Bloody kids next door 2 Sex Story

#Blackmail #Group Sex #Teen

By Mr Karen

The boys make good use of my wife and, add one more cock.

So this only began recently. Next door’s kids drugged my wife and recorded what they did to her in the first post. Now they use the threat of the film to get access to her charms whenever they want.

The Saturday following the start of it all Karen’ phone rang just after nine a.m. We didn’t know until then that the sods had taken her number and put their own in her phone. Shaun said their parents would be out soon so Karen needed to be round about half nine. I had two conferences on line that morning so couldn’t go round with her.

Karen put on cheap skirt, t-shirt and panties, thought it best not to wear a bra as it may be lost, and went round. To keep a low profile she went over the back garden fence, a low wire mesh, and knocked on the back door. Paul let her in.

“Hello Karen, ready to have some cock are you?” Her answer was not unrelated, “Fuck you!” You get the rest, right?
The boys have yet to understand the unwrapping of the present and just told her to get naked. Karen was a bit turned on she admits, but also very scared of the illegality and the recordings the kids held, neither quite fifteen yet.

Both lads groped and fondled for a while, exploring my wife trying out fourteen year old ideas of fore play or humiliation, we are not sure which.
Of course they both had hard dicks and so Karen was soon on her knees in front of them alternating from one cock in her mouth to the other.
Paul and his brother discussed how Karen must be a slut and fuck anyone that wanted her. Every now and then, resting her jaw, she tried to explain that not all women are like that it’s just male fantasy and type casting. They had no interest and quickly got her back to work, both soon shooting in her mouth without warning, physically of verbally. They hold her head until she swallows every time.

Karen told them either use condoms or don’t fuck her. They told her to shut up because she was to be fucked as they liked, she is after all a milf and that is what a milf is for. We have no kids but Karen made no call on that one.

The boys soon recovered and wanted to investigate the tit wank, something they learned on line. So Karen had them taking turns to sit on her chest while she pushed her tits together and the lads lubed up with her quim juices and took some time to investigate the classic tit wank. Paul shot his load on my wife’s chest and face, had her clean his cum with her fingers and eat it, then Shaun had her sit up and suck his cock until he shot in her mouth again.

More exploring of the female form and then it was time for a game. Blindfolded, Karen had to guess who had his cock in her mouth. She got it wrong. When she removed the blindfold she saw the twins stood either side of her, and had no idea who’s cock she had in her mouth. Moving back she swore and berated the boys for letting another local brat in on the set up. “Shut up, he’s paying good money for this now suck him and then fuck him slut, that’s your job. Cock.”

“How dare you? You fucking little bastards…” The new cock was back in her mouth with Shaun holding her head firmly while she was face fucked. We don’t know how the third little shit got in on it as the boys wont say.
Number three said he was ready for some cunt now and told Karen to lay on the floor on her back. She swore at them all as she complied and the lad slid between her legs and fumbled for the entrance before finding it and shoving his young cock into Karen.

The boys commented a lot on how Karen was a good looking women and a good slut but needed to complain less and just take a good fucking or whatever. It is her job. Karen tried to argue but you know what kids are like. Three was really pounding after a few minutes and as the first time, Karen had a strong and embarrassing orgasm which was cheered by the boys. They see her orgasms as a victory because she doesn’t want to cum for underage boys, she just can’t help it. She came again when number three shot up her just as he told her, “here it comes.”

Paul and Shaun then both took a turn fucking her and as usual just shot cum into her when they were ready. She had one more cum herself. As she dressed Paul told her they had to sell her cunt to someone so she could be a whore as well as a slut. Her response was predictable.

I had just ended my second on line meeting when Karen came in the back door. She cracked open a bottle of wine and sank a glass as I put away the lap top and bent her over the table so I could fuck her while she brought me up to date. She was even unhappy that I was enjoying sloppy fourths instead of commiserating her experience. She said I was unsympathetic and I pointed out that I couldn’t help myself any more than she could when she came on teenage cock, where was the difference?

I added to her cum pool and then we showered and spent the rest of the day drinking slowly and talking.

If you want I will tell you what happened last night?

By Mr Karen
#Blackmail #Group Sex #Teen

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