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Aunty Sex Story, Sex Story Mature Aunty, Hot Chachi, One day I went to Aunty’s house Neeta Aunty was alone. I asked aunty where are all the people, aunty replied that you already know uncle and all the children have gone to maternal uncle’s house, they will not come tonight. Then I said to aunt that it’s okay aunty I will go, aunty stopped me and said stop now I have to take bath till you take care of my house I will come after taking bath now. Aunty was in night suit only, she was not even wearing bra inside, her big boobs were clearly visible. Aunty said, it is bad to go after fixing my laptop too. I didn’t know that aunty also runs laptop, I stopped, aunty went to bath, I was waiting for aunty in her bedroom, suddenly I saw towel panty and bra on the bed shift bed. Bra and panty very good quality. Was and was transparent. After about 15 minutes the aunt called and said give me the towel. I gave towel to aunty then aunty said Aman please give my panty and bra also, I gave panty and bra to aunty. Now the aunty came out after taking bath, she was wearing a white cotton suit. Aunty’s black bra was visible. Now I told aunty, aunty, now I will go. Aunty said, do you have to go for some work?

I did not answer, then the aunt told me to stop, I will get bored when I am alone. Kuch baate vagera karte hai. I sat down and I was telling about my life to Aunty. Now the aunt started talking openly. She started asking me whether you have girlfriends or not, have you ever had sex or not. I was surprised to hear such a thing. Now I was also opened. I asked aunt that aunt do you like sex? Aunty replied that everyone likes sex madly. Why don’t you like it? Aunt said, I replied never did. Aunty said don’t lie, I know you are very bad, you have fucked your maid and Neha also I know everything. And you also wrote the story of Chudai on her, I have also read your story last night which is hotsexstory Was on .xyz, and my pussy had become dirty, I used to quench my thirst by calling you at home at night, but the children were at home, he lies, you have also given your mobile number, but I Thought I will talk to you only when you come home. Your mother will have to tell you to get married. I got scared suddenly, aunty said don’t be afraid, I will not say anything. I have seen you naked too.

I asked aunt when did you see me naked? Aunt replied when you were urinating in the bathroom of my house. I didn’t say anything. My pussy is also thirsty, won’t you quench your aunt’s thirst? To. I was happy with the words of Aunty Neeta, I did not think that now Aunty will get ready herself, I was also afraid of her, she was very angry. Aunty now put her hand on my land, I felt very good then. Aunty was very thirsty, she was absolutely fair. She was 38 but still looked very young. Today, for the first time in my life, I was going to have sex with 38 female. Now aunt told me to take off my pant, I can also see your cute little cock, I put on my pant and replied that I was not wearing underwear that day. I was now naked from below, aunty came to me and took off my shirt and made me completely naked. Aunty liked my land very much, Aunty put my hand on her boobs and said keep pressing please… I did a lot of press, Aunty was having fun. Then aunty took off her shirt, then salwar, then started sucking my land, then I was trying to open aunty’s bra.

So the aunt smiled and said son, I will open it. Then the aunt opened the bra and also took off the panty. Now aunt’s fair body was completely naked in front of me. Aunty put her big boobs on my land and was giving me the pleasure of fucking with her boobs. After some time I started licking aunty’s pussy, aunty’s sexy voice was coming out aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Loud son, aaaaah, your aunt is thirsty, quench my thirst son.aaaaaaah. Aunt said now put your land in my pussy. My pussy is thirsty, quench your thirst quickly. Said pour it slowly, are you in a hurry, I said not aunty, now I will pour it slowly. Then I hit the aunty with light jerks. Aunty was having fun. Give fun to the pussy, please Aman.. Make it faster, I made it faster.

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Aunty took me on the bed and pushed me on the bed and said today I will fuck you. And Neeta Aunty kissed my cock cap and made me lie straight and put her pussy on my cock and 2 hard She started shaking and started crying aahh son aman son aaaaah it was fun your cock will quench my thirst now and she started coming down hard, like this my cock was also in pain Aunty and I both got mad and I Picked up and lying down opened her legs and started fucking again, aunt was about to fall. It had been 15 to 20 minutes and mine was also about to draw water, aunty said not to draw it inside, I said ok aunty.

Now I took out my cock and poured water on Aunty’s boobs, then Aunty sucked my cock and drank water. We lay naked on the bed for 15 minutes, then I told Aunty, Aunty, I want to kill your ass. Aunty replied from today everything is yours son this ass is also yours when you say I will give you my sexy ass. I said can I get it now?
Aunty said why not now. Aunty again started sucking my land. After 5 minutes I started rubbing my tongue on Aunty’s thick ass. Aunty said what are you doing. Till date who has not rubbed my ass I replied Aunty had seen it in an adult movie. Aunty said Aman, you know a lot about sex.

Now aunty was in doggy style and my cock was restless to go to thick fair fair thick thick ass. Aunty said to put it comfortably, it is not a pussy, it is an ass. it hurts a lot. I said aunty don’t worry I will do it comfortably ok.I now gave a little blow to aunty’s ass aunty felt pain and she screamed.aaaah bastard will burst out please have mercy aaaaaah no son pleasezzzzzzzz ahhh oooooeeee maa Mummy aaah take out.
Then I reduced my speed. Now little by little my whole land had gone into aunt’s ass. And Auntie was also having fun. Aunty also enjoyed taking land in her ass. I told Aunty that the water is of blue color, Aunty said to leave. Then Aunty drank all the water again and started sucking the land. Now whenever I get a chance, I go to aunty and quench her thirst.

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