Best way to humiliate homeless woman Sex Story

#Abuse #Blackmail #Mature #Teen

By Hussain

Best to way to get blowjob in uk and Pakistan.

So I am Hussain 26 years old , from pakistan . I moved to uk 2 years ago . I work 9- 3 job , and it’s pretty stressful , so I started dating, mostly for sex . Cuz I wasn’t interested for commitment. Also that I can’t have love marriage. Most Pakistani family doesn’t support love marriage . In short I have to marry a girl that my parents would choose. And also dating amongst teenagers is also rare . Most people doesn’t lose their virginity until after they are married. So even if I wanted to fuck some teenage girl of my own age , I couldn’t. But I wasn’t one of the people who waited till their marriage. When I was 17 I fucked my teacher . In Pakistan most tuition classes are conducted at teacher’s house . So I had planned to make a move on her , I went an hour early at her house, she was alone . She asked me what was I doing this early , I told her that I had some doubts in maths . She told me to wait for 10-15 min , cuz she had some chores. She was in kitchen , she was wearing salwar kameez . Also I forgot to mention, my teacher was most milfy teacher in my school and that’s why I chose her , and she has a son 2 years olders than me . She was in the kitchen and I asked her if I could use her bathroom . But I didn’t go to common bathroom instead I went to her personal bathroom. I locked the bedroom door and searched for her panties in her closet, I stole one panty and then I went in bathroom and found one used panty and took that one too . I was hard so I removed my pants , started sniffing her panties and jerking off . Then I decided to take the risk and make a move on her . I left the room without pants with boner and she was still in kitchen . I grabbed her from behind and pressed my Bonner on her ass . She started resisting it and screaming. I covered her mouth and with one hand I removed her pants (slawar) and panty . She was still trying to fight me but the moment I inserted my fingers in her pussy , she stopped fighting completely and she became still , I started fingering her , she was shaking. She was bursting in tears . I started fucking her and I came in her . I started doing this regularly. Whenever I was fucking her she wasn’t showing any emotions. But then one day while I was fucking her , she told me that she was pregnant. I stopped and told her to get an abortion, she said she doesn’t wanna get an abortion . So I slapped her and told her that she has to . She told me that know one will ever know that the child is mine . I was ok with it , I fucked her everyday during her pregnancy. But when she delivered the baby I couldn’t so I left and never went to her again . And I couldn’t just stop having sex , I needed someone. I couldn’t, but then after almost 6 months , I was at bus stand, it was holiday evening, so roads were mostly empty . At bus stand I was alone but then one 45 -50 years old lady came and sat on the next side of the seat . Her base was huge , so I pulled out my dick and started jerking and she glimpsed at my dick for a second . I got up and stood there for a few seconds then I left the bus stand and came back minute later and sat right next to her , my dick was still out . I jerked off in front of her , and she was watching me . I grabbed her hands and placed it on my dick and she started jerking me off . I got up and climbed the seat and stood on top of her and I face fucked her . Now I knew what to do , since that night I went at that bus stand every day . But when I went next day she wasn’t there , I waited but she didn’t showed up. And not a single woman was there that night . I did this for 2 days but no woman was there . But then one day there was woman at bus stand she was around 30 years old . And there was also a teenage girl . I couldn’t decide which one to humiliate. So I pulled out my dick and started jerking off . The moment the teenage girl saw my dick she ran away but the other woman just ignored it . This time I went straight to her and stood in front of her with my dick in front of her face , Then she sucked my dick. I did this for months , 3,4 times a month . Most of the time woman will suck your dick , most will run away . And some has also slapped me . In short out of 10 , 5 woman will suck your dick in Pakistan.

Then moved to uk , where I tried Dating, but it didn’t work . I missed masturbating publicly in front of woman . But then 7 months ago I was walking on a street it was late around 1 am . As I was walking I saw a homeless woman sleeping on the side of the road . The street was empty I just stood there for few minutes deciding what I should do . But I had urges . So I slowly went to her removed her blanket from her . I took a condom from my bag and put it on my dick and removed her pants . I spat on her pussy . She was still asleep but then j noticed that she is a crackhead . I knew she would scream so I was ready to cover her mouth . I put my tip in her pussy and she woke up and was about to scream , I covered her mouth . And told her that I would give her 10 euro . I nodded her head . I fucked her for 10 minutes. I sat there for few minutes with her , but I had pee so I asked her If I could pee on her , I told her that I would give her 5 more euro. She agreed , so I put my dick in her mouth and filled her mouth with my piss and then I pissed all over her . Then I realised I don’t want to give her the money cuz I wanted to humiliate her . And If I wanted to have sex for money I would have gotten a hooker . Her clothes were wet from my pee , she asked for money , I punched her and ran away .

Since then I go for a walk everyday at midnight. And I did this with some other homeless woman . Fun fact is that this works with every homeless woman . And whenever I feel like not fucking I just find a sleeping homeless woman and go to her and piss all over her while she is sleeping. But whenever I see a homeless woman and she has a child with her . I slowly wake her up and say to her if she wants some money then I ask her To come aside for a moment then I explain the terms to her . And I fuck her and piss on her and everything. I’ve also punched lots of woman. In last 7 months only 17 woman have said no to me , and I’ve punched all those 17 women for saying no . And in total I’ve fucked 154 women and 89 women on whom I have only peed . So in total I have humiliated 243 women in 7 months.

But then last week my parents told me that they arranged my marriage with my second cousin in Pakistan. And the marriage is 3 months , and there was no way out . I was sad and after hearing that news for couple of days I came straight home after work . But then j realised that my wife won’t be doing this disgusting things with me so I have to enjoy as much as I can . I went to shelter and there were around 50 -60 people . Every woman there were ugly so I picked the less ugly and told her that I want her for 2 days . I told her that I would let her stay at motel with food and also would give her 100 euro for 2 days . She agreed instantly, I knew there was a chance that while I am asleep she could steal my stuff . So I left all my personal belongings at home and came only with my phone which I would keep in the locker at motel. I couldn’t take her home for security reasons. So when we got there I had only 50 euro I showed it to her and told her that at the end of the day she will get 50 euro and next 50 . I told her to remove the clothes she was naked I asked her to suck my dick and she did . I wasn’t in hurry of fucking her so decided that i would just let her suck my dick that time . I came in her mouth after a while . I also recorded her giving Blowjob. Then whole day I never let her wear any clothes. Then seeing her face made me want to punch her face , I told her to come to me and then I punched her in the face . Then I did most disgusting thing , I sat on her face and made her eat my asshole. I face fucked her and deep throat, She puked . Later that night I got her food but instead of giving her any drinks I gave her glass full of my piss . Then I fucked her in the ass , she wasn’t allowed to leave the room for 2 days . We slept together, but I made her shower perfectly cuz I had to sleep with her . We cuddled and spooned at night . I woke her up at morning by pissing on her . We fucked and fucked and fucked and then slept . Next day our agreement ended and I gave her 100 euro . She was happy , then she said something that got me thinking. She said that her daughter would be so happy . I asked her how old was her daughter, she replied “fifteen” . I suddenly got flashbacks about how I never got to fuck a teenager, as I said before sex between teenagers was rare. I told her that I would give her 100 more if she let me fuck her daughter. She got angry and started hitting me and cursing at me . I pushed her on the bed and told her to just think about it. And she was thinking, then she told me that her daughter would hate her for this . I told her that her daughter would never find out that her mother sold her out . I made a plan that I would give the mother 100 euro and I would convince the daughter for sex and give her 10 euro . She was hesitating at first then she said that we can try . And it worked I went to the shelter and picked her daughter up and brought her to motel . The mother was hiding in the bathroom , I started undressing her . She said that this was her first time . And I’ve never been more excited, her naked body was hot as fuck . She was the most hottest girl I’ve seen naked . I made her suck my dick then I fucked her . It was the tightest pussy . I filmed her while fucking,I removed the condom and fucked her raw and then I came in her mouth. We slept together, then she said that she has to go to bathroom , I told her that she can’t go the bathroom , her mother was in there .but then I did something that I am not proud of . I picked her up and took her straight to the bathroom and then she saw her mother naked . She was shocked, so was the mother . She hit me and said why did you do it . Daughter started crying and the mother too.

You guys might ask why did I do that , cuz I just wanted to humiliate them . I left and never saw them , then yesterday I saw a black homeless woman sitting outside convenience store . I asked her if she want some money , then she said if I could buy something for her to eat , I took her inside and bought her chips and coke . We got out she was expecting me to give her the chips , I told her that if she wants the chips she would have to suck my dick . And then she sucked my dick in my car while I filmed her doing it .

The end

I have video of the mother , daughter and the last woman . If you guys wanna see it comment

By Hussain
#Abuse #Blackmail #Mature #Teen

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