Bloody kids next door Sex Story

#Blackmail #Teen

By Mr Karen

Two teens grug and abuse married sitter, and blackmail ensues.

My wife, Karen, looked after a neighbours two lads while I was away for a few days last week. Lets call them Paul and Shaun for now. Karen is late thirties and what I call statuesque. Short blonde hair and a fine figure, I think she is very attractive.

The neighbours were out at a concert some way away and so Karen was going to stay over basically, kipping on the sofa until around three or four in the morning when the parents were due to return.

When I got home on the Friday afternoon Karen was waiting for me with a coffee and biscuits. She looked concerned which put me on edge. She had something to tell me and was unsure of my reaction to it. This is what she told me.

A bottle of wine was provided for Karen when she looked after the twins, aged fourteen, soon to be fifteen. She left the bottle for long enough to visit the loo and that must have been when one or both of the twins put some their mum’s sleeping tablets in the bottle.

Karen nodded off a little later and awoke around half one in the morning. To her horror her blouse was open and there was cum on her chest. You can guess some of the rest. The boys gave her a USB stick and told her to watch the contents when she got home. They would be in touch and tell her what to do to stop the contents of the stick ending up on line.

Cutting out the yelling etc. When she got home Karen found several minutes of video showing the boys taking turns to fuck her mouth and then cum on her chest. One would be hard pressed to tell if she was awake for this or not. She fretted until the afternoon when the boys arrived at the front door. She let them in and there was more shouting, and eventually, resignation.

Of course there was more recording, not realised by Karen at the time. She drearily removed her blouse, bra jeans and panties, knelt in front of the settee and blew the boy’s cocks alternately. She is surprised they are so well endowed at fourteen, although nothing porn star like. After a while Paul got up and went behind Karen to finger her hole and then when he was ready, shoved his cock all the way in.

Karen couldn’t help but be wet, and Shaun playing amateurishly with her tits was no help. Without warning Shaun let out a yelp and shot jet after jet of cum into Karen’s throat as he held her head firmly on his cock.
Moments later Paul made a similar noise and shot his cum into her quim, again with no warning and having been told not to.

Karen was livid and scolded both the boys. They took little notice and with the resilience of youth got hard again. Even as she was complaining the lads swapped ends to repeat the performance. Half an hour after that they were ready again and both fucked her while she sat on the edge of the settee, legs apart. To her utter shame Karen came hard as Paul shot into her quim, and both lads cheered. They told her they knew she was a slut and would welcome any cock that came her way. She told them to fuck off. Instead Shaun took over and gave her more cum.

It was only as the boys got set to leave she realised they each had left a phone to record the activities.

So, We have no option but to let these nearly fifteen year old boys fuck my wife as they please. At least they don’t insist I watch, I do that because, well, wouldn’t you? They will be round tonight.

By Mr Karen
#Blackmail #Teen

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