all I want is mom to be happy Sex Story

#Incest #Rape #Teen

By Tom

true story from when I was younger I have a couple other kind of similar to this on that i might share

so a little back story before I get into it I’m a 16 year old (m) and my mom is 34 we live together in a 1 bedroom apartment and occasionally my sister will visit to see me, but recently my mom has been trying to move on from my dad but can not find anyone that she likes. one night she had come home alone again and sat down and talked to me about all the nice thing my dad and her used to do and in a way it reminded her of me. so that night we sat and talked for a few hours, something we never do. and in the moment it felt right so I leaned in to give her a kiss however she pushed me away and I went to bed.

the next night came by fairly quick and mom went to go have a shower, admittedly I was quite horny so I decided I would try and take a look at her while she showered, as I looked at my moms bear skin and firm petite ass I couldn’t help my self so I started to touch my self I had never felt like this about my mom but all of a sudden I could imagine my self sticking my penis inside my own mother and absolutely ploughing her.

I was all but ready to cum until I heard my mom “can you please shut the door hunny I would like some privacy” I don’t think I have ever moved so fast in my life I shut the door and ran into the room my mind was racing I didn’t know weather she was going to be mad or weather she even saw me jerking off.
A few minutes go by and my mom walks into the room with noting but a towel around her but it was enough to cover everything I had just seen, she was so beautiful, long brown hair firm tits and ass but really short only around 5,4. she sits on the bed next to me and asks “were you just watching me shower or were you doing something else?” before she said anything else something came over me and I leaned in to kiss her she tried to push me away but kept moving forward until I had my tongue down her throat.

she told me to stop but I couldn’t control my self I felt bad for her but I knew this was the best thing for her so I took of her towel and stared at her naked body. as i started to undo my pants she began to sob and cry i tried to comfort her but it didn’t work so i rolled her over on her stomach and began to slip into my mother i pinned her down so all she could do is lie there and cry as her own son raped her.

eventually i was about to cum and i could hear her moaning with every thrust, i could tell that she was ready for it to be over so i came inside of her and went to my bed. i could hear her sob and cry for a while afterward “my son, my own son” after around 20 minutes later she came up to my door looked at me and said “thankyou”

By Tom
#Incest #Rape #Teen

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