Aunt takes me in…. Sex Story

#Incest #PreTeen

By Twickers

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The little fucker…

Love my nick name.. Hi I’m Ben.. As in big Ben the little fucker..

I’ve fucked nearly every milf in my neighbourhood and most of there I’m bisexual.. Any holes a goal in my book

By the time I was 8 I knew I was different to my pals, my cock is fully 12 inches.. I could almost tie a knot in it when I was 8. But as I grew and it got thicker its a solid pleasure giver..

I was 12 when I had my first fuck..

My mum and dad went away for the weekend and I stayed with my aunt.. she was about 40 and truly beautiful.. She modeled her self on Marylin Monroe.. And really did look like her, making a very good living as a look alike.. Obv I had a crush on her.. She was very diffrent to my mum.. Who was a little dowdy sorta like daphne from scooby do..

It was a hot summer and she had put a temporary pool in the garden…. When I arrived and bustled in through the front door she was already in the pool in a white bikini.. Lazing on a sun floater..
Get your clothes off and get in she shouted at me..
I don’t have a pair of trunks my mom didn’t tell me you had a pool… I was looking at her firm tits and curvy she floated on the water a drink in her hand, Even relaxing in the pool she was in full marylin mode..
Come on silly strip of and just leave your underwear on.. It’s just the two of us and I’ve seen whatever you can show me by my age.. Get your butt in the pool..

I stripped to my tight jockeys and turned to climb into the pool..
My cock was half hard.. Laying across the front of my body..
I could see my aunts eyebrows arch as she saw me on the top of the ladder.. Ben you look like your growing well..

Luckily the water hid my cock.. I slipped under the water.. swimming over to her..I could see her skin was covered in oil.. Her legs where dangling either side off the lilo she says floating on.. Her crotch was at my eye level.. And she had a very pronounced camel toe..

Look at you all getting grown up.. We chatted about nothing while we lazed about in the pool.. Enjoying the sun..

My aunt turned over and said can you cream my back Benny.. I don’t want to burn..
Her costume was so small at the back I could see nearly all of her bum cheeks..

She handed me the cream and as I stood I was at waist hieght to the her.. My cock just under the water..

I started to apply the cream down her long smooth back.. Getting as close to her tit sides so I could cop a little feel.. She reached out and undid the top letting the sides fall down.. I can’t get cream on this Benny it will never come off.. My hands now where rubbing the warm oil into the glistening skin..
Down to the top of her bikini bottoms..
Make sure you get every where Benny.. I oiled my hands and took a deep breathe.. Placing them on her wondrous ass.. Her legs opened as I caressed the oil into her ass..
She was almost purring the vibrations coming off her skin
Her legs opened wider.. And she whispered do my legs Ben… More oil please.. This was said in a sensuous marylin voice.. All of me remember… I dripped the oil along her legs making sure it ran down her inner thighs.. I worked the oil in with my fingers almost touching her pussy..
I could see a damp patch forming between her legs..
Ben come and stand in front of me and massage my shoulders please, the back of my neck as well..
My cock now was throbbing and hard it’s head peeping out of the top of my underwear…
I made my way up the head of the lilo..
She reached out and pulled me in close her hands on my ass as I reached over her…
Her head was just above my cock head.. I could feel her breathe on it… She shuffled closer…
Without a word her engulfed the head of my cock in her mouth… The shock of the heat of her mouth nearly made me cum instantly… I felt her pull my pants down over my ass.. I stood on tip toes to allow her to take more of my cock in her mouth… My hands could just touch her ass I she slurped on my cock.. Her hand was on my shaft wanking me at the same time as her tongue and mouth pleasured all my senses… My knees buckled and she she held me tight not letting me go as my balls emptied into her mouth…
My first blow job off a woman.. Came from my sexy horny aunt…
Fuck Benny… That cock is going to get you into places… She said as she slid off the lilo.. Her tits now naked to my gaze… But the first place it’s going is your auntie cunt if I can get it all in…

By Twickers
#Incest #PreTeen

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