Bahan Ki Chudai Kahani – All three sisters fuck in summer vacation

In sister’s fuck story, I fucked my two cousins ​​and a real sister. In this game only all three of them had mixed devotion. Together they framed me.

Friends, my name is Sanjay, I am an engineering student. I live in Ludhiana.

My father, uncle and aunt’s two daughters and my sister Sneha live in our house.

Due to studying engineering, I live in Delhi and my whole family lives in the village.
Our village is in Ludhiana itself.

This sister fuck story is from last summer vacation when I returned to my village after 2 whole years.

My uncle came to pick me up, whose name is Rajeev. When I went home, I met everyone there.
My uncle had two daughters, Pooja and Aarti, both were young now.

Pooja was 21 years old and younger Aarti was 18 years old and my sister Sneha was 19 years old.

I ate food and got fresh after taking bath.
By that time the college holidays were over, my three sisters came and were very happy to see me.

I hugged everyone.
Pooja and Sneha asked me – Brother, do you have any girlfriend there or not?
I said – Shut up, crazy, have I gone there to study or to make a girlfriend?

Putting his words, I left from there.

There were only four rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs in our house.

Our parents, uncle and aunt used to live in the room below.
And there was a one room guest house for the guests!

After dinner we all were going to sleep.
So I also had to go to sleep on the terrace with my sisters.

After having food I started talking to my friends and my sister was studying.

When I came to the room after some time, I saw that Pooja and Sneha were looking at something on the laptop.
I went and secretly saw that she was watching a hot movie.

On seeing me, both of them got scared and started saying- Please brother, don’t tell mummy.
I also thought that there is nothing to tell in this.
Both of them were young now, that’s why I said – ok.

That’s why Pooja asked – Tell me brother… do you have a girlfriend?
So I said – No, I don’t have any girlfriend, I will make a girlfriend if there is someone like you.
Saying this, I went to the terrace and started roaming around.

Friends, let me tell you that Pooja’s figure looks exactly like Nora Fatehi, both her boobs and ass are huge. She looks like an aunt, full body.
And Sneha’s boobs are just like her but Sneha is fat that’s why her ass is bigger.

Then we slept on our own beds.

That’s why Pooja said – Brother, we three people are sleeping on one bed, so we are facing problems. can i sleep on your bed
I said – no problem, go to sleep.

Friends, I had never seen my sister with sensuality.
Pooja sleeps in nightie due to which she looks absolutely hot.

And only then lightning started flashing, due to which Pooja was sleeping holding me tightly in fear. Her big breasts were pressing on my chest.
Because of this my tool stood in the pant and started rubbing with Pooja’s navel.

When I pressed her boobs while removing Pooja, there was no response from her side.
Then I put my one hand on her chest and started pressing her boobs.

Then Pooja got up and sat down.
I was scared, I thought Pooja would make noise.
That’s why I closed my eyes by pretending to sleep and then Pooja also fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, my aunt drank tea and said – Sanjay, we are going to the wedding, it will take 8-10 days, till then take care of your sisters.
I said – ok, you go without worry.

Both mother, father and uncle and aunt had left the house at 10:00.
Being Sunday, Pooja Sneha and Aarti were also at home.

We were all sitting watching TV.
Then Pooja said – Come on brother, let’s play a game. I saw it in an English movie.

I refused, but when Aarti and Sneh started requesting, I said – it’s okay.
Pooja said- Brother, there is a condition of the bus game.
Sneha said – what is the condition?

Pooja said – Whoever will lose in this game, he will have to obey someone.
Everyone said – it’s okay.

Then Pooja ran away and brought a bottle from the terrace and said – I start the game.
And saying this, he turned the bottle and told that the one whose side the bottle stops will lose the game.

While rotating the bottle stopped in front of Aarti and its back part was in front of Sneha due to which Sneha won and Aarti lost.

Sneha told Aarti – You take off your T-shirt!
So Aarti started looking at Sneha with big eyes.

That’s why Pooja said – Don’t worry, everyone here is from home only. And anyway you have lost the game, so you have to obey Sneha.

Before I could say anything, Aarti took off her T-shirt.
Guys, she got into a bra.

Aarti’s boobs looked like an orange due to which Aarti felt ashamed and ran to the terrace.

Now when Sneha rotated the bottle, the face of the bottle was towards Pooja and its back side was towards me.
Sneha said- Brother, you have won the game.

I said to Pooja – Pooja, have you had sex?
Pooja said – No!

She squinted at me and smiled sensually.

When I rotated the bottle, the bottle stopped in front of Sneha and its back side stopped in front of Pooja.
Pooja said- Sneha, you sit on Sanjay Bhaiya’s lap.

Friends, Sneha was my real sister, so she started looking at my face.
So Pooja said- Sneha, you have lost the game.

Then Sneha came and sat on my lap.
Sneha was wearing a half knicker.

When she sat on my lap, I felt something wet.
I felt that Sneha’s pussy must have released water.
And thinking this, my tool stood up and started entering Sneha’s hole, due to which Sneha’s body started stirring.

Then Pooja rotated the bottle.
The bottle stopped towards Sneha and its back side was towards me.

Sneha said- Brother, you press Pooja’s breast.
When I refused, Pooja said – no problem, it is only a game.

Then I asked Pooja to come here and started pressing both her boobs in his hands.
Due to this Pooja started getting hot and started sobbing.

This time when I rotated the bottle, its face was towards Sneha and its back side was towards me.

So I said – Sneha, you remove your half pants.
So he took out his half pants, he was wearing tights.
She sat on my cock cock.

My cock got fully set in her ass crack and she screamed loudly.

Friends, now I could not tolerate myself and I made Sneha a mare and started pushing her from above.
After some time Sneha went to the bathroom.

Then Pooja removed all her clothes and she also became completely naked.

Then I made Pooja lie on the ground and started licking her pussy.
After 5 minutes she started leaving the water and started saying- Please brother, fuck me.

I took out my cock and put it on her pussy and gave a strong push.

The whole tool had entered its hole.
I started pushing hard.

After about 10 minutes I fell in her pussy.

Then all three of us took bath together.

All three of us made a program to fuck our sister after dinner.

Me, Sneha and Pooja slept on the same bed so that we could have sex throughout the night.
Aarti slept separately.

At night I fucked both sisters Sneha and Pooja and then we fell asleep.
This is how I fucked my real sister.

The next day I brought birth control pills and pain killers to both of them so that they could go to college.

Aarti had her exam the next day, so she did not go to college.
Aarti and I were at home.

Aarti said- Brother, what were you doing in the night, I was hearing a lot of noise, I could not even sleep properly.
I said – Hey crazy, I was preparing those people for the exam so that they can write well in the exam!

Aarti said- Brother, please prepare me also well.
I said – for that he has to obey me.
She said – yes brother, it’s okay!

I told him to come to the room on the terrace.
When she came to the room on the terrace, I said – you wear nightie.

So she said – Brother, why in nightie?
I said – do as I am saying.

She said – ok.
And came wearing nightie.

I told him – I am blindfolding you and you will have to tell some things by touching them.

Then I gave my tool in his hand and said – what is this?
When she touched, she said – I don’t know!
I said – ok, open your mouth!

And I opened her mouth, put my cock in her mouth and holding her hair started moving her mouth back and forth.

I started pressing her boobs which looked like oranges.

I hugged her completely in my arms and took her to the bed and I took off her nightie and made her completely naked.
I started playing with her pink pussy.
Initially she opposed me, after some time her pussy left the water.

She said – don’t do it brother, it will be painful. My friend tells
I said – No crazy, it is a lot of fun.

I held her in my arms and pushed hard by keeping my cock on her pussy, then my cock slipped.

Then I spit and pushed hard.
Half of my tool had entered and blood started coming out of her pussy.

She screamed in pain and started crying.

After two-three minutes I again started pushing slowly.
And now the whole dick was going inside her and she was also moaning a lot – ah uh eee!

After fucking our sister continuously for a long time, we both left the water.
Then she said – Brother, I was enjoying a lot, now I will do it everyday.

Now we have group sex everyday. At night and in the morning and in the afternoon… whenever I feel like it, Sneha, Pooja and Aarti do sex together.

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