crying more and more thinking of tomorrow morning…….

pt3 soon

By plopiplop9990
#Abuse #Gay #Rape #Teen

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