Big Ass Aunty Fucked On The Couch

Badi gand wali aunty ki chudai

Vihaan, a resident of Indore, enjoyed sex with his neighbor’s aunt. Aunty was naughty and very sexy too when Vihaan saw her big ass, he became sensual and started fucking her. And aunty was mischievous, so she also enjoyed a lot. Vihaan teaches us with his story “Badi Gand Wali Aunty Ki Chudai” that a young boy can charm a woman of any age, all it takes is guts, determination and loads of strength.

I mostly stayed in my house because I did not like to go out. I just used to go from college to home and from home to college.

There was neither any girl nor many friends. I never tasted the joy of life because the family lived in financial crisis. Because of this father did not give me money and without money I could not even take the girl for a ride.

I had never had sex but the aunty near my house gave me that pleasure which no one could give me till date.

That day, I was coming back from college as usual, when I met my aunt on the road, who was a good friend of my mother.

Aunty – Hey Vihaan, how are you kids? I was going to your house to meet your mother.

I said – Hello Aunty, I am fine. I was also going home.

Aunty – Well you have come from college now.

After that aunt started going towards home with me. While leaving, we shared something and we reached home.

But the house was locked and no one was inside. Then my friend came out from the house next door and handed over the key to my house and said, “Your mother has gone to buy vegetables and asked me to give the key.”

Now the aunt was in front of the house, so I told her that the bus must be coming, you go inside.

After going inside, I gave tea to aunty and we started talking. She was cooking me a lot, but when she started talking erotically, I also started enjoying.

I felt strange when the aunt started asking about my girlfriend. Aunty was giving me dirty gestures while talking which I was understanding.

After breakfast, I sent Aunty to the bathroom to wash her hands. At that time I saw her with dirty eyes and I saw her fat ass.

Aunty Mal was visible from behind and her hips were swaying while walking so I became sensuous.

I thought aunty wanted to play lust game with me and I could not understand. So I went after him and stuck him in the bathroom.

I hugged aunty from behind and shaking my waist started hitting my cock on her ass.

Aunty – Hey what are you doing, you leave me!

I was scared and felt that I had misunderstood Aunty. I backed away from him and stood up straight.

But aunt’s eyes fell on my erect penis and she was smiling at him.

I remember when I saw the neighbor uncle and Bhojpuri aunty’s chudai, from that day onwards I started having sexual interest in older women. That’s why looking at the aunt, I stood for sex.

Aunty came near me and started pressing my penis over my jeans.

Aunty – What’s the matter, are you getting very excited son?

I said – you are that’s why I am big.

After that aunty held my hand and took me back and made me stand on the sofa.

I removed my jeans and aunty started playing with my penis. Sometimes she shakes him vigorously and sometimes he licks her with love. Looking at her, it seemed that she must have been a big prostitute in her youth.

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Before this my goods go out, I stopped the aunt and asked her to take off her clothes.

Aunty – Ok, now I should do this too? When I was young, my husband used to tear my clothes in excitement to fuck me and you.

I quietly got down and opened aunt’s salwar. I was shocked to see aunt’s fat ass after opening her salwar.

That’s why aunty turned back and holding my hair gave my head in her ass.

I started licking her ass with pleasure and started kissing her cunt. For the first time I licked a woman’s ass, in which I started enjoying a lot.

Now aunt’s pussy also started getting moist, so I stood up and made her stand by leaning on the sofa.

Aunty started waiting for my cock by opening both her legs. I kissed the aunt from behind and quickly thrust my penis into her cunt.

As soon as the penis went inside, I started enjoying the warm and soft cunt of aunty. While fucking aunty with big ass, my legs started trembling and my body got goosebumps.

Aunty was enjoying, so she started hitting her big ass on my own cock. Both of our private parts were rubbing against each other and I was enjoying a lot.

Soon sticky water started dripping from Aunty’s pussy. Saliva coming out of aunt’s pussy started getting me more excited and then started licking all the juice by giving mouth in her ass.

By kissing the badi gand wali aunty of my neighborhood, I got that happiness which I had not got till date. I kept on giving cocks in the aunt’s ass and started giving her the satisfaction of intersex.

Aunt full of lust gave her pussy, turned back and started kissing me. Aunty’s thick lips and big eyes were making the moment even sexier.

While fucking, I tied his suit and started pressing both the breasts from behind. Aunty’s breasts were big as well as her black nipples were also very big and long.

While fucking her, sometimes I would slap her breasts and sometimes I would rub her nipples in a reverse way.

Aunty also had a son of my age but she had no shame during that time.

While fucking, I made the aunt lie on the sofa and started fucking her by lifting one of her legs.

Aunty – ahh ooh ahh ab achcha achcha……. It seems !!

Auntie’s thigh was very cool. I was going to hug his thigh and push my cock into the pussy.

Her boobs were rocking back and forth from my thrusts and looked very sexy.

Seeing the thin waist and thick ass of aunty, anyone’s cock would have stood erect.

While fucking, I bent forward and started sucking the breast from the aunt. Aunty reached her climax when the breast became red after sucking.

And water came out of his pussy. Aunty should not get pregnant so I took out my penis and climbed on top of aunty and started rubbing between her breasts.

I reached the climax by rubbing cocks between soft nipples. I put all my goods in front of the mouth.

So how was this Atrangi Aunty sex story? Do tell me by commenting. After sex, before mother came, aunty left the house and I took bath.

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