Broke the ass seal of neighbor aunty – 1

Padosi chachi ki gand ki seal todi-1, my greetings to all the cock and pussy players. I am Rohit once again with a new story among all of you. I am a young boy of 22 years. My cock is 7 inches long which can blow any pussy. My cock likes to get water out of her pussy very much. I enjoy pussy fucking a lot.
Till now I have played my Archana aunty and her neighbor Sumitra aunty. Archana aunty helped me a lot in getting Sumitra aunty fucked. It was because of her that I got a chance to play Sumitra Chachi. That day I played Sumitra aunty fiercely but aunt did not let me beat her ass. That’s why the fun of fucking the neighbor aunt was a bit dull. My cock wanted to measure the depth of aunt’s ass.
Sumitra Aunty is an easygoing young lady of about 36 years. His fair and smooth body is full of youth. Aunt’s big fat boobs of 34 size can drive anyone crazy. Auntie’s bobo’s tightness peeks out from her blouse. I had mashed aunt’s bobo fiercely.

Aunt’s waist is about 32 size. Aunt’s fair belly can make anyone restless. Aunt’s 34 size tight ass is very sexy under aunt’s velvet like belly. The tightness of their butts can force everyone to rub their cocks.
It can be said that Sumitra Aunty is a lot of fun for Lund.
Now I went to Archana aunty’s house again next day to fuck Sumitra aunty. Aunt was busy with her work. Today I was in no mood to play aunt. Today my cock was swearing to tear Sumitra aunt’s ass. Now I started waiting for Sumitra aunty to come but after waiting for a long time Sumitra aunty did not come. Here the yearning of my cock was increasing. Today I wanted to kick Sumitra aunty’s ass by any means.
Then I sent Archana aunty to call Sumitra aunty but still Sumitra aunty did not come. Today Sumitra aunty was torturing my cock a lot. Then Archana aunt told that Bhabhiji is alone at home. Do one thing and go to his house. Now aunt’s idea seemed perfect to me and seeing the opportunity, Sumitra went to aunt’s house.

Sumitra aunty was shocked to see me. He had no idea that I could come to his house too. Sumitra aunty was sewing clothes with that time machine. That’s why I also sat next to aunty.
“Aunt friend, I called you so many times, still you did not come, friend.”
Aunt- Friend, I have a lot of work so I could not come.
“Aunty, this work will continue to happen even later, at least do that work first.”
Aunt – what work?
“The same work that was done yesterday.”
Aunt – No man, it happened only once and not anymore. My jealousy of yesterday has not gone away yet.
“Hey friend aunty, don’t throw tantrums. I really want to play you.
Aunt – No man but I don’t want to. I have a lot of work to do. If I feel like it, I will let you know.
“No, I have to fuck today itself. Bus.”
Aunt – No friend, not today.

I was trying to pacify aunt again and again but aunt was throwing tantrums. Now I thought that aunt would not agree like this. Then I caught hold of aunt’s hand and started pulling her to the room.
Aunt- What is Rohit doing, man. Someone will see.
“No one will see. You go to the room quickly, otherwise I will do the same thing.”
What would the poor aunt say now? He didn’t even have an answer. That’s why the aunt came to the room pulling herself. She was holding the sewing cloth with the other hand. Then I immediately locked the room from inside. Now I pounced on the aunt like a hungry dog. I pressed her against the wall and pounced on her juicy lips. Was kind of sucking up. There was sound of puch puch ouch puch in the whole room.
Immediately both my hands had reached on aunt’s bobo. I was rubbing aunt’s fat bobo badly. Here my cock was yearning to enter aunt’s pussy. Wasn’t in the mood to wait any longer. That’s why I quickly picked up aunt and threw her on the bed. Now I quickly threw my clothes open. Now my cock had hissed to enter aunt’s pussy.

That’s why I started opening aunt’s tights but aunt held my hand.
Aunt- Rohit yaar let it be na.
Me- no aunty.
That’s why I removed aunt’s hands away and quickly threw away aunt’s tights. Now I quickly raised the legs of the aunt and set the cock in her bosom. Now I held the aunt tightly and quickly pushed the cock in her bosom. My cock penetrated completely inside tearing aunt’s bosom in one stroke. Aunt screamed in one stroke of my cock.
IEEE mummy. Marrrrrr gayeeee. IEEE IEEE Oh it’s happening. IEEE.”
Aunty had already licked me yesterday but still my cock made aunty scream. That’s why I again pushed the cock with a strong push of aunt’s bosom. Aunt screamed badly now.
“Don’t stop today aunty.”

Now I started playing Jhajjam aunty badly. My cock was knocking till the last end of aunt’s bosom. Today again my cock was getting a lot of relief by going to aunt’s bosom. I was enjoying fucking aunty. Aunty Jham Jham was taking my cock.
“Ahh IEEE aahh ahh cssssssss unhh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh.”
Me- oh sister. Oh, today you are not well. I will feed you a lot.
“Ahh ahh sisssss to pell le saale kutte. Aahh unh ohh.”
Me- ahh ahh you are very cool, sister. I am having a lot of fun fucking you. Ahhh
“IEEE IAEE UNH AHHH I am having a lot of fun too dude.”
Now slowly aunt started drowning in the intoxication of my cock. Now she was fully enjoying the fuck. I was also playing aunt fiercely. That’s why the aunt’s screams got stuck and her bosom became watery. My cock had taken out aunt’s water. Aunt was sweating profusely.

Aunt’s legs were fluttering in the air. Now my cock was taking a dip in the depth of Aunt’s infinite lake. My cock was completely drenched with aunt’s water.
Aunty- ahh ahh ahh ahh unhh oh sisssss ahha ahh oh oh you bastards.
“Oh sister, oh, it’s so much fun.”
Now I folded the legs of the aunt and stuck them till the back, due to which the aunt was folded. Now I stood up a bit and started fucking the aunt again. Now I was enjoying folding and fucking the aunt. I was shaking my ass and pushing my cock in aunt’s bosom.
“Aah ahh sisssss them ahh ahh sissssss them oh ahh aha.”

Oh sister-in-law, mother’s daughter-in-law. Aah, today I will make chutney for your belly. Aha ahaha.
I was taking a lot of aunt. My cock was making a ruckus straight in the aunt’s bosom. That’s why the hot stuff was released again in the aunt’s stomach. The aunt had lost her temper again. Then I played aunt folding like this for a long time.
Now I straightened aunt back and quickly unbuttoned aunt’s blouse. Now I also opened aunt’s bra and freed her bobo. Now I started rubbing aunt’s bobo hard. Ouch! I went mad after seeing aunt’s cool big bobo. I started rubbing aunt’s bobo badly.

Me- I will suppress you like this, sister. Oh, you have very big boobs. Oh so much fun
“Why ? Are your aunt’s not that big?
He is big but my queen is not like you. ,
That’s why I shook one of aunt’s Bobe loudly. Aunt screamed loudly.
” IEEE AIEEE, bhain ke laude aha slowly pressed.
Sister, I will press very hard. ,

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Chachi was having a lot of time squeezing his bobo and I was having a lot of fun mashing his bobo. I was fiercely enjoying aunt’s bobo. Then I mashed Auntie’s Bobo badly. Now I filled aunt’s bobo in my mouth and started sucking them.
Now aunt was running her hand in my hair. He was having a lot of fun sucking boobs. I was sucking aunt’s boobs by rubbing. I was having a lot of fun sucking aunt’s boobs.
“Aha uhh sisssss oh bitches and chus aha aha so much fun ahh.”
I was sucking the other bobe while mashing one bobe of aunt. Aunt was free today and was letting me suck Bobo.
“Ah, it’s relaxing. Aha, the slave of my pussy kept sucking like this.

Then I sucked aunt’s boobs for a long time. Aunt’s Bobo’s gross had now changed. Now I immediately slipped down and untied aunt’s petticoat and threw off her saree and petticoat together, now aunt was completely naked. I inserted my finger. Now I started putting my fingers inside aunt’s bosom.
“Unhhhhh ohh sisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss again.”
Me- Oh bhain ki laodi, your belly is getting very hot.
“IEEEEE, slow down, dog.”
“Sister-in-law’s daughter-in-law enjoys doing it out loud.”

I was having a lot of fun fingering in aunt’s bosom. I was making a lot of noise in aunt’s bosom. aunt was clenching the bed sheet
“IEEE sisssss oh motherfuckers ahh ahh them.”
Aunt was getting drunk slowly. I was scratching aunt’s bosom badly. Then after a while I started licking aunt’s ass. I was having a lot of fun licking aunt’s salty ass. Now she started getting very restless.
Unh oh csssss ahh ahh oh you bastards. Do not do Ahhh.”
Now aunt wanted to remove me away from her bosom but I was not letting her walk. I was licking her bosom by holding both thighs of aunt.

“Oh you dog. Do not lick Ahhhh ahh oh oh ahh ahh them.”
Then aunt pressed my head hard on her bosom and a loud volcano erupted in aunt’s bosom. Aunt was soaked in sweat. Now I started licking aunt’s salty water. I was having a lot of fun licking their hot salty water. Then I licked aunt’s bosom for a long time.
Now I wanted to play aunt again. Now I again raised the legs of the aunt and put the cock in her bosom. Now I started fucking aunt again.

“Ahh ahh ahh aahh oh ahh sisssss ahh ahh oh bhain ke laude.”
“Oh sister, mother’s daughter. having a lot of fun Ahh. ,
I was continuously thrusting cocks in aunt’s bosom while shaking my ass. Aunty was taking flower siscaria. It was a lot of fun to fuck them. I was thrusting cocks in aunt’s bosom. Aunt’s big boobs were shaking violently with every stroke of my cock.

“Ahh unh oh csssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss having a lot of fun And fuck me hard. Ahahah.”
That’s why I started jerking loudly in aunt’s bosom. Aunt again started shaking badly.
With strong jerks, my cock was blowing the testicles of aunt’s bosom. Aunt’s body part was shaking.

“Bassssss dog stop abbbb. IEEE. IEEE.”
But today I was not going to stop. I was fucking aunt very hard. Aunt’s condition had worsened. Then I played aunt like this for a long time. Now my cock was about to melt. Now I put the cock in the aunt’s bosom and then I filled the whole material of my cock tightly in the aunt’s bosom.
For some time I kept hugging my aunt like this. Then after a while I left the aunt. The aunt was badly fucked. Now I wanted to break the seal of aunt’s ass.
The story will continue…………..
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