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Bhai Ne Meri Girlfriend Ke Sath Sex Kiya

Hello friends, I am Samar Pratap Singh going to tell you my sexy story on India’s no 1 Hindi sex story site Hot Sex Story. Pankhuri is my girlfriend since 3 years. Lives in my neighborhood. I have fucked her many times. My real brother Avinash was very jealous of me when I used to fuck Pankhudi at home. Avinash was dark-skinned, not very handsome, so no girl could get along with him quickly. That’s why whenever Pankhuri used to come to see me, Avinash was very jealous of me. Bhai Ne Jabardasti Meri Girlfriend Ke Sath Sex Kiya.

Once I had to go to Dehradun for 10 days to give a competitive exam. In my absence my maid Pankhuri came to my house and started asking Avinash about me.

“Is Summer at home???” petal asked

“Brother!!….He has gone till the road, come wait!!” Anivash said to Meri Mal Pankhuri “Meri Girlfriend Ke Sath Sex Kiya”

Avinash was repeatedly palming my goods with slanting eyes. Pankhuri was wearing a blue colored cotton short skirt. Avinash could see her beautiful and curvy thighs. On top, Pankhuri was wearing a low cut sleeveless light green top. In which her milky arms were clearly visible. Pankhuri’s 34″ boobs were quite attractive and could attract the attention of any Javanese boy. Don’t know why my real brother’s heart got a burning desire to fuck her after seeing my beautiful little angel like petal.

Anivash thought in his mind that when his brother Samar has plucked the petal thousands of times and has stolen thousands of pearls from the sea of ​​her form, then why not today Avinash should fuck the petal and take out a bucket of water from its ocean. How does it matter. Avinash thought. He turned on the ac to comfort Pankhudi sitting in the lobby. Then went inside to the fridge. He took out coco-cola in 2 glasses and mixed some intoxicating pills in the glass of petal and brought it and gave it to my goods.

Due to the scorching heat, Pankhuri drank all her cold drink in 2 minutes. Not even a minute passed that Pankhuri fell asleep. My cocky brother Avinash was very happy to see this. When Pankhuri fainted all over, Avinash sat beside her on the sofa. He raised her by holding her hand and saw whether she was awake or not. But my friend Pankhuri didn’t react and kept sleeping.

After that Avinash started kissing the hand of Pankhuri, beautiful like a flower. Then slowly put his hand on her shoulder. Avinash stuffed my petals in his arms and started kissing and licking. Sisterfucker!!!.. My brother turned out to be a butcher in the name of brother. Does a brother cheat his brother’s goods?? Then Avinash started enjoying the sweetness of the sweet lips like the juicy lychee of petal.

Pankhuri was unconscious. He had no idea what was happening to him. Avinash sucked her juicy lips to his heart’s content and enjoyed it. After that he started kissing my sleeveless white hands passionately. “Kiya sex with my girlfriend”

“Ohhh….Pankhuri….you are amazing stuff?? It will be fun to take your pussy!!” avinash spoke like a beast

He kept kissing Pankhuri’s white hand from paw to shoulder for a long time. Because she was sleeveless. After that he put my stuff on the sofa and removed all his clothes. Then Avinash also removed his briefs. He raised both hands of the delirious petal and removed her green top. Then removed her bra too. Now Avinash’s mouth was filled with water of lust. He broke like a hubby on my raw bud like a flower. My real brother Avinash was looting the respect of my goods and was going to give cock in his juicy hole. He put both his demonic hands on the 34” boobs of Pankhuri and the bastard started licking her mercilessly.

Poor Pankhuri could not understand what was happening to her. She was intoxicated with pills. My brother started drinking her soft pink breasts. After some time he removed Pankhuri’s short skirt and also removed her pink panty. Now my life Pankhuri was in the clutches of my evil brother. Avinash kept sucking and drinking her milk for a long time. Then he started drinking pussy like a petal like a flower.

After some time, Avinash applied a lot of oil to his thick cock and rubbed it thoroughly. Then he started fucking my girlfriend. Pankhuri was unconscious. He was not conscious. But he was feeling that someone was doing some dirty work with him.

“Get away….get away….from me!! DON’T FUCK ME!!!…..My pussy can only kill Summer!!” Pankhuri was bubbling drunk. She was saying But it didn’t make any difference to my brother. He was fucking my goods by moving his waist. “Kiya sex with my girlfriend”

“Enjoyed brother…..Wah….Enjoyed!!” Avinash was speaking. His cock was thicker than mine which was creating a storm in my girlfriend’s bosom. Gup Gup was plucking the petal. My brother Avinash was very jealous of me when I used to go to Pankhudi’s house and give cocks in her soft pussy. But today he had taken his revenge with interest. The petal was trapped in his trap in the same way as a heron gets trapped in a noose. Drunken Avinash was sucking the juicy lips of Pankhuri and feeding her. Sometimes he used to bite on his shoulder. Sometimes on the tip of a petal. Today he was recovering his sari lust and lust along with interest.

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Pankhudi’s burrow was very cool. Totally full pussy. Avinash played well with my girlfriend in my absence. Pankhuri’s belly was completely torn. After half an hour he fell in her pussy. Pankhuri had been fucked once, but she could not clearly understand what was happening to her. Who is playing it? Then Avinash lay down on her and started kissing and licking her body sensually. Pankhuri did not regain consciousness even after 20 minutes. Meanwhile I called Avinash.

“Hello brother!!….Did Pankhuri come home??? Were you asking about me???’ i asked my cousin on the phone

′′ No brother!! She didn’t come!!” Avinash lied to me. That sister-in-law had also switched off Pankhuri’s phone.

“Brother!! I was getting Pankhuri’s number, but don’t know why her phone is getting switched off!! I said “Meri girlfriend ke sath sex kiya”

“….don’t know brother!!….if she comes home, I will call you!” Sister-in-law, my brother said and clearly lied to me. While my girlfriend was next to him and was completely naked. After some time my dog ​​brother Avinash again started kissing and licking my girlfriend Pankhuri. That of ours turned on the recording of his mobile and set the phone aside. He started kissing Pankhuri slowly all over the body and started making video. Then he used her naked breasts for a long time [छातियों] Recorded it and drank petal milk with mouth full and kept making videos. Pankhuri’s face, lips, throat, bare nipples, navel, white white smooth thigh and naked pussy were opened by my bastard brother with hand and video recording of whole naked pussy.

My innocent and innocent girlfriend Pankhuri did not know even an iota of what had happened with her. She has kissed once. And the video of her whole naked beautiful body has been made. Then started fisting his 6″ dick in front of the camera. After some time his cock got erect again. Once again he was planning to fuck my stuff. Then Avinash set the camera at a place in front of him. “Kiya sex with my girlfriend”

And on the sofa itself, bare legs lying on the shell, he started drinking the petals of my belongings. He was sucking the black nipples of Pankhuri with pleasure. Pankhuri’s boobs were very beautiful. Around the nipples there were extremely beautiful beautiful bright black rings. Avinash was happily drinking the milk on which I had the right. And the boobs I used to drink. Avinash had completed the whole year’s struggle today.

He kept drinking petal milk for a long time. Then he put 2 thick pillows under Pankhuri’s ass, which made her ass come up. This time Avinash started drinking Pankhuri’s ass while lying down and started licking it with pleasure. He put a lot of oil in Pankhudi’s ass. Taking pleasure in it, he kept fingering it for half an hour. After that Avinash put his cock in my ass and pushed hard. Avinash’s thick cock penetrated inside tearing my girlfriend’s ass. After that Avinash started kicking Pankhuri’s ass and started thrusting his hard iron cock into her tight ass. “Kiya sex with my girlfriend”

In some time, the unchopped ass like the raw bud of the petal went completely away. Avinash kept giving cocks in her ass with pleasure. Today he had fulfilled his evil desire completely. How strange that Pankhuri was my property, yet I never hit her ass, only I used to fuck her ass. Because I used to respect him. She was my girlfriend, not a sleazy stray girl. But my brother turned out to be such a big bastard that what should I tell you friends. He was kicking my girlfriend’s ass and that too by cheating. That rascal had mixed a lot of drugs in Pankhudi’s Coca-Cola.

“Please….don’t hit my ass..please!!” Pankhuri was getting her ass fucked and was bubbling drunk. But my real brother Avinash neither felt pity nor pity on him. He kept on kicking Pankhudi’s ass with pleasure and kept recording the whole incident on his phone. “Kiya sex with my girlfriend”

“Please….don’t hit my ass..please it is hurting!!” Pankhuri is speaking. Although his eyes were closed. But my real brother did not feel pity on that poor thing. For 1 hour, she put a pillow like a flower like a petal under the ass and beat her ass with great gusto. After that Avinash quickly took out his cock and dropped the material on Pankhudi’s mouth. Pankhudi regained consciousness after an hour. Friends, when I came back, she told the whole thing crying. My blood boiled that how many times Avinash cheated Pankhudi.

“Avinash!! I am going to the police station right now and writing a report against you and will file a case under 375, 376” I said

“Brother….if you want to go then go, but watch this video” said Avinash. When he showed the video, smoke came out of both my ass and Pankhuri’s. My brother turned out to be a butcher.

“If you go to the police, I have sent this video to all my friends. If I go to jail, then my friends will make the video viral, after that your property Pankhuri will neither marry anyone nor will anyone get married!! Avinash spoke. After that friends me and Pankhuri had to bow down before him. Now he blackmails Pankhudi 10 times in a month and kills her ass and pussy with great pleasure. I am helpless and I could not do anything. “Kiya sex with my girlfriend”

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