Aunty said you are a big fucker

(Aunty didn’t say you were bad)

Now I am 25 years old and live with my family in a colony of Delhi but this incident happened in my life about three years ago when I was 22 years old.
A family lives in the flat next to ours, in which a very beautiful aunt lives only with her husband.

Seeing the complexion, form and beautiful texture of her body, I started getting very attracted towards her and used to dream of her day and night!

I always wanted to have sex with him and every day I used to masturbate by taking his name.

Whenever I got a chance, I used to peep into that aunt’s house through the window and watch her. Sometimes I used to feel that even Auntie knew that I was keeping an eye on her! Because when I used to peep into her house, she used to show me one or the other part of her body by bending her body in such a way that sometimes I used to reach the peak of excitement!

From these antics of aunt, I started to suspect that perhaps she also wanted me to go a little further than this tableau and do something with her!

I used to feel very much that I should go ahead but I was also afraid that he might complain about me to my mother.

One day in the afternoon, I mustered up some courage and on a false pretext from my mother, I went to my aunt’s house and called her. Because she was taking a bath in the bathroom, so they asked me to wait for some time – I am taking a bath, you wait!!

I was waiting for them outside in the courtyard, when I saw Auntie’s bra and panties on the clothesline. I could not stop myself, I started sniffing the panty of aunty.

Just then Aunty came out of the bathroom and she saw me doing it!

Aunty immediately came to me and shouted to me – Sahil, what are you doing?

I almost lost my life, but I stammered and controlled myself and said – Ku.. Ku.. Nothing aan.. Aan… Auntie, it just fell down due to the gust of wind, so I am lifting it up and keeping it up. Was.

After listening to my answer, the aunt said showing eyes – don’t teach me, I have seen everything with my own eyes that you were smelling my Kutchi!

I said – Aunt, that’s it!

Auntie shouted- what she… wait, I will tell your mother now what you were doing.

I was very scared, so I went ahead and held the feet of the aunt and apologized to her, but the aunt did not respond.

Seeing the fury on his face, I became even more nervous and started thinking about the beatings at the hands of my parents.

That’s why aunt smiled a little and then looking at my crying face, she started laughing out loud!

Looking at her with astonishment, I started thinking that till now Aunty was scolding a lot and now she has started laughing completely! Has she gone mad that she is laughing so loudly!

Then he came to me and said – If you will do one thing for me, then only I can forgive you!

I quickly asked – what is the work?

Then the aunt said – just now I had slipped and fallen in the bathroom, due to which I got hurt a little and my back was also sprained! You have to massage it with oil!

I had no choice but to complain so I immediately said yes!

Aunty smiled a little when I said yes and then went ahead holding my hand and took me to my bedroom.

There she took out the vial of oil from the dressing table and put it in my hand and herself took off her shirt and lay down on the bed vomiting!

I quietly started massaging aunt’s back by taking some oil in my hand from the bottle of oil.

Aunt was getting some relief from the massage, so she was happy and said – You do a very good massage! Have you taken any training for this?

I replied – Yes, I did first-aid course in college!

Auntie said – Then you massage my lower back pain too!

And touching the middle of his buttocks, he said – When it fell, it hit here too and it is still hurting!

Aunty unbuttoned her salwar and lowered it, because she was not wearing panties, her naked buttocks were in front of me for massage!

I slowly started massaging oil on her buttocks, then she said – not here, there is pain down between the two hips, massage well there!

According to her, I started putting the oiled hands downwards in the middle of her buttocks, then the aunt said – yes, right here inside!

And widened both his legs so that the massage there could be done well!

By doing this it became easy for me to massage and I started massaging her ass and its surrounding by applying oil.

Sometimes my hand would slip a little further down to her pussy and my fingers would touch her then the aunt would start sobbing!

Maybe she enjoyed me doing that a little more so she lay quietly for ten minutes and let me massage her ass around!

I was also applying oil with great pleasure and looking at her pussy from between her wide legs, I thought – I don’t know when my erect cock will go into that volcano!

I was also getting very upset with my erect cock as it was hitting the aunt’s thighs again and again! Due to oil in my hands, I was not able to set it properly inside my lower and I was afraid that Aunty might feel bad!

I was also feeling annoyed and angry with myself that why I had said yes to the massage!

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That’s why aunt said to me – you have grown up now?

I was getting annoyed, so I also said in anger – mine has also grown up.

Auntie said on hearing this – I am doing this drama to take stock of him!

Hearing these words of drama from his mouth, my anger evaporated and lust attacked me.
Because of that lust, my cock became even harder and I started feeling that all his nerves would burst in no time. I attached my body to the aunt’s body and started pressing my cock on her bare thighs from inside the lower! Feeling the prick of my cock, Auntie looked at me and winked at me with a smile!

After this Auntie got up from the bed separating my hands from her buttocks and thighs and stood very close to me wearing only bra! Then he put his hand in my lower and held my cock in his hand and said – yes you were right, it has become really big and it has also become very thick, it will enter in whose pussy Will come out only after giving him complete satisfaction!

Saying all this, he grabbed my lower with both hands and pushed me down. Because I was not wearing underwear, my erect penis started saluting in front of him.

Seeing my hard cock, the aunt immediately bent down and sat down and holding it put it in her mouth and started sucking it like a nipple.

Seeing his words and activity in the last few minutes, I expected to get a similar reaction from him.

I started enjoying the oral sex of my cock being done by her and now I was sure that today she will definitely calm her fire by inserting my cock in her pussy!

Later aunt told me that her husband was suffering from diabetes due to which he had erectile dysfunction and he could not fuck her.

Today, when my seven inch long and two and a half inch thick cock was seen by the aunt who was hungry for sexual intercourse for several months, then her pussy was bound to be on fire.

After sucking my cock for some time, when she got up, I caught hold of her and started kissing her lips and slowly started pressing her big boobs with my hands from the top of her bra.

Then she unhooked the hook of her bra with her hands behind her back and took it off and threw it in the far corner. Now she was completely naked in front of me and holding my head she put my mouth on her nipples.

I also wanted the same, so without protesting, I started sucking her nipples, due to which she also started getting very hot! At that time I wanted the aunty to immediately lie down on the bed and get me fucked quickly!

I was also in a hurry because it was afternoon and at that time my mother was alone in our house! I was afraid that when mummy would not see me coming back home for a long time, she might also come there to ask aunty about me!

That’s why I also immediately took off my T-shirt and threw it on the bra of Aunty and sat down bending down! Aunty spread her legs so that I can see her pussy openly and I can also suck it comfortably.

Due to sucking her nipples she was very hot and her pussy was also wet. As soon as my tongue started knocking on her pussy, sobs of ah.. ah.. started coming out of her mouth!

The taste of water coming out of her pussy was really good and I started sucking or licking it with pleasure. For the next two-three minutes, I kept rubbing her pussy and clit very vigorously with my tongue!

This rubbing had an effect and Aunty stiffened her legs and let out a fountain of juice from her pussy while hissing very loudly.

Because I was in a hurry that’s why I licked that juice and stood up and asked Aunty to become a mare there!

Aunt knew very well the meaning of becoming a mare, so she did not take any time and immediately bowed down on the bed and became a mare!

I put my cock on her pussy mouth and gave a push and pushed it all the way into her wet pussy!

A sweet sigh came out of his mouth and his breath also started running fast.

I bent forward holding both the aunt’s nipples and started rubbing them and pushing slowly from below, I started taking out my cock inside her pussy.

I was having a lot of fun because when I came to Aunty’s house, I never thought that I would get such a golden opportunity to fuck her today itself.

Within no time, when the aunty started taking loud hisses, then my excitement started increasing and I started thrusting hard, due to which juice started dripping from the aunty’s pussy! As soon as I realized that my cock and ass were wet with that juice, I got very excited and I started fucking aunty at a very fast pace.

Aunty also got very excited due to this very fast pace and started taking sobs in a very loud voice and started moving back and forth while supporting me.

With this activity of his, both of us started enjoying that fuck very much. That’s why aunt’s body got stiff and her pussy contracted very strongly and started pulling my cock inside.

The friction that both of us got in this tug-of-war caused both of them to scream loudly and showered their juices.

After this, neither I nor my aunt had enough strength left to stand, so we lay down on the bed clinging to each other.

After five minutes, when I got some relief, I took my cock out of the aunt’s pussy, then the river of juice flowed out of it!

To avoid getting spoiled by the juice coming out of the pussy, the aunt immediately stood up and ran into the bathroom!

I also followed him to the bathroom and there we both took a bath together and cleaned each other thoroughly.

When we came back to the room, Aunty was looking very happy and was repeatedly hugging me and kissing me.

I also answered his kisses with kisses and then we put on our clothes!

Kissing the aunt’s lips before leaving, I asked her about sex and satisfaction, she expressed great pleasure and said- Sahil, today I give you a certificate that you are an excellent class fucker and you She will be very lucky if you fuck her because her thirst will be completely quenched and she will be immensely satisfied! Everyone, after kissing you once, beg to kiss you again and again, my best wishes are with you!

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After this, Aunty pressed my cock and invited me to come again the next day and came to the door outside the house to kiss me goodbye!

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