Broke the ass seal of neighbor aunty – 2

Padosi chachi ki gand ki seal todi-2 In the first part of the story, you read how I played Sumitra chachi badly by going to her house. Now the story goes on…………
After fucking aunty badly I got up again and started sucking aunty’s bobo. Now I was sucking aunt’s bobo comfortably. Aunty was silently watching me sucking Bobo. Slowly my speed started increasing again and I again fell on aunt’s Bobo.
Now I was again sucking aunt’s bobo by rubbing it. My cock started getting erect again. That’s why I turned the aunt immediately. Now I climbed on the aunt and removed her hair on one side and started kissing vigorously on the shoulders of the aunt. Here my cock now started making pressure to enter the aunt’s ass. Aunt was badly buried under me. While kissing on aunt’s shoulders, I started kissing her ears.

sisssss them ahh ahh oh you bitches. Aha bsssssss.”
Aunt was getting sold. I was rubbing aunt’s body. Now I started kissing on aunt’s velvety back. Now aunt started fisting the bed. I was enjoying kissing on aunt’s back very much. . Then while kissing came on aunt’s ass. Now I started kissing on aunt’s cool sexy ass. Now the aunt started moving the ass here and there but I had suppressed the aunt badly.
I was having a lot of fun kissing aunt’s ass. Now my cock started yearning to enter aunt’s ass. Then I came down from aunt’s ass and inserted my finger in her ass hole. Then the aunt’s sobs broke out.
“IEEE, oh ​​you bastard don’t do anything in that.”
“Now aunt, don’t be too tantrums. Today I will keep putting cock in it.”
“No man please don’t put cock.”

Aunty, the cock will enter.
Now I started fingering in aunt’s ass. My finger was going very tight to aunt’s ass. This means that the cock had not yet entered the aunt’s ass. Now I quickly started fingering in aunt’s ass. I was having a lot of fun fingering in aunt’s tight ass. Aunt was very much afraid of getting her ass killed.
“Sisssss oh unh ssssssss ieee oh don’t finger in the ass.”
Sister finger, now I will put cock in it. Yesterday also you didn’t let me beat your ass.
Now I started preparing to kill aunt’s ass. That’s why I started setting cock in aunt’s ass but aunt was not allowing my cock to be set.
“Oh you bastard don’t stick your cock in the boy’s cock. It will be a lot of pain, you bastard.
′′ The pain will happen only once, mother’s daughter. Then it will be fun.
“No dog. You don’t put cocks. Instead put it in the pussy.
“You have put it in your pussy, you bastard. Now you have to put it in the ass.

Now I was trying to set cock in aunt’s ass again and again. Aunty was spoiling my game again and again. That’s why I set the cock in the aunt’s ass and then after pressing the aunt well, I thrust the cock in the aunt’s ass. In one stroke, my cock entered half in the aunt’s ass. Aunt screamed badly in a single shot of cock.
IEEE Marrrrr Gayeeee. IEEE it hurts a lot. IEEE mommy. Get out you bitches.”
“I will take out the cock, but first say that you will get the ass killed.”
Now who doesn’t do what to survive! Then you have to be ready to accept all the conditions. Now the aunt had no other way. then aunt said
Yes kill dog. First let me breathe.

That’s why I took the cock out of aunt’s ass. Now aunt is relieved.
” Stupid dog. It hurts a lot to get ass kicked. Life is lost. I never let Nishu’s father beat her but today I am trapped. What do I do now! Today I will have to get my ass kicked.
“Yes Aunty.”
You have already made a fool of my pussy, now hit your ass too. But years ago oil was applied on the ass.
Only then I came out of the room and brought the oil box. Now aunt has become a mare on the bed. Now I applied oil on aunt’s ass and started rubbing it. Then I started pouring oil in the hall of aunt’s ass with a finger full. Then in a short while I rubbed aunt’s ass well in oil. Now I have also prepared my cock by applying oil.
Now I set the cock in aunt’s ass and pushed hard and my cock broke the seal of aunt’s ass in one stroke and went deep into her ass. Then the aunt screamed badly.

IEEE Marrrrrr Gayeeee. IEEE IEEE IEEE IEEE.”
That’s why I gave another strong blow in aunt’s ass. Aunt again burst into tears. Aunt’s ass was bursting due to cock and pain. My cock had entered completely in aunt’s ass. Now I was stroking aunt’s ass vigorously. Aunt was flying in the air due to pain.
IEEE IEEE IEEE ahh ahh ahha it hurts too much dog. IEEE mommy.”
“There will be some pain, sister-in-law and brother-in-law.”
IEEE IEEE Put it slowly you bastards. Ahaha ahaha oh mummy.”
“The fun will come like this only, my dear.”
I was hitting aunt’s ass badly by trapping cock in aunt’s ass. My cock was very much happy after entering in aunt’s ass. My cock was measuring the depth of aunt’s ass. I was having a lot of fun fucking aunty’s ass.

That’s why after some time aunt’s siscaria started getting stuck and she became watery. Aunt was badly bathed in sweat. I was going to beat Jhamjham aunty’s ass. Every blow of my cock was overwhelming the aunt.
“Ahh it’s a lot of fun, sister.”
My cock was exhausted after entering aunt’s ass. I was hitting aunt’s ass very hard. By now my cock had widened the aunt’s ass hole. My cock was still going in and out of aunt’s ass in full speed without stopping. Then I made a mare on the bed and hit aunt’s ass for a long time. Now I brought aunt down from the bed. Now aunt became a mare by holding the bed.
Now I again set the cock in aunt’s ass and then started playing aunt by putting cock in aunt’s ass. Aunt again started filling siscaria.
” Hi! Your aunt has a very cool ass. Oh so much fun ,
“Ahh ahh ahh ahh unh ahh ahh sissssss oh mummy.”
I was forcefully thrusting cocks in her ass by holding aunt’s hair. Aunty was silently getting cocks in the ass by becoming a mare. My cock was knocking till the end of aunt’s ass. I was having a lot of fun in licking aunt’s ass.

“Aahh ahh ahh oh you bastard don’t do it now.Basssssss.”
Sister bastard, the thirst of my cock is not quenched yet. Let it play now.
Aunt’s condition was getting thinner. Then the aunt fell down again. Now water started dripping from her pussy. I had got heaven today. Then how could I stay behind! I was going to play aunt. By now my cock had made the warehouse of aunt’s ass. Then I hit aunt’s ass like this for a long time.
Now I was also very tired. Now I sat on the bed and now I asked aunt to suck my cock. Now aunt started rubbing my cock sitting down. Then she filled my cock in her mouth. Now aunty started sucking my cock like a lollipop. She was taking my cock in her mouth.
“Oh sali kutti aahaa lot of fun. Aha, just be smart like this.
Aunt Bambam was sucking my cock. I was grooming aunt’s hair. Aunt had made my cock completely dirty. He was having a lot of fun sucking cocks.
“Oh Saali Maa ki Lodi. Oh oh oh so much fun.”
Then aunt sucked my cock for a long time. Now I stood up and put cock in aunt’s mouth. Now holding aunt’s head I started putting cock in aunt’s mouth. I was having a lot of fun in fucking aunty’s mouth. Aunt’s boobs were shaking a lot due to the speed of my cock.
“Oh sister whore aah aah aah aah.”
I was going to put cock in aunt’s mouth. Aunt Gabagap was taking my cock in her mouth. Then I fucked aunt’s mouth for a long time. Now I again asked aunt to become a mare but aunt started throwing tantrums. Then I pacified aunt again and she became a mare.
Now I put the cock in the groove of aunt’s bosom and then holding aunt’s hair started fucking her. Now my cock again started diving into the eternal depth of aunt’s bosom.

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“Oh sali maa ki laodi ahaha feeling very good. Aaah aah.”
I was thrusting cock into aunt’s bosom. I was having a lot of fun playing Auntie’s Bhosde. My cock was engaged in extracting the water of my aunt. I was tightly blowing the testicles of aunt’s bosom. Aunty was licking while taking siscaria.

That’s why aunt trembled and water came out of her bosom. Now my cock is very happy. Then for a long time I made my aunt’s bosom happy.
Now I took out the cock from the aunt’s bosom and again put the cock in the aunt’s ass. Now once again I started kicking aunt’s ass. Aunty again started flying in the air in front of my cock.
ahh ahh ahhhhhh sissssss them ahaha ahh oh busssss kar dog. I am very tired.
“You still have to play for a long time, my love.”
Aunty was very tired of taking cocks in pussy and ass today. I was still tightly licking aunt’s ass. I was having a lot of fun kicking aunt’s ass.
” IEEE AIEEE Oh you bastards, let it be now. ,
“Just a little more time my dear.”

After this I spanked aunt’s ass for a long time saying little by little. Now the aunt was very tired. Now I picked up the aunt and threw her on the bed. Then we both relaxed for a while. Now I wanted to play aunt again but there was no talk of aunt’s cuddling. She started refusing.
Here my cock was not agreeing. Then I untied the legs of the aunt and immediately fitted the cocks in her bosom. Now I grabbed the aunt and started fucking the aunt again.
Ahh ahh ahh oh ssssssss ahahaha ahh unh ahh ahh. You bastard dog is spoiling a lot of fun today.
“Yes my dear.”

My cock was making a big fuss in aunt’s bosad. That’s why aunt trapped me in the circle of legs. I was going to push cock in aunt’s bosom. Aunty and I were diving into the eternal ocean of fucks. I was leaving no stone unturned to fuck aunty today. My cock had eaten the bud of aunt today.
Now my cock was about to release water. Now I suddenly created a disturbance in the aunt’s bosom. Aunt again reached the seventh sky.
Within a short while, the bed shook badly due to the tremors of my cock and then I removed the water of the cock in the aunt’s bosom. Now I became exhausted and hugged my aunt.

Today I was very happy to break the seal of aunt’s ass. Aunt was also looking happy after getting her ass killed for the first time. Now the fear of aunt had gone away. Today, aunt was very tired of getting her ass killed.
Then after a while we both parted ways.
You played very badly today. My whole body shook.
“That’s why the real fun of Chudai comes, aunt.”

“You are a dog, but the pain is too much.”
Me- now there is so much pain, aunt.
Yes, it’s okay. You are happy now, aren’t you?
Me- yes aunty.
Aunt- Come on, get dressed quickly. The children are about to come from school.
Our clothes were scattered all over the room. Then the aunt got dressed and went out of the room. Then after some time I also came out wearing clothes. Now aunt is busy with her work.
Now I came to Archana aunt’s house after playing Sumitra aunty. Seeing my smile, she understood everything.
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