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#Abuse #Incest #PreTeen #Virgin

By Willow

School is fun but i love to get home kick off my shoes change into my pj’s and hangout. today i want to go home and watch tv or build a fort. my big brother Danial has to pick me up from school because my mom is at work and my dad is on a business trip so me and him are at home by ourselves until super late at night. i am Willow and i’m in 4th grade i am 9 years old. my brother Danial is 17. once Danial picks me up we go to ice cream he doesn’t get anything he just watches me eat and plays with my skirt.

“Your so beautiful Willow. you probably have a hundred boyfriends.” he says while pushing his hand to my inner thigh and upwards almost touching my princess spot. i blush.

“noo i don’t have any boyfriends silly.” he moves his hand and brushes my hair behind my ear he laughs and grabs my hand.

“it’s been a long day lets take you home and get you out of those cloths.” i finish my ice cream and follow him to his car he opens my door for me and lets me pick the music. he puts his hand on my upper thigh while we drive home slowly moving it higher until her touched my princess part with one of hid felt good and i let out a breath. he moved his hand back to the steering wheel going over why whole princess part on the way. i look up at him but he doesn’t look back he looks down at his lap and i see something big in his pants. he silently takes my hand and puts it on his lap touching the big thing in his pants. he moved my hand back and forth and told me to keep doing it. i did it the rest of the way home and didn’t say a word. when we got home i went up to my room to change my cloths. i chose my pink nightgown it is so cute. i was bored so i started building a fort. i grabbed all my blankets and some chairs and made myself a big nice fort. i grabbed my i pad and crawled into my fort but just as i got in i heard my brother walk into my room.

”Hey will can i come in your fort i have something to show you?”

”of course you can brother, be careful don’t mess up my fort.”

”okay i’m coming in”

Danial came into my fort and sat crisscross applesauce i noticed the big thing was still in his pants

”Let me see your ipad i want to show you a video”

i gave him my ipad and he searched up ‘little sister fuck’ it was a video of a girl my age touching her older brother making him feel good and he made her feel good. Danial watched me watch the video while he rubbed his hard part.

”I want to do that with you Willow i want to make you feel soo good.”

”ok brother i want to make you feel good too.”

”good good, be a good girl and take off your princess panties” i took mine off while i watched him take his pants off taking out his huge thing. he layed me on my back and started touching my princess parts i grabbed his hand but he didn’t stop or slow down. it felt good and i was making so much noise danial had to cover my mouth but he never slowed down. eventually he stopped and then told me to touch his thing so i did. he grabbed my hand and showed me how to grip it and move it.

”uh huh baby just like that uhh oo thats fucking perfect. its okay to lick it” as soon as is put a little bit in my mouth Danial grabbed the back of my head and forced his thing onto my mouth. he was going so fast and moaning loud. it was hard to breath and i was crying but then he stopped and put me on my back licking my princess parts then quickly moving his thing between my legs. it felt good at first but then it started to hurt.

“Stopp Danial that hurts pleaseee oooo sto–” he covers my mouth pushing harder. i am screaming he is moaning.

”Your so fucking tight im gonna cum sp hard in your virgin cunt.”

i just go quiet accepting my fate tears rolling diwn my etes he speeds up and gets louder

”uhh uhh oo oo oo ooooo good girlll”

he cums so hard he land on top of me to weak to hold himself up. he catches his breath takes himself out of me and goes down to my princess part kisses it, then goes to town on it, i start moaning and shaking until i cum letting out a huge moan.

”You did so good baby”

leaving me in my room crying.

By Willow
#Abuse #Incest #PreTeen #Virgin

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