Boys will be boys Sex Story

#Gay #PreTeen #Virgin

By KingSass

Sleeping over leads to new firsts for me and a childhood friend

I was really young when my friends and I found our first nudie mag and boy did it take the time off our hands. I’m not gay but when youre a young boy you find a way to pleasure yourself anyway you can. Although three of us found the magazine ( Riley Jared and myself) we never all three would look at it and pleasure ourselves to it. But if it was just me and another friend then we definitely had our dicks out and were standing side by side while we stroked ourselves looking at these big boobed women.

Well one weekend I had a sleep over at my friend Rileys and I knew we were gonna be jerking off every minute we had together. We ate dinner as soon as i got there and then Riley asked his mom if we could go play video games in his room which she said was fine. We hurried off and closed the door. Riley did have a new game which kept us entertained for about 20 minutes. the first hard part we ended up pulling the magazine out and looking at it between turns. By now we are both hard and more looking at the pictures than the game. Eventually I pulled my dick out and started masturbating. Riley was nervous because his parents were still awake. so he pushed his dresser against the door to stop anyone from coming in. Then he closed his curtains and started masturbating with me. we both sat on the bed pants around our ankles rubbing our dicks just because it felt good. We had never orgasmed before but we both knew what we did felt good. Then Riley started humping things in his room saying it felt good too. He started stripping down til he was bare ass right in front of me so i did the same. humping our pillows and his stuffed animals felt great. Riley then came up with the idea of spitting on his hand and rubbing his dick.
“This feels amazing” Riley told me. ” Here you gotta feel this”
Riley spit in his hand again and placed it on my dick. The warm wet tight grip felt amazing just like he said.
“Oh wow. That feels so good.” I said.
“I know right? Here you do it.” With that Riley pulled his hand back and continued on himself.

That felt so good i didnt want him to stop. I spit in my hand and started jerking off again and it felt good but not as good as when Riley did it.
“Hey Riley” I said
“Yeah?” He replied
“I wanna try something from the magazine” I told him
“Like what?” He asked
“I wanna pretend I’m the guy and I want you to pretend to be the girl. I get to be the guy cuz Im bigger.” I said.
“Ok I’ll try” Riley said hopping up on his bed with me

I started rubbing my hands over his body and grabbing his little bubble butt. Riley liked it and let out a little mmmm and i grabbed and felt his naked body. It was so soft and smooth. Then like the pictures I laid on my back and pulled Riley over to me and pulled his face to my dick. I was so hard I remember the anticipation.
“I want you to put it in your mouth” I told him.

He didnt hesitate and put my dick it his mouth but scraped his teeth on it and it hurt.

“ouch careful” I told him. “Your teeth hurt me”
“Sorry” he said as he kissed my still hard dick.

He rolled his lips over his teeth and continued to suck my hard little dick. It was the best thing i had experienced in my life at that time. His mouth was so warm and his tongue swirled under my dick as it went in and feeling the suction as i pulled out of his mouth felt so good. i didnt want him to stop. until he did. He went too far and choked a bit that made him gag.
“Ok lets touch ourselves now” He told me.

But i enjoyed what he was doing far too much to just jerk off now.

“Come on Riley that felt so good. lets just do it a different way.” I said.
“Ok i guess.” He said
I started rubbing his body again and laid him on his back and i laid on top of him like the man did to the woman in the pictures. Both our hard dicks rubbing together as i laid ontop of him. we grinded against each other for a good while as i started kissing his nipples pretending he was the woman in the pictures. Until I felt a need a never had before and climbed on top of Rileys chest and put my dick in his mouth again. On top of his face now I was in control. I grabbed both sides of his head and started humping his mouth. Riley put his hands on my hips to slow me down for a moment but I was ready to keep going. Thrusting down into his warm wet mouth I looked and Rileys had both hands playing with himself. One hand on his balls and another stroking his dick as fast as he could. I grabbed tight to his face and just humped as fast as i could until i felt a warm tense build up in my balls and finally thrusted in and felt a release i never experienced before. I came deep into Rileys throat for the first time. It sent shivers up my body and made my legs real weak. I rolled off of Riley and looked over at him. He swallowed my cum and then brought his hands to his mouth to lick those clean. Riley had cum too while i fucked his face for the first time.
Riley and I played a lot more through out the years.

By KingSass
#Gay #PreTeen #Virgin

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