a story of how i was raped by my camp counciler thanks to my mom part 3 Sex Story

#Abuse #Gay #Rape #Teen

By plopiplop9990

3rd day at camp. my anger ended up costing me

i woke up to bangs on the other cabin doors, camp staff waking up the other kids. being that i am in a councilers cabin they didnt knock on here, but it was loud enough to wake both of us up.

The noise made me sit up straight up away, i was on high alert after the last 2 nights with Lee and awake i was still naked.

Lee was slowly waking up and we looked at each other, he soon grabbed my ass cheek and started to massage it, his fingers made their way to my hole.

“oh the bottle fell out in your sleep. last night was great dont you think, bet when you go home you will find plenty more cocks to play with. heck, if you could probably get away with anything with your dad now, if you ever upset him im sure sucking his dick will calm him down. might be a good idea to let him know”

i just sat there. his words were just noise at this point. my ass was sore, i was cold and i was tired sick and tired of all this.

he then pulled the blanket off of himself and ge was hard as a rock.

“when you grow up you will wake with morning wood all the time, now get your ass on it before we have to go go breakfast”

i slowly climbed on top of him, as slow as i could. he took a moment to hold his dick againts mine and was quietly mocking how my child dick was nothing compared to him. didnt take him too long though to get things started.

“right gay boy, grab my cock and position in by your hole, after last night we wont need lubing up but if it hurts just bare with it. faster this is done the faster we eat”

i tried to do it but i was just terrified. my ass was sore enough and the thought of putting it back in scared the hell out of me.

it seemed like he worried about me for a moment. he sat his back up and hugged me tightly. whispering its ok and stroking my hair like a parent would do to calm their own child. i really thought he was going to be nice and not hurt me again…..i was wrong.

he held me tighter and then started to slowly but firmly force my body down onto his cock. of all the times he had fucked me so far this one was the most painful. my young body couldnt compare to his strenght so all my struggling ment nothing. he began fucking me with his face pushing againts my own, cheek to cheek.

“oh fuck yeah, oh you are tight as fuck. the thought of you being fucked by your dad, oh fuck”

he could tell i was ready to start screaming and crying so he covered my mouth with his hand while he thrusted into me, all the while i could hear all my classmates running outside on their way to get breakfast.

eventually the fuck ended, we showered, got dressed and headed to breakfast. nothing note worthy happened there. i tried my hardest to just block out was happening to me and focused on joking with my friends.

noon came around though and since it was mid week it was time to call home for everyone. i refused. in hindsight, i should of called home amd told my parents everything, but all i could focus on was that if my mom had listened to me and not told anyone i might wet the bed, none of this would be happening. so i argued, threw tantrums and basicly verbally assulted the councilers until they accepted i wont call home, they will call and let them know i dont want to speak with them and about how rude i just was. and for punishment i was am stay in my cabin during the afternoon activites.

oh how i wish i could take that all back. another counciler started walking me to the cabin. his name was gary. he looked much older than Lee, chubbier but seemed like we had alot of muscle too. on the way there he kept asking why i didnt want to talk to my folks and how it was rude to speak to staff that way. i stayed silent the whole walk to the cabin.

we entered and Lee was there. he was topless and looked as though he had just left the shower.

“oh sup Gary, why is he he back here?”

“he was being a tad distruptive so we decided he isnt doing activites this afternoon. if you dont mind staying here to watch him i would appreciate it, or i could stay”

“naah i dont mind, cant really be bothered to deal with the rafting this afternoon anyway.”

“ok great. but can you put a shirt on please, have a little shame infront of the lad haha”

me and lee locked eyes but i quickly shot them back to the floor.

“nah its ok Gary, he doesnt mind. besides, havent you heard. he likes mens bodies”

i shot my eyes up to him again, i couldnt believe what he just said.

“infact, he likes them alot, dont ya gay boy”

tears began swelling up again, i endured all of his latest assults in order to keep him quiet and he told Gary out of nowhere like it was nothing.

“oh, he is gay is he. dont get many openly gay boys here, you fancy any of your classmates or just any guy haha”

i couldnt tell if Gary believed Lee or not.

“oh he doesnt like any bloke, just guys with big cocks haha”

“oh yeah?” he chuckled, like he still thought it was a joke.

“thats right. youve got a big cock right?”

“you know i have haha”

“ok check it out. HEY, gay boy. get those clothes off and get on the bed, show counciler Gary where a mans cock goes”

i couldnt believe it. i stood there trembling until Lee nudged me towards the bed.

“do not touch that bed until you are naked. do as you are told and i PROMISE i wont hurt your butt tonight”

i had to do it. anything to not get fucked again. i removed all my clothes and got on the bed with my ass up in the air.

“go on, show him where the cock goes”

i pointed to my hole

“no no, show him clearly, spread your bum”

i was confused but using one hand i parted my ass.

“look at me son” Gary said

i turned to gary, still spreading my ass

“has Lee being touching your bum”

i looked at Lee who was smiling. “yes, yes he has”

“has he put his penis in there”

i nodded.

Gary looked at Lee, then he moved to get a closer look at my hole.

“it looks really red. you have been going way to rough on him. dont do anything else with him today”

the relief i felt hearing that, it was finally over. Gary had stopped Lee, finally things will be normal again…that feeling lasted but a few seconds, because not a second after he finished speaking, Gary had began to slowly stroke my dick with his thumb and finger and started to eat my hole just as Lee did. he released my cock, spread my ass cheeks himself and buried his face deep into it. still feel how his stubbley beard felt againts my cheeks.

he evetually stopped and got up.

“right, i have to get back. like i said dont fuck him tonight, his holes looking a bit red. i want it pink again before i fuck him tomorrow”

“ok fine i wont fuck him, well his ass anyway, new rule here is that he sucks me till i sleep. since he is here till morning now, guess he has all afternoon and evening to suck on this” he said as he pulled his cock out amd began walking to me.

“good idea, ill be back while the kids have dinner later to get a suck myself, dont wear him out haha”

as gary started walking to the door, Lee had made me stay in the doggy position while he forced his cock down my throat.

“see ya later Gary”

“tell ya what, seeing you getting sucked while a little boy hole winks me goodbye is a sight to see haha”

“get here for around six thirty and ill male sure his hole is the first thing you see……

if only i just called my parents, then the next night, the worst night would never of happened.

By plopiplop9990
#Abuse #Gay #Rape #Teen

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