Caught my husband jerking to our teen daughter Sex Story


It was early in the afternoon and I came back from work long before I thought I would. I was happy because my daughter would still be in school, and my husband was already home. This meant he could fuck me all over the house like in the good old days.

Thinking about that, I came home with a slightly wet pussy. I called him. “Daddy, I’m home!” With the way I said daddy, I was pretty sure he knew what I wanted. But there was no response.

I went upstairs and heard some music coming from his home-office space. I got the idea to surprise him. I got naked, and tip-toed towards the door. As silently as I could, I opened it…

I needed a few moments to gather my thoughts. There was my husband sitting in his office chair doing what seemed to be masturbating. However, on his monitor there was a picture of our teen daughter that was made during one of her cheerleading appearances. “Why is he jerking off to her”, I thought. But, more importantly, why was I getting more horny.

I was not at all disgusted by this sight. I was turned on by how unbelievably dirty this all was. Here was my husband masturbating to pictures of our teen daughter. This was so wrong, but it felt so exciting.

I decided to rub my pussy while looking at my man. This animal of a man fantasizing about fucking our daughter’s tight holes. I loved it. I couldn’t stay quiet. I let a moan escape my mouth, and my husband immediately turned around. He looked shocked.

“Oh hi daddy”, I said, “I see you’re having fun.” He still didn’t know I was into it so he got very embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. “You dirty bastard,” I told him, in a seductive way, “are you looking at forbidden fruits?” “Yeah”, he mumbled, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be”, I said. “I love how wrong all of this is. I want you to bend me over the table and fuck me while you look at those pictures.” When I said that I saw a kind of darkness in his eyes being turned on. He stood up, grabbed me forcefully, and bent me over his desk.

He slid his hard cock in my wet pussy and fucked me like an animal. “Yeah baby, fuck your teen daughter!” I shouted. I was surprised by how dirty I could be. “I love daddy’s cock in me, I want to be daddy’s slut”, I screamed.”

My husband just kept fucking me like crazy. I came all over his dick, imagining him fucking our daughter. I wanted him to cum too.

“Daddy”, I said, “I want you to cum inside my teen pussy.” My husband pulled my hair, turned my head and looked me straight in the eyes. “Oh yeah Holly, you want daddy to drain his balls in you?”

I went crazy. Holly isn’t my name. It’s our daughter’s name. And as he said that I had never wanted his cum more. I started begging him to fuck me hard. “Cum inside you daughter, daddy!” I screamed.

He started absolutely plowing me like crazy. Things fell off the desk, but we both didn’t care. After a minute he shouted, “daddy’s gonna fill you up darling!”

And then he came. He shot an enormous load of cum inside me as he looked at the picture of our daughter. As he filled me up, I came harder than I ever had with his dick inside me.

After we both caught our breath, I said jokingly, “maybe Holly should become your little slut…”

I still don’t


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