Babysitting the bratty sister Sex Story

#Abuse #Incest #Rape #Teen

I was in front of my computer desk. It was on one side of my room. The bed was on the other side of its tv on one wall by the door. I sat in the chair watching incest porn on my laptop once again. I had my sister’s dirty underwear in my hand licking the pussy stain off of them. She stopped crying on the floor. “I wonder if she went to sleep.” Thinking to myself. Putting her underwear down and standing up. I walked around the bed to see her on the ground. The ripped shirt is still on her. My cum still dripping out of her holes and on her face. I bent over and pick her up placing her on my bed. Picking up a shirt of mine off the floor, sitting her up taking the ripped one off of her I put the new shirt on her laying her back down. Placing a stuffed animal in her arms. “I Love you,” I said kissing her on the side of the head. Pulling the blanket up and over her. Sitting back down starting to rub my cock again. Smelling my fingers smelling the smell of my sister’s pussy of her asshole that is on my cock.

I am in charge this weekend which means if I say stay out of my room it means stay out. My sister Abi is only 14 she gets away with anything. Doesn’t do chores clean anything or even respect the privacy of my room. Being that I was 17 at the time. I got to do all chores cleaning and babysitting. That night we had pizza and some breadsticks. I put the leftovers in the fridge. Looked at my sister and got a beer out of the fridge. “I am going to my room leave me alone,” I told her drinking the beer and tossing it in the trash can. Heading to my room still wanting more to drink. Reaching my room I had some Jim getting it off my desk I started drinking more It was around 11:45. I was drunk and horny “What should I watch tonight” thinking to myself. I started to google stuff, big tit girls, boring anal sluts search, and auto-fill shows something pop by really fast. Oh, sister, I thought anal sex with sister. I found the one I want to see I had to see it. I pulled my pants off to the ground, had my dick in my hand and I hit play on the video. Slowly rubbing my cock as the video starts. The typical brother-sister sex video. She was on the sofa in a T-shirt and panties. It played on more she was talking on the phone talking about who cares. Then her brother came in. “Boring,” I said, “just fuck your sister in the ass already.” I said out loud “That is the grossest thing I have ever heard in my life. Why do you want to see a brother fuck his sister in the ass?” oh fuck I thought. I look over to the door.

“Well? Why would you want to do that stuff?” I was still rubbing my hard dick. “Because it’s hot to see a brother fuck his sister in the asshole,” I told her. “You are gross.” she said. “I am telling mom you are drinking again as well and why are you looking at me playing with yourself?” she went on “I wish I had anyone but you as a brother. I want to get a game from you.” she started to walk to my bookshelf with all my games on it. I got behind her and started looking at her ass. I was still rubbing myself starting to control my breathing. She was bent over her pussy is just inches away from my cock. She had on some loses fitting shorts. I leand in just an inch away from her. I took my cock and rubbed it up and down her underwear-covered pussy. She stood up turning around “what are you doing?” she let out. “Was that your dick?” I smacked her I smacked her really hard. She fell to the ground. “Why did you do that” she started to cry out. Grabbing her mouth open and playing with my cock just inches away from her open mouth. “Stop it” she started hitting my legs “stop it” she let out once more. “Put it in your mouth.” I ordered. “Why?” she said crying. “Do it now.” I ordered once more. She started leaning up and over. Putting a little bit of my cock in her mouth. “I want to see my cock disappear in your mouth.” I ordered her. Moving it more and deeper into her mouth. “Good girl keep going get it all in.” I praised her. My cock was halfway in her mouth at that point. She stopped and started gagging “suck on it now or I will put the rest in your mouth.” I told her “it’s your choice.” I felt sucking on my cock. “Harder,” I ordered her. I could see the tears forming in her eyes as she looks up at me. “That’s ok Abi you are a good girl.” I said to her.

Reaching down to her shirt pulling her up so hard her shirt starts to rip. “Can I go now?” She asked me. “I am sorry I will not come in your room anymore.” She was pleading with me. Half of me wanted to let her just leave and the other half wanted her to suffer more. Swinging her and ripping her shirt pushing her to my bed. “What are you doing?” She pleaded with me. “You have two more holes and I will get my cock in them.” I hissed at her. Grabbing both her wrists with one hand and pulling her shorts off. Looking down I see a wet spot in her underwear. “Look at that wet spot in your underwear Abi. I can see it.” I went on. Now let’s get them off of you. Pulling them down and tossing them over by desk. “Nice pussy hair.” I said to her running my finger up and down her slit, she started struggling again. “Stop struggling” I ordered “it’s not going to stop me from fucking you. I will get what I want and what I want is both of your holes.” hissing at her. Reaching up and slapping her across the face aging. “I am going to rape you. Just get over it now.” I felt her give up fighting me. “Good girl” I praised her. “Tell me you want my cock in you.” I demand of her. “I want your cock in me” she said “no convince me that you really want me to fuck you right now. That you want me to rape you.” I told her reaching down between her legs finger her pussy. “Do you touch your pussy ever?” I asked her she turned head away from me. Running my fingers that are covered in her pussy juice down her face. “I said do you finger your own pussy?” putting them in her mouth. “Is this the first time you ever tasted your own pussy?” I asked her. Still no answer from her. “Answer me you little bitch.” I screamed at her. “No I don’t touch myself yes that’s the first time I have ever tasted it.” she finally said to me.

Putting the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy hole pushing into her. “Damn you are so tight.” I moaned out “it hurts” she cried out. “I am not stopping tell I am happy.” one of her hands got free. She grabbed onto my arm tight. I was sliding to her slowly. “It hurts” she cried out to me. “Please stop it hurts” she continued saying to me. “Well I am being nice to you.” I chuckled at her. I start going fast and hard in to her. She let’s out a moan of pleasure as I am going in and out of her. “You like me raping me?” I asked her mocking her. “Please stop doing this to me I am sorry.” she cried out. I put my hand up her shirt rubbing her little tits. “If I cum on your chest that will help them grow.” I joked at her. “Stop doing this to me.” crying out. I started pumping in and out faster and hard into her newly deflowered pussy. I was about cum. She started moaning. “I am going to cum in you. Tell me you want me to cum in you.” I ordered her to say. “Please don’t cum in me I don’t want to get pregnant with your baby.” Hearing her pleas did not stop me from fucking her harder and faster. Her moaning started getting fast and harder. “I am going to cum. I am going to pump it in your pussy now” I said to her. I slowed down going in and out of her to let my cum fill up her pussy.

After a couple of mins of being on top of her I finally got off of her pulling out of her pussy. “Don’t move at all.” I ordered her. Walking over to my desk I drank more out of the bottle. Putting it back on the desk. “Hmm” I said out loud. Picking it back up I carried the bottle back over to the bed. Looking down over her. Her eyes closed with her legs opened looking down at her. Seeing her cute baby pussy like that with a mix of my cum and her blood coming out of her. “Sit up” I ordered her. She opened her eyes and looking at me. You can see the mix of confusion in her face. The tears on her face and look of exticy from being fucked for the first time in her life. “Sit up now” I ordered her again. All she could do was let out a small “k”. Sitting up and looking up at me I took another drink from the bottle. wiping the tears off of her face. Putting the bottle in her mouth. “Drink it now.” I told her she drank some. Shacking her head. “That’s so gross” she said to me. “Drink more of it. It will help” telling her. Lifting the bottle so that she could drink more of it. “Why will this help?” She asked me. I put the bottle down off to the side. Pulling her up ripping her shirt more. Turning her around and hugging her from behind. A

I was going to to take her ass. My cock was so hard. Kissing her and the side of her neck. Holding her close to me grinding my cock against her body. “Get on the bed. Bend over it now.” I ordered her. Watching her little butt looking at her cute asshole. Grabbing her hands bring them to the back having her spread her ass checks apart. “What a cute asshole you have. I have always wanted to have anal sex.” I told her “Is it going to hurt me?” she said with a whimper in her voice. I took my finger and rubbed it around her hole. Putting it in her ass going very slow with it. “That feel good?” I asked her. “It doesn’t hurt if that’s what you are asking. I thought it would feel worse in me just cum and let me go away.” she sneered at me. Pulling my finger out of her ass and laying down on her back. “That was only me finger in you not my dick.” I told her as I put my finger in her mouth. I moved around adjusting my hard cock. Getting back up standing over her. Looking down at her hole and my hard cock lined up with her ass. Pushing my cock into her back door. She let out a whine of pain. “It hurts some.” she let out some groans of pain. Pushing my cock into her ass forcefully. “Your ass is so tight. This feels amazing.” pushing even hard and deep into her. She screamed out in pain. That didn’t stop me at all from keeping on going in her. “It hurts so bad. Why are yo” she trails off then stops talking and her head falls down and she ends up going completely limp. I was so close to cumming in her ass that I did not even stop. I continue to pump as hard and as fast as I could go the dry slapping sound from my body on her body. The smell of it filled the room. I just went on fucking tell I blow my load in her.

It felt so good. I couldn’t believe it at all. I wanted it more. I grabbed her hip I felt her move she started to cry out in pain. “That hurt so bad.” she said in a low voice. Looking at her my cock was already getting hard once more. I started to jerk off looking at her on my bed. Going quickly and hard I get on my bed by her face. Almost about to cum again. I get my cock as close to her lips and face. I see her eyes looking over at me as she blinks. A puddle of tears on the bed. I did not say anything at all to her. I just let it go on the side of her watching it drip down her cheek to her lips. I just looked at her in silence as she looked at me crying. Getting back up I grabbed the bottle of alcohol off the ground. Drank more of it and walked over the desk picking up her dirty underwear at the same time. Looking over to the bed and seen that she was gone. I looked over seeing her on the floor crying. Going back to watching incest porn again on my laptop.

#Abuse #Incest #Rape #Teen

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