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Bhai ki chalu biwi ki gand mari

Hello friends, my name is Rohit and I am from Jalandhar, my age is 27 years. My height is 5 feet 6 inches and my penis size is fine. Friends, today I am going to tell all of you the true incident of one of my fucks, in which I quenched the thirst of my cock-thirsty sister-in-law by fucking her and this is a true incident which happened to me and this is seven years from today. is of earlier.

Friends, there is a boy of my maternal uncle whose name is Rajan, he got married some time back and he used to live in the village. Our entire family had also gone to his wedding and when I saw my hot sister-in-law for the first time, I kept looking at her, what did she look like? Her complexion was very fair and her height was about 5 feet 3 inches and her thick boobs were about 34 in size. His waist was 28 and ass size was 36. Friends, there is a ritual after marriage in which one has to sit on the lap of sister-in-law. Waiting for that time, when that time came, I immediately sat on my sister-in-law’s lap after seeing the right opportunity and when I got up from her lap, I took the right opportunity and pressed her big swinging boobs with my waist and she laughed. Fell

After that I kept trying to give line to my sister-in-law many times while I was there, but after staying for a few days, we went to our house, due to which my mind became very disappointed. Then after a few days, mother told me one day that this evening you should bring food from the hotel and come home a little early.

Then I asked her, then mother told me that today your maternal uncle’s son and his wife are coming here for the first time at our house. There is no limit to my happiness after hearing this from my mother, I was very happy thinking about meeting my sexy sister-in-law again and seeing her, and then when I reached back to my house, I saw that Brother and sister-in-law had come. Friends, what was my Nisha Bhabhi looking like? Looking an absolute sex bomb? He gave a mischievous smile seeing me and now I went to my room with a slight smile towards my sister-in-law Nisha.

Then I saw that at night my cousin was having a drink with my father, so seeing the right opportunity, I went to the room where Nisha’s sister-in-law was. As soon as I enter inside my room, my sister-in-law tells me that why have you remembered me today brother-in-law? So I also told her very directly that in your memory sister-in-law, I don’t know how many children I killed. Friends, my sister-in-law was very active and she understood the meaning of this and said smilingly to me that if you had done the hard work you have done with a girl, then one or two of your children would have definitely been saved.

Then I also immediately said that till now I have not found anyone like you, with whom I would have done all this and saved my children. Now she laughed out loud after listening to me, but at that time she tells me in words that if you have courage then I am here for three days, do something like this with me, then I can accept your manhood. .

That’s why I said that tonight I will definitely fuck you in front of your husband, she started saying that yes let’s see, that coming time will tell that how much you have guts? Then I went outside to my brother and I saw that he was still drinking and I could understand from the way he was talking that he was slowly getting drunk because he was now talking to his father. He had started talking nonsense. Now I immediately went to a medical shop and I brought some sleeping pills from there and when my brother sat down to eat, I mixed those pills in his food by avoiding everyone’s eyes.

Then when he finished eating and drinking, I picked him up and left him in sister-in-law’s room, he had lost his senses by now. Then I winked at my sister-in-law and told her to keep the door open, I will definitely come after everyone is asleep, then she started telling me that I know you will not come, I said wait a while and then see.

Now I came back to my room and after about an hour when everyone was asleep, I saw the opportunity and went to his room. As soon as I went there, I first shook my brother to see if he was conscious, but he was lying completely unconscious. Now Nisha went and lay down with her sister-in-law, she was lying down and was pretending to sleep, so I first kissed her on the lips and then she also started supporting me. She first turned back and looked at her husband and then hugged me tightly and then she started telling me that since I have seen you, don’t know why I am not able to control myself? So I said just shut up now and have fun with me.

Friends, she was wearing a pink color maxi and now I put my mouth in her mouth and I saw that she was very much on, now she started opening the buttons of my shirt quickly and in no time she opened all my buttons Started kissing my chest and now sitting on top of me she started telling me that I will eat you today.

Then I said yes eat me and now both my hands were on her 34 size boobs. I felt that her boobs were plump but very soft and full. Then I took off her maxi without delay, she was now in front of me without bra and panty, meaning she was completely naked in front of me and I was very surprised to see that this sister-in-law was already fully prepared happened.

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Now I started pressing both the boobs of the sister-in-law very hard, due to which her light brown colored nipples were slowly getting hard and she was sobbing loudly and pressing her lips on my lips. Now she was taking soft, but mesmerizing sobs oooeeeeee ahhhhhhhhh and simultaneously saying Rohit suck my boobs hard, your brother doesn’t do anything like this with me, please extinguish my fire today ahhh and Suck them hard.

Then I got excited and started sucking her boobs hard and would also bite her nipples. Then she started putting her hand in my lover and said that today I will eat your cock and she immediately took off my lover in one stroke and took off my underwear along with it and then she took my cock in her hand. Holding her first started shaking and then after that she started kissing the cock like a hungry person in her mouth and now she started telling me that your cock is very cute, your brother doesn’t even stand properly, but this She is standing straight like a reed and then after saying this, once again she started sucking in her mouth.

Friends, after sucking cocks for some time, I told her that sister-in-law should lie down on her stomach, so that I can also taste your pussy once and now she immediately turned on my request and both of us came in 69 position. I saw that there was no hair on her pussy and she was completely clean and shiny. I asked sister-in-law, do you always keep your pussy hair so clean? So she started saying that I had to take your cock today, so I have already cleaned my pussy for you.

Then I said what do you mean? Now she tells me that now you are very silent and just she started sucking my cock and I was sucking her pussy. She started sucking my cock fast and if I used to move my tongue on the grain of her pussy, sometimes I would have put my tongue inside. Friends, I saw and felt that her cock sucking style was very different, she used to take my cock very slowly inside and out and then suck cock like ice cream and now my work was about to happen, she understood this and now she She immediately took the cock to the end of her mouth and started sucking it. When the nozzle came out of my cock, she drank all the material and here her water also came out, which I licked and swallowed.

Now I picked her up and hugged her and after some time she started rubbing her boobs and she started playing with my cock and my one hand was moving on her pussy and she was sobbing again and now she is me She started saying that Rohit today you tear my pussy, I am yours from today, do whatever you want with me today, but please satisfy me by fucking today. Quench my thirst with your cock, but I kept doing my work. So after some time she could not tolerate it, then she again came on top of me and while setting my cock on the mouth of her pussy with her hand, she slowly started sitting on top of the cock and then she gave a blow to her pussy on the cock and completed it. After taking the whole cock in the depths of her pussy, she started moving up and down and was screaming loudly.

Friends, my parents had gone to sleep in the upper room long back. I had no fear of his coming, but my brother was with me, so I was only a little afraid of him. Then I told him that he will not wake up now and if you want to have fun with me, then do one thing, if you want to shout, instead of taking my name, you should take your husband’s name, even if parents come down. They will not know that you are enjoying your fuck with me.

Then she started screaming loudly and with every thrust she says uhhhh yes fuck me IEE yes honey fuck me I am your maid and I want your cock you put out the fire in my pussy today and she says yes dear uhhh Yes keep on like this, you are mine ahhh today you ahhuuuuu fuck me more aahuuuuuu hard.

Now I started fucking her in doggy style by making her a bitch and with each of my thrusts, her big fat boobs were swinging in the air and she just kept on screaming, but with each of my thrusts, my entire cock was going deep into her pussy. Was and after some time I took the cock out of her pussy and put it on her ass mouth and put a little spit on my cock and her ass mouth. She started telling me that please leave my ass, she is still a virgin, I will feel very pain, your cock is very long and fat too, but if you want to kill me, then kill me, I will not refuse, but please slowly Kill or else I will die today.

Then said that now quietly and I gave a hard blow, due to which my cock’s supada went inside and she started crying because of that pain, but I kept on pushing hard till my whole cock was inside. Didn’t go and now he was also enjoying it. She started screaming again and said uhhh yes and hit hard uhhh died in uhhh ieeee killed me please slow down uhhhh from today onwards I will call you ahhhhh you because from today you are my true husband fuck me and Uffffff fuck me a little harder, make me a complete woman today, wow what a man you are? Friends became even more intense now and she had already removed her pussy juice twice before in her fuck with me and she was about to do it again, so she started telling me that now you come forward from behind and on me Lie down.

Then I immediately came forward and lay on top of her and again I put my cock inside her pussy and now my work was also going to happen, so I increased the speed of my thrusts and now her work was also going to happen. The whole room was echoing with the sounds of those sobs. She started saying uhhhhhh me today ahhhhhh today you ahhhhhhh uffffff fuck me hard, I went and after saying this she fell down and here my work is also done, I put my whole semen in her pussy. Now I started panting tiredly by keeping my head on her, but she was very happy with this fuck of mine and satisfaction was clearly visible from her face. Then after some time when he started getting up, she started telling me that he will not get up till tomorrow morning, should we go to your room and have sex again. Then I was very happy to hear this from his mouth and now I took Nisha Bhabhi in my lap and brought her to my room. There I fucked her very hard again and had a lot of fun by fucking her sexy body many times in the whole night.

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