a story of how i was raped by my camp counciler thanks to my mom Sex Story

#Abuse #Blackmail #Gay #Teen

By plopiplop9990

hey all, this is a true story and for a long time it tore me apart but now its like the origin of my kink so thought id share the story.

when i was young i had a problem with my bladder, cant remember the specifics but it meant i had problems controlling when i peed. i had never wet myself whileawake but i was a bed better, this was between the ages of 5 and 13.

now, my primary school did this thing for the final year students where we all went away for 5 days to a camping resort thing where we got to sleep in cabins, do rock climbing, canoeing and all sorts of fun things. My mother really wanted me to join in, as did i, but she was worried if i shared a cabin with 3 other classmates and peed the bed then i would be subject to bullying. so againts my wishes she told my teachers and as a result they told the councilers. all 3 decided it would be best if i shared a cabin with one of the councilers and told the other students it was because i had to take medicine at night and needes monitoring.

after my first fun day, it was bed time so off i went with the counciler to the cabin. everything seemed alright at first. he hosted a few activites that day and seemed cool, but then he told me it was time to have a shower….ill never forget how cold that shower was, when it first hit me i jumped out immediatly but my counciler (call him lee for now)
kindly told me i had to stay in the shower because i couldnt get into bed otherwise. i kept jumping in and out but he then got angry. Lee got up from his chair and held me in the shower by the back of my neck and then washed my body himself. he spent some time washing my ass which i didnt focus on as first but now i know why. after the she shower had finished he dried me with a towel, telling me how he is sorry but i need to be clean and tomorrow he will make sure the water was warmer. as i went to put my pjs on from my suitcase he told me not tonight as he was too tired to sort out my clothes.

then it was bed time. this cabin had a bunk bed with the bottom bunk being much larger than the top. i assumed id be on the top so i stared to climb the ladder, i then stopped as i felt his hands gently grab my ass. i turned to look at him to see what was happening.

“no no, you are in the bottom bunk, just stay like that for a moment while i sort out your pillow”

as he removed his hands i started to climb down the ladder until he shouted at me that he just said that like that. so i stayed, welling up a little as hos sudden shout scared me.

the bed was ready and then i felt him kiss one of my ass cheeks.

“ok buddy beds all ready, you jump in, im just going to shower myself then its lights out”

i got into bed and was abit confised about a towel being over the mattress. when Lee got out i asked him why as it made me uncomfy.

“oh, thats because your mom told us you wet the bed alot, we have to protect the mattress. noone likes a bed wetter you know, thats why youre in here with me. actually, it will be probably be best if you never sleep in your jammies while you are here because if you wet them then everyone will see we hung them up to dry ”

i started to sob quietly and curled up facing the wall, totally embarrased by it all, i hated my mom for telling anyone about this.

he lights went out but the room was still quite lit thanks to the other cabins nearby. then to my shock, he got into bed with me and was naked too.

“see, now we are both here with our bums out, dont be shy”

about 20 minutes go by and he asks me do i nees the bath room. i told him no, then it all started.

“you know, i have a good trick that can help not wee the bed”

“really? what do i do?”

“let me show you”

then without any hesitation he places his hand over my dick and balls, slowly rubbing my balls between his fingers.

“this will tell your willy that you dont need to wee. so just relax and try to sleep and let me help you, everything i do now will help you”

now i wasnt so dumb that i didnt know what he was doing was wrong. i knew about girls and sex, and i also knew about gay people and stuff, when i was younger being called gay was the worst thing in the world at the time, which will play into this more later.

it wasnt long before he stopped touching my dick, and without any warning he grabbed my legs and back and rolled me onto my stomach. i felt my ass cheeks being spread.

“fuck thats a nice lil hole, gotta show kyle this later” kyle was another counciler that i hadnt met yet.

he then began to lick my ass. he kissed and bit my ass cheeks lightly but focused on kissing amd licking my hope. then i felt a finger go in it hurt so much, the feeling of his finger nail scraping my insides.

i honestly couldnt move. i was just so scared, scared of what was happening. scared if i moved his finger would hurt my butt more, i just didnt know what to do.

he kept fingering my ass, eventually moving up to 2 fingers. his spare hand still groping my ass cheek amd the ocasional sucking and licking my ear, telling me i am a good boy, even saying i am a good girl at times.

he then got up from behind me and grabbed something from his suitcase. could of been lube, lotion or whatever i dont know.

he opened my hand and poured the stuff into it.

“now you are going to have to rub this softly over my willy. cover it all. then i can help fix your problem.”

i slowly amd shakily turned to look at him. the top bunks shadow covered most of his face but i could see him smiling and blowing me kisses as he led my hand to his dick. it was the ugliest thing i had ever seen. at least at that age. it was a big hard cock, foreskin covering half his head, his pubes were thick and covered everywhere. nowadays id say it looked like any other cock but that moment i remember being scared too look at it never mind touching it.

with his hand guiding mine i started to put the liquid on his dick. dabbing it on like i would put a cat or something, until he told me how i should wrap my hand around it and stroke hos dick slowly.

after this he flipped me over again but this time he kept my ass in the air, and put my head on one pillow, putting the corner of the other pillow in my mouth, telling me to bite on it.

i felt his cock make contact with my hole. he didnt go in at first. he was slapping his cock on my cheeks while saying how im going to love this but try not to scream. if anyone comes in now there will be alot of trouble for me, that if anyone sees then they will see how gay i am.

thats thought terrified me. i didnt realise i was being gay in this. i thought it was him. i couldnt believe i was gay and god forbid anyone else thinking i was.

he then slowly started to enter my ass. the pain was beyond words. the most i can say about this monster was at least he didnt ram it into me. he was being slow, giving my ass time to adjust to his cock. inch by inch he went further into my virgin ass, then started slighty slapping my cock amd balls, telling me to focus on that pain more than my ass, like anything could stop me thinking about the feeling of being split in 2.

eventually he was in me and he slowly started to fuck me. he kept stopping when the bed made too much noise, or he heard someone outside. but he never stopped when i whimpered or begged him to stop. when i did that he either ignored me or spanked me telling me to be quiet.

it felt like forever but he eventually shot his load up my ass. he stayed in me until he was soft, he kept kissing my neck and back telling me how good i was and how he loved little gay boys.

when he eventually pulled out he moved up to my face and told me to suck his dick until it was clean or else he and i would have to jump into the cold shower again. at this point i was so numb and out of it i just opened my mouth and he did the rest. slowly face fucking me but with a half erect cock.

it was over for the night. he told me to wash my ass in the morning when the water will be warmer. he put the blanket back over us and cuddled me big spoon little spoon style. he placed his cock between my ass, cupped my dick and balls in his hand and then told me to sleep.

when morning came i didnt say a word to him. he was awake before me, he was walking around the room brushing his teeth. he noticed i had woke up.
“hot water is on buddy, you can shower now my little gay boy”

i silently walked into the shower and started scrubbing myself. he also got in but i wasnt even bothered anymore. he said something and followed with the words gayboy again and i told him not to call me gay please, im not gay.

“youre not gay, if i ask all your friends if having a willy in your bum, or a willy in your mouth makes you gay, what do you think they will say”

i couldnt believe it, he was right in my child rationality. i asked him does this mean i am gay forever.

“yeah i think so mate. we have to tell the other councilers about you being gay, its the rule. going to have to tell your teachers aswell which might mean your parents will find out”

i finally broke. i started crying and felt destroyed. i didnt know what to say or do.

“oh buddy dont cry. i can keep it secret if you want, it can stay between you and me, i can keep a secret for a good boy like you but that means you cant tell anyone about this either”

without hesitation i nodded, still crying and rubbing my eyes. “thank you, please dont tell anyone please, i wont say anything.”

“ok buddy ok, i can keep a secret” as he says this, his hand grabbed my shoulder and forced me to my knees, before i even opened my eyes i felt his erect cock touch my lips….”but now that i know youre gay…youre going to have to do more if you want me to keep it secret from your friends”

as even more tears blurred my vision, he slid.his cock into my mouth……


just incase you’re curious about the kink i mentiomed. i am married to a woman and have 3 kids now, i wouldnt consider myself very straight but i do have grindr to fuck guys in the ass sometimes because 1, my mrs dont like anal, amd 2, i genuinly think guys have better lookimg asses than any woman. so my kink is, i have pics of me with guys from anal to giving head, i have made another grindr account and set the location about a mile from my actual accounts one. i send these pics to random guys and also details about myself so these guys can blackmail my real account into having sex. it doesnt always work, most guys just block my fake account then message my real one warning me about a creep sending my pics around. but then there are some true monsgers, or legends in my case, that message my real account, threaten to send these pics to my wife unless they i meet them. some guys fuck me once, then send me messages beggin me for forgivness while some keep forcing me to meet them mutliple times. and since they know its blackmail and i have no choice, they get me to do the most weirdest things sometimes haha

By plopiplop9990
#Abuse #Blackmail #Gay #Teen

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