Beer for babysitting Sex Story

#Abuse #PreTeen

By Oldsmokey

Paid with beer to babysit (with benefits)

First story so bare with me.

So my gf and I were staying at one of my GFS friends for a short time. She had two kids a boy (11) and a girl (10). At the time my gfs sister and her bf were staying there as well and from what I gathered having people move in and out was a regular thing. Their mom was very attractive and she knew it, so she enjoyed going to clubs as did all her friends, including my gf and everyone else in the house. Except for me that is. I don’t like people so clubs are not for me. This worked out well for everyone else though because I was there to watch the kids.

One night I was asked about babysitting for the night and what I’d charge. I already watched them for the most part anyways and would already be at the house so I just told her to get me some beer. She ran to the store and came back with two Forty’s. They got ready and left for the club.

Basically, I was.just there incase the house burned down or some shit. The kids would just watch TV until bath time then bed, like any other day, so I start drinking right away. I soon started feeling buzzed. The boy is playing a game and the girl and I are on the couch watching. She asks if she could sit in my lap and I say yes thinking nothing of it. She didn’t sit on my knee or my thigh though. She sat right on my dick and stayed there. Now we all know ten year olds can’t stay still. She began fidgeting and wriggling around on my dick and soon I felt myself getting hard. She looks at me and asks what the hard thing in my pants was. I turn to her brother and tell him it’s getting late and it was time for baths and then to go to bed and he was first in the bath. After complaining he turned his game off and went to take a bath.

With her brother gone I told her that I would only tell her what it was if she promised never to tell anyone about it. Of course she agreed. I told her that it was my penis and explained that boys have penises instead of vaginas. She asked why it was hard and I told her that when boys get excited it gets hard. She wanted to see but her brother came out. I sent her off to the bathtub and him to his room for bed.

She comes back out and tells me she needs help. I follow her to the bathroom and she strips and get in the tub. I’m caught off guard by her sudden nudity but seeing her hairless pussy and little butt I instantly get hard. I ask her what she needs help with and she tell me she needs help washing herself. That’s about when she notices my boner. She wants to see it and wants me to help her bathe so I decide to just undress and join her in the tub. I start washing her arms and back. When I wash her chest I can’t help but slow down. I begin rubbing her nipples and she likes it. I then move down and start washing her pussy without the rag just with my fingers. She starts moaning and thrusting her hips. I insert one finger halfway and start to finger her. Pretty soon she started to tense and get louder. Her first orgasm. I finish cleaning her up and tell her that now she can help wash me.

She agrees and starts washing my chest but I tell her I only need her to wash my penis. Ready for the twist in the story? Well here it is. This little bitch, after getting off, says eww no and gets out. Wtf. Then since it was late and she just came she lays down and passes the fuck out. So I try to nurse my blue balls with the rest of my beer. Yeah, ok. Once the bottle was empty I couldn’t control myself. I checked to be sure her brother was asleep then went in her room. She was in a night gown and wasn’t using a blanket. I called her name and nugded her. She didn’t react. She was a very heavy sleeper. I shook her harder to be safe and still no reaction. Once I knew she wouldn’t wake I lifted her gown and pulled her panties down. I ate her pussy and ass for s good ten minutes while jerking my cock.

I couldn’t wait anymore. I put my dick in front of her face and pulled her bottom lip down enough to slide my dick head in. It was so warm and wet I almost came right then. I got control of myself but not for long. Within minutes of fucking her mouth with just my dick head I was ready to blow. I meant to pull out but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I came so much and so hard into her mouth. She didn’t budge. Just swallowed it in her sleep.

Later her mom and everyone came home and no one knew anything. I couldn’t wait til they all went out again but I ended up moving shortly after. Sucks but was still a badass night.

By Oldsmokey
#Abuse #PreTeen

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