Beautiful prostitute of my area fuck 3 times in 1000

Hi friends, I heartily greet all the readers on I am a regular reader of Today I am telling my story to you people. Friends, don’t know why my luck was bad from the beginning. When I wanted to seduce and fuck a girl, she used to seduce someone else and get fucked. I used to masturbate at the sight of beautiful young girls. Maybe I do not know the art of impressing young girls. Because the boys who used to get less marks than me, who were very dark-skinned and ugly to see, don’t know how they used to get the cool stuff of the college.

After a few days my family got me married. My wife’s name was Asmita. It was very tasty food. What a wonderful sharp eyes he had. Friends, on my honeymoon, I completely undressed her and fucked her sister-in-law a lot. I licked her red pussy with my tongue and hit her hard. I would keep fucking my young and heroine-like beautiful wife all night. Friends, once I had to go to Telangana for some work. I went there for my office work. When I returned from there after 1 month, my brother told me that my sister-in-law was infatuated with a boy from my colony and he called her in the night and made her fuck him a lot for 1 month.

Where did I hear from my own wife Asmita regarding this matter?

“Why Chinal!! Why did you get fucked by a non-man???’ I asked my wife and I slapped 10-20 slaps on her cheek.

“I will fuck you!!…..I will fuck that boy a thousand times!! Even if you kill me, or cut me, I will not stop meeting that boy. My Chudasi Bibi said. I became angry. After that her father i.e. my father-in-law took his chudasi girl to his house. To take revenge from that daughter-in-law, I wrote a police report that I killed her daughter for dowry. Friends, after a few days I divorced that woman. Even though my wife was an alter and used to get fucked by men whenever she got a chance. But friends, now she is also pissed off. After a few months passed without having a pussy, it felt as if I had not had a pussy for 10 years.

I started feeling very restless. A lot of heat had accumulated in my body because I didn’t fist and I didn’t have any young pussy to fuck. Slowly I came to know that Guru will not work without any such material. I started calling my friends that if I get any girl to drink, eat and have sex, then tell me. So friends said that all this work is done by the prostitute. She only fucks for money. I said that brother, give me the pussy of a prostitute. My friends gave me some phone numbers. One day when there was no one at my house, I called that prostitute. When she came to my house and I saw her, I was blown away. Her name was Beena. There will be a 25 year old girl. She was absolutely a flower to look at. I took her to the house.

I gave him cold drink. She was wearing jeans top. Looks like a nice house. She was a little scared. Badi was drinking cold drink slowly. The goods were good. She was wearing a beautiful light green salwar suit. He had a completely new-age suit of new design. Her scarf was lying on her round big breasts. I was holding a glass of Coca-Cola in my hands. Was slowly sipping and drinking. But friends, my eyes were fixed on the mother without

“Let’s go to the room???’ I said when he ran out of cold drink

“Yes ok!!” she said

“How much money will you take Bina ji??” I asked

“You can do it 3 times in 1000” she said shyly and hesitantly. She didn’t look at me like that, she had lowered her eyes. I was thinking she would use the word “fuck” openly. But how can any Indian girl say like this.

“Can I fuck you 4 times in 1000!!” I told him jokingly. I was thinking that I would have some fun, do some nonsense and have fun. But Bina didn’t say anything and started leaving.

“Please!! Bina ji!! You don’t go! I will fuck you 3 times in 1000” I said. She agreed. I took her to the room. Friends, it had been a full year since my wife was divorced. From this you can guess that how would a boy feel if he does not get to be spanked for a whole year. I was feeling so restless. I also removed my clothes along with Bina Randi. She was wearing her panty and he removed her bra. Friends, don’t know why I was not feeling less than any officer. How beautiful she was. Thin as an officer. I started kissing her hands. Then when I went ahead to drink her juicy lips like Strawberry, she turned her face to the other side.

′′ Reet ji!! Not on the lips!!” without bidding

“…..Why so??” I asked

“We business prostitutes do not kiss on the lips!! This is the principle of our business! We kiss on the lips only to our husbands!! bida randi

I didn’t think it right to force anything on him. Because I believed that no girl will deliberately become a prostitute. There must have been some compulsion. That’s why I said none. I stopped myself from drinking her lips but my heart was telling me again and again that I should suck the lips of such a beautiful girl. I started kissing on Bina’s cheek because it was forbidden to drink her lips, not to kiss her cheek. Slowly I started kissing her jug ​​like thin cheek and I started kissing and pulling the delicate and thin skin of her neck with my teeth. Then I started kissing and biting the bare and extremely smooth sexy shoulders of that amazing handsome boy.

Bina was also having a lot of fun. She had removed her bra. That’s why new very sexy boobs were in front of me. When I put my hand on her left breast, Bina sobbed. I tried hard to make eye contact with him but he didn’t look at me. Then I started pressing her milk by hand. It was a lot of fun guys. After so many days I had seen a naked woman. I started pressing loudly without randi’s boobs. She started sighing.

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“Bina look here!!” I said

“Drink my teapot just like this!!” She said without looking away. I didn’t force anything. Her boobs were very sexy. Bina’s sexy boobs were so cool. The breasts were very round and round, they were very round, I felt like biting them with my teeth. There were dark black rings around the nipples which looked very sexy. I started drinking milk without touching my mouth. Wow!! I felt as if I had found heaven. Just like this I kept drinking my wife’s boobs and used to fuck her a lot. But that kamini went out and got trapped by another man. I forgot the old things and started drinking undiluted milk with pleasure. Wow!! Friends, my life was set. Then I put my straight hand in her panty and started caressing the beautiful girl’s pussy.

In some time I removed her panty and put my lips on Bina’s pussy and started drinking her pink boob. There was not a single hair on his brow. Totally was pussy. so beutiful!! She was so innocent friends. It seemed that her pussy was not fucked even once. I started licking my pussy here and there with my tongue. Then I opened the petals of Bina’s flower with my hand. I could see the fine hole in her pussy. I started drinking Bina’s pussy and her pussy hole with my tongue. She started lifting her waist and ass.

′′ Reet ji!! Feel free to drink my pussy!! With little love!! bida randi

So I lovingly started drinking her pussy hole with my tongue. Both of us were shivering. Just like this I used to drink my stray wife’s pussy hole. Then I put my sharp tongue inside Bina’s pussy and started fucking her with my tongue. After some time I started caressing the grain of Bina’s pussy and then started licking it with pleasure.

′′ Reet ji!! Now quickly put cock in my hole!! I am getting very restless!” bida randi

I took some spit in my hand and rubbed it on the cock. I whipped the cock a couple of times with my hand so that it becomes more tight and more erect. When my cock was well erect and hard as iron, I placed my thick 8” inch on Beena’s pink pussy and pushed hard inside. My cock entered without any reason. I was happy and started fucking her. In a while I was banging him with pleasure. Bina was very strong. Don’t know why she was a prostitute, used to get fucked by many men in a day, but I was liking it very much. I was looking very cute. I used to bite her cheek lovingly with my teeth and was fucking her.

After some time, Bina started lifting her waist and started getting fucked with pleasure. I put my hand in her smooth sexy soft bare back and started caressing her like my sweetheart. After some time, Bina liked my beating very much.

′′ Reet ji!! You are fucking me with a lot of love from the rest of the customers! I don’t feed my lips to anyone, but today I am changing this rule of mine just for you! You can drink my lips and fuck me very sweetly!” Bina bid

Friends, I am very happy to hear from him. After that I started having real fun. I drank my lips with great pleasure of that chinal and sucked it all. From below I was fucking her by lifting her waist. After a few rapid thrusts, I fell into Bina’s pussy. Then I fell in love with him.

“Without !! Sweetheart!!….how did you get into this fucking business???” I asked kissing her lying down

“My father had passed away. My mother was often ill. His treatment always worked. All the responsibility of brothers and sisters fell on me, so I had to come in this fucking business!” Bina bid

“….Now I earn a lot! I fuck 2 customers in a day and earn 50 thousand a month!! Without speaking. I fell in love with him again and after some time started sucking his cock. She was upset with me and started sucking my cock in her hand. Friends, today my old memories were refreshed again after one year. My alter wife used to suck my cock with pleasure like this. She used to enjoy herself and used to give me a lot of fun too. In the same way, this market prostitute was sucking cock from Bina. I was sitting at the head of the bed with a pillow. My cock was rubbing and sucking without bending down.

I will say once again that friends, I did not find her less than a hero, an officer. There was a lot of power in Bina’s face. For some time she kept my cock tight with pleasure. Then I held her head by the ear with both hands and started fucking her mouth. I quickly started pushing in her mouth from below and started fucking her mouth. Then she came in my arms and I started kissing her slim sexy flat stomach. Started putting tongue in Bina’s sexy navel. That day it was like my honeymoon. Beena herself understood my hint.

′′ Reet ji!! Fuck me by sitting on your cock!! All the customers are lying on me in missionary style, but no one fucks me sitting on the cock!” When Bina started pleading with me, I could not refuse. I made her sit on my waist. She got herself up and took my cock by hand and put it in her red belly. Then she bent over me and held my shoulders. She dominated and started fucking me or she started getting herself fucked by me. Friends, one will be comfortable without 65 kilos. She was naked and was looking very pathetic. I put my hands on her back and I also started supporting Bina from below. With our shared effort, my 8” inch started going comfortably in Bina’s pussy and she started fucking.

In this way both of us were getting a new angle. Beena got completely excited and was dominating and jumping and getting fucked with pleasure. In this way, I had to spend a lot of effort to get him. I fucked Bina for 20 minutes by sitting on the cock like this and got out again. After some time I took Bina’s pussy one more time. Fucked him 3 times and quenched the fire of his cock. Then I gave him 1000 rupees. After that I took his service many times. How did you like this story, do give your comments on

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