Caught my husband jerking to our teen daughter Pt. 4 Sex Story

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By Indecent_Raw

Hearing Holly’s moans from her bedroom right after my husband called me her name several times while we had sex was a thrill. Both me and my husband wear dead-silent so we could hear everything that was going on. We could hear her moaning getting louder, and at that point my husband started rubbing my clit. This was so hot. I was being pleasured while listening to my daughter pleasuring herself.

At some point we could hear her getting close to orgasm, and my husband increased the pace. I was going to cum at the same time my daughter would reach her orgasm. About a minute went by when I heard my daughter’s loudest moans so far, and I also began to cum. I had to make sure I remained silent because I wanted to hear every sound coming from Holly’s bedroom.

This situation presented us with a question. What to do next? Obviously it could just be a coincidence. Holly might simply have been masturbating for quite a while already, and this was the first time we heard. Maybe she even wears headphones while watching porn, and none of what happened was connected because she did not even hear us. But maybe, just maybe, she was letting us know something. Maybe she wanted us to know that she found it really exciting to hear her dad say her name as he fucked me.

My husband and I knew we had to proceed with great care. We absolutely didn’t want to hurt Holly with our fantasy. Up until now we were certain she didn’t know anything about it, but that had changed. This could go two ways, and we had to prevent it from going bad.

We pondered over a couple of scenario’s. We could make my husband cum in more visible places to see how she would respond to it. We could have her “catch” us while we had sex. We could also let her catch her dad alone while he jerked off to her pictures, just as I had previously.

We decided the safest option was the latter, because it gave all the agency to Holly. She could confront us, or just my husband. She could also ignore it, or escalate things. In any case, she would know that her dad found her sexually attractive.

So we organised a situation in which Holly and my husband would be home together, and my husband would simply be in his office until Holly would come looking for him. Usually she would need some help with the more advanced parts of her homework, or she would ask for money to buy things only. He just needed to wait until she came to him, to let her “catch” him.

First we installed a hidden camera facing the office door, one in the office, and one in Holly’s bedroom so we could monitor her response carefully. All was set up nicely. I would be somewhere else looking at the camera’s, and my husband would simply have to sit in his chair the same way I caught him.

On a Wednesday-afternoon, we made our move. Holly would always come home early, and I had told her the night before I would be away until late in the evening for some work-related thing. Actually, I was in a nearby motel looking at the camera’s. This was incredibly hot. I could see my naked husband sitting ready to be “caught.” I had also spotted Holly walking to and from her bedroom a couple of times to get some things, but she had not gone close to the office yet.

Then I saw her moving closer to the door. My heart-rate spiked. Would this be the moment that it happened? She called for her dad, but got no response. My husband was wearing headphones to make it plausible he never heard her. She then put her ear to the door and listen. She listened for a long time. I quickly texted my husband, “she is listening to you, let out some soft moans.” He did. My daughter kept listening. She must’ve heard the moans, but it didn’t look like she was disgusted. She looked intrigued.

This went on for a couple of minutes, until she reached for the door handle. My breathing stopped. I was fixed on the screen in front of me. Would she…? She did. She very quietly opened the door. My husband probably didn’t hear a thing. Since I told him she was listening, he had really been jerking off. So on the one screen I saw my daughter trying to sneak in, while on the other I saw my husband jerking his hard cock to pictures of Holly.

Holly had opened the door completely, and, just like me before, needed some time to take it all in. She saw her father, naked, jerking to her pictures. She didn’t know what to do. She stood there for a while, then quietly closed the door and went to her bedroom.

I was pretty disappointed. We had come so close, but it seemed that Holly had no interest in this. That was until I switched to the camera in her bedroom.

I saw Holly, my own daughter, take out a dildo that I didn’t even know she had. She locked her door, got completely naked and fucked herself senseless with it. She was incredibly wet and horny. Her dildo slid in and out of her tight, teen pussy with great ease. She rubbed her clit as she fucked herself and had one orgasm after the other.

This was a great step in an interesting direction…

By Indecent_Raw
#Incest #Teen

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