A young mom and her two daughters Sex Story

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A young mom(33) and her two daughters of 14 and 10 getting fucked

A young mom, Keerthana(33), and her two daughters, Amala(14) and Anaka(10), lived in a house that is almost isolated from the whole village. Her husband died 6 years after their marriage and she’s alone since then. She was the hottest women in the whole village. Her pretty face and her pale skin plus a hourglass structure, she was perfect for some fucking. Every man desired her. But no one got her. Her daughters also have their mothers traits. Amala, the eldest one have a good round boobs even at an age of 14. The youngest one had a cute face and she was the one I wanted to bang the most.
It was a festival night and the whole village was at the temple. Me and my friends were messing around, groping some girls in the crowd when I saw Keerthana and her daughters leaving early. I followed them to their house. There was light on the room upstairs and I saw Amala getting ready to sleep through an open window. After waiting for an hour just make sure that the girls are asleep, I went and rang the bell. The door opened and I saw Keerthana, wearing a tight shirt and a long skirt, standing staring at me with confusion. She asked me what I need. My heart was beating faster than ever. I leapt forward and grabbed her by her waist. In shock and bewilderment she tried to slap me in the face. But I caught her hands in midair and pushed her to the wall behind. I pinned her hands to the wall and kissed her neck. Her whole body was trembling with fear. She tried to push me and kick me. But I pressed myself against her strongly while I enjoyed her. I kissed and licked her pale skin in hurry and went for her lips. Her erect nipples poked my chest and I realised that she was wearing nothing underneath. Quickly I went for her boobs and grabbed it. But as I loosened my grip, she started to slap me. I squeezed her boobs harder anyway. She screamed and stoped slapping me as I pinched her nipples through her shirt. She was helpless. I pulled her shirt up and felt her bare boobs. She cried and begged as I sucked her nipples. My tongue went around her erect nipples and felt her soft skin. When I was really enjoying her boobs, she regained control and pushed me to the ground. She ran to a room and tried to close the door. But I ran behind her and caught the door before she closed it. I went in furiously, grabbed her and put her down to the bed. Without wasting any time I took my dick out and lifted her skirt. I pushed my dick into her pussy. She was really tight but I slide into her wet pussy with ease. I enjoyed the feeling of my dick moving through her tight pussy walls. As I increased my speed, my balls slapped into her ass. I could hear her muffled cries. Within a minute her legs started to shake and she squirted hard. I continued fucking her even when she was shaking. She begged to stop as she had her first orgasm since her husband died. Her boobs swung inside her shirt as I fucked her harder and faster. I ripped her shirt open and grabbed her tits, squeezed it harder. She was going into another orgasm. I could feel her pussy twitching. She came again and again one more time. Tired and helpless, she layed on the bed for me to stop.
It was at thet moment I noticed a silhouette in the doorway. It was amala, the eldest one wearing nightgown. She was staring at her mother in bewilderment. I left unconscious mom in the bed and walked towards Amala. As I moved towards her, she didn’t ran away from me but she stood there staring at my 8 inch fat dick. I told her to sit on her knees and suck my dick. Hesitantly she sat infront of my dick and stared at it. I saw her eyes welling up but I grabbed her hair and forced her suck my dick. I didn’t needed much force. She knew exactly what she was doing. Her mouth wrapped around my dick. Her tongue went in circles around the top of my dick. I was having a great time with her mouth. I saw her cleavage and I couldn’t resist but to grab her youn melons. When I started squeeze her young boobs, she looked into my eyes and stared at me while she was licking my dick. That alone took me to the brink of cumming. I stopped her for a second and made her stand up. I lifted ger gown and saw a wet pussy. After I saw her skills in sucking, I didn’t expect her to be a virgin. But to my surprise, when I started to fuck her pussy, she was a virgin. Her tight pussy was really hard to insert. But I pushed my dick into her with force. When she started to cry I closed her mouth and slowly fucked her. Her beautiful eyes was staring into mine. I kissed her passionately as I increased my speed. She was enjoying it. She closed her eyes and kissed me back. I took her petite body in my hand and fucked her harder and faster. Her mom layed on the bed without knowing what is happening to her horny elder daughter. I could feel the convulsions in her pussy. Her eyes rolled back and her legs shaking a little bit, she was having her first orgasm from penetration. It was stronger than ever for her. But I continued my rampage. When she came back to her senses, she looked into my eyes with lust. I increased my speed. I walked to the kitchen, carrying and fucking Amala, and layed her on the kitchen counter. She layed there eyes closed as I went for her boobs. I grabbed her tits through her gown and squeezed it harder. She had a fairly big boobs for her age. As I took her boobs out, she looked at me with a little smile. I squeezed her boobs. When I pinched her nipples, she squealed and grabbed my hand. But I continued teasing her while I slowly fucked her pussy. Slowly I increased my speed, while her pale boobs jiggled tempting me to bite them. I fucked her faster and harder as she moaned. Her legs started to shake, when I touched her clit while I was fucking her. She tried to grab my hand, but I continued rubbing her along fucking her. Her legs shook vigorously and she squirted really hard as I continued fucking her. It lasted for about more than three minutes. As I saw her eyes again, I couldn’t last for longer. I came along after a few more fucking. When I pulled out my dick, she layed there, cum dripping from her pussy.
I took some pics of both of them and called my friends. I locked the door of the room where the mom was layed. As I waited for my friends, I went upstairs and I opened the room where Anaka was sleeping. The youngest daughter was fast asleep knowing nothing about what is going to happen to her. Slowly, I went near her bed and pulled the blanket down. She turned to the other side in discomfort. She was wearing a shorts and a t-shirt. Without waking her up, I slowly pulled her shorts down and saw a clean pussy. There wasn’t any pubic hair. In fact she had no hair in her body. My dick was already hard seeing her that way. Her body was really small compared to my dick. My dick was bigger than her legs. I grabbed her petite body in my hands and rubbed her dry pussy on my dick. In shock and confusion, she woke up from her sleep and screamed. She tried to escape me really hard. But I closed her mouth and pinned her to the bed. I grabbed her legs and spread it wide, and in a hurry I pushed my dick into her tight pussy. Blood splattered on the bed as I broke her virginity. I inserted my dick some more and pulled it out. Her tight young pussy was squeezing my dick. I inserted it again a little bit more. Her elder sister was already at the doorway, crying, looking at her little sister getting fucked. Her stomach was getting mixed up as my fat cock penetrated her. With some effort, I inserted the full length of my dick into her pussy. I slowly fucked her harder as she cried. Amala came near me and begged to leave her sister and fuck her instead. But I told her to strip completely naked. I grabbed her nude body and kissed her while fucked her little sister. My hands went for her big round boobs and squeezed it harder. Slowly, I increased my speed and fucked the little sister harder and harder. I took her in hands stood on the bed and fucked her. I used her petite body like a fleshlight. She was in real pain and agony while I enjoyed her pussy. My speed increased when I heard my friends on the door. Amala looked at me with shock. I locked Amala inside and I went downstairs, still carrying and fucking Anaka. My friends didn’t knew why I called them there. But when I opened the door, they knew exactly why they are there. I told them where the mom is and gave Anaka to one of them. He started fucking her. I told them they are not getting the elder one. I lead them to the room and I started to fuck her pussy once again while 15 of my friends watched me fucking the hottest lady in the village. One of them came in front of her and made her suck his dick. I came inside her one more time.

To be continued……

#PreTeen #Rape #Teen #Virgin

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