Carrie and the Home Invasion Sex Story

#Abuse #Pics #Rape

By Ray1982

Sexy UK MILF Carrie is forced to fuck as her parents watch on as her home is invaded.
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I tie her parents to the lounge chairs so that they are forced to watch. As Carrie came in the door I’d push her up against the wall, her hands above her head my body pressed against hers, kissing her muffling her complaints, then reaching down behind her my hand squeezing her ass pushing her against me. I lower my head kissing her neck knowing she is looking at her parents over my shoulder she says “please no” I lift my head and say “you know you want this, I’m going to show your mum and dad just what a dirty slut you are”.
I pull her top up and pull a breast out from her bra, lowering my head I lick the nipple and then suck it into my mouth. Sucking it pulling it as I squash her body against the wall, my hand moving to the other breast pulling it free of the bra roughly squeezing it before moving my head across sucking the nipple, hearing Carrie’s heavy breathing her parents watching in horror as thier daughter is about to be taken in front of them.

As I suck harder on her nipple my free hand moves down to her jeans unfastening them pulling the zip down, Carrie moans “no”, I stop sucking her hard nipples and kiss her hard forcing my tongue into her mouth as I slide my hand inside her jeans my fingers sliding over her panties feeling her warm pussy as I slowly rub my fingers over her pussy I let her arms drop from above her head my other hand holding her hair as I suck her tongue into my mouth.

I pull away from the kiss and lift her top off and pull off the bra, pushing her onto the floor her head between her dads legs I pull off her jeans and panties despite her struggles, I grab her thighs and pull them apart looking at her wet pussy. I look up and her father tries to shout before lowering my head between her thighs sliding my tongue over her pussy pushing the tip between her lips then sliding it over her clit. She is moaning “no” but as I suck her clit into my mouth she reaches her arms up holding your legs as I suck and lick her clit feeling her squirm beneath me. I slide my tongue into her pussy pushing it deeper and deeper into her, my hand s reaching up squeezing her breasts my fingers pulling on her nipples tugging them as I bury my whole tongue into her pussy. I lower one hand and slide two fingers into her pussy pushing them slowly in as I lick her clit hearing her moan as she opens her thighs wider I push the fingers in and out as I suck her clit into my mouth. I suck harder tugging her clit as I tug her nipple with one hand and fuck her with three fingers ramming them in and out as she moans and squirms.

Carrie reaches down with her hands and holds my head grinding her clit into my mouth her body shaking as my fingers ram in and out of her, as she moans louder I slap her breasts sucking her clit harder. She grabs my hair moaning as she cums hard moaning and shaking.
I’d pull my fingers out of her and slide my fingers into her mouth making her suck them clean, then grab her hair and kiss her as I stripped my clothes off I’d tell her to get on her hands and knees as her parents watch as I fuck her and make her my slut.

I kneel behind her and push my cock into her wet pussy inch after inch then slowly pull it out until just the head was in her. Then I grab her hips and start sliding in and out each stroke pushing deeper and harder skin slapping against skin as she looked up at her mum saying “I’m sorry”. I slap her ass and tell her parents tell you how good it feels to fuck their precious daughter. They say nothing so I spank her again and again as I fuck her harder and faster until she is moaning I grab her hair and lift her head as I fuck her harder and faster ramming in and out of her she looks at her dad and says “it feels so good”. I push her forward so she is leaning in between her mums open thighs as I fuck her faster she is moaning and shaking as I grab her hips and ram my cock into her moaning as I shoot load after load into her pussy hearing her cum as she feels me fill her.

I slowly pull out of her pussy and lift her head in front of her parents pushing my wet cock into her mouth telling her to suck it clean like the slut she is. She starts moving her mouth up and down on it sucking greedily I laugh “that’s it you dirty slut” she sucks it wanting every last drop of cum.

I pull my cock out of her mouth and push her onto her back and tie her hands to the chair before moving between her thighs I spread her legs looking at her pussy leaking my cum, I slowly slide three fingers into her pussy moving them in and out then I push in four hearing her moan as I slide them deeper, then I push my whole hand into her pussy she almost screams “begging no its too big”. But I just slowly push it deeper stretching her as I slide my hand in and out Carrie is moaning louder and squirming but no longer protesting as her parents watch me fist their daugher. My whole hand sliding into her stretching her filling her pussy using my cum as lubricant as I push my hand in and out deeper and faster I lower my head and lick her sensitive clit my other hand squeezing her breasts as I fist her deeper and faster she is moaning uncontrollably her whole body shaking as she orgasms again and again. I push my hand deeper until its in her up to my wrist sliding it in and out Carrie screams and arches her back as she cums I pull my hand out dripping with her juices as she lays panting I slide my fingers into her mouth making her taste her own pussy. I release her as she lays on the floor shaking, and make my entrance promising that I will be back again to fuck their angel of a daughter.

Carrie at Home

By Ray1982
#Abuse #Pics #Rape

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