Chachi Chut Fuck Story – Hot Aunty Fucked After Massage

Aunty pussy fuck story of my aunt’s pussy fuck. We live in the same house. One day my aunt told that I had drunk her milk. Then aunt started teasing me.

Hello friends, my name is Vicky (fictional).

This is my first sex story on webcam.
I apologize to all of you in advance for any mistake I have made in this Aunty Pussy Fuck story.

I live in a small village in Somnath district of Gujarat. My age is 19 years. My penis is 7 inches and it is 3 inches thick.

Now let me tell you about my aunt.
Her name is Rekha (fictional). His age is 42 years. Color Wheat, the breasts are not too big nor too small.

Ever since I regained my senses and got the knowledge of sex, since then I wanted to fuck my aunt.

I am the youngest in the house, so everyone loves me very much. My aunt also loves me.
I was not even aware that aunt herself wanted to fuck me.

I used to understand their pampering as their unconditional love.
She used to change clothes etc. in front of me, so I used to watch everything like a bitch.

I used to think that my aunt is changing her clothes in front of me considering me as a child.
But later when he was fucking her, she herself had told that she could not be happy with her uncle, so to warm me up, she used to do such things in front of me so that I could climb on top of her.

I used to joke a lot with my aunt and she also used to joke with me a lot.

The real affair started when he asked me to massage him.

Actually, we have farms in the village, so the women of our house often used to go there to do agriculture work.
The same thing happened that day as well.

Due to some extra work in the farm, aunt had gone to the farm. No one was at home that day.
Uncle, father, mother etc. all had gone to a wedding in the nearby village.

That day there was more or less in the fields, so aunt had stopped me too.

As soon as he came from the field in the evening, his feet started aching.
He told me to massage my feet after having food so that I can get some rest.
I said – ok aunty, I just take bath and come now and serve you.

So aunt said – Yes, today there is a great need for your service. After massaging my feet, you sleep here.
That’s what I wanted myself.

To tease aunt, I asked her – I will massage your feet, but what will I get in return?
He gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, Yeh le teri advance fee.

I said caressing the cheek – Aunt, this is a one way kiss. The real fun comes from exchanging kisses from both the sides.
Aunt said – Son, that too will happen, first you become capable of it!

I grabbed her and kissed her on the cheek and asked – Take aunt, now tell me how did you like the ability.
Wiping my spit with her cheek, she said – he is still incapable. You don’t even know the right place to kiss.

I said – I know everything, but now it just explodes.
Aunt laughed and said – why does it bother me?

I didn’t say anything and started massaging aunt’s feet.
Aunt made me massage her thighs and there were lumps everywhere, she kept enjoying by asking them to press them.

Along with the massage, both of us were also talking.

In such talks, it came out of his mouth that earlier you used to drink milk from my mother also.
I got shy.

I said – this cannot happen, aunt.
Aunt coaxing her mother said – why why can’t this happen… Didn’t my mother produce milk?

I felt a bit awkward when aunt repeatedly used the word mamma.
I started avoiding that thing.

Aunt started teasing me on this matter and I started feeling more shy.
Seeing this, aunt started teasing me more and started twitching my waist.

I also thought of taking advantage of the opportunity, I told my aunt – I was young then, I did not know what all this would be.
Aunt laughed after listening to me.

At last aunt told me to give shape to her lust- would you like to drink my milk again like in childhood?

I peeped into aunt’s eyes and told her that I don’t have any problem, but I am grown up so I am not going to suck like before. Now that I have become young, my style of sucking milk will be different.

She laughed at this and said – suck it as you want.
What was it then… as if I had won the lottery.

I directly broke down on aunt’s moms and started pressing both her moms from the top of her blouse.

Seeing this, the aunt said – You have really grown up.
I also left my shame and said – Yes, I have also grown up and mine has also grown up, just see once!

On this, she lovingly slapped me on the cheek and said – keep that in mind for your wife. put in the same key.
I said – right now I want to make you my wife.

Aunt laughed and she gave me a free hand to do whatever I want.

I unbuttoned her blouse and freed her moms.

Ah… Aunt K. was amazing. Very full … Perhaps uncle and aunt’s mother did not have many issues, so they were very tight.

I started caressing their moms in my hand and started watching.

Aunt said – What are you watching?
I said – I have seen someone for the first time, so I can’t believe it.

She lifted one of her hands and pressed one of her breasts by placing it on my hand and said while sighing – suck them.
I took one of the aunt’s breasts in my mouth and started pressing the other with my hand.

Due to this she got hot and started breathing fast.
She started pressing my head on her milk and started making sensual sounds.

I understood that today aunt’s fuck is confirmed.
I continued this process for some 10 minutes.

Then I slowly took my right hand on the aunt’s pussy caressing her stomach and started caressing her pussy from the top of the petticoat.

Aunt became even hotter on this and she caught hold of my cock.
When his hand went on my cock, I was completely shocked and without delay, I pulled the pulse of his petticoat, due to which his petticoat became loose.

I put my hand inside her petticoat and started caressing her pussy from the top of the panty.
His panties got wet.

Now I inserted my one finger in her pussy from the side of panty and started moving back and forth.
Because of this the aunt started sobbing loudly.

They also started stripping me naked.
First took off my T-shirt, then lower.

Now I was in front of her wearing only knickers and she was in front of me in panty.

We both removed each other’s knickers and panties and both became naked.
Now our lips meet each other.

Aunt kissing my lips said – this is the right place to kiss. Since long I was wanting to have sex with you, today I got a chance.
I said – yes aunty, I wanted to fuck you myself. But in hesitation he could not say anything.

Aunt said – don’t delay now. put out my fire
Now I was kissing her boldly and caressing her pussy while kissing.

She was shaking my cock.
Then while kissing I came down to her pussy and started licking her pussy.
Now she started shaking my cock vigorously.

I was licking her pussy by making my tongue sharp, due to which she started taking sensual hisses.
After sucking for a few more minutes, she raised her ass and started sucking her pussy with me and soon fell off.

I licked all their water.
Now she started shaking my cock and started sucking it.

What can I tell friends, I was in seventh heaven. After sucking for some time, when I was about to ejaculate, I pressed her mouth hard on my dick and took out my entire material in her mouth, which she drank.
He cleaned my cock by licking it with his tongue.

We both started kissing again and I started pressing her breasts.

In no time my cock was erect again.
Aunt looking at the cock said – put it inside… it doesn’t last anymore.

I also put a pillow under the aunt’s ass, which exposed her pussy.
I started rubbing my cock on her pussy.

When I could not help it, I pushed my dick into her pussy and pushed her, which made her sigh.

I was jerking my back and fucking her and she was sighing.

Her breasts were moving with every push of mine.
In a short while, she also started supporting me by raising her waist.

This fuck of both of us lasted for about 20 minutes.

Aunty had fallen twice during pussy fuck, due to which the sound of fuch-fuch was echoing in the whole room.
Then I too fell down and lay on top of him.

After a while I lay down next to him and started playing with his moms.
After some time both of us kissed again and because of aunt’s tiredness, we both fell asleep hugging each other naked.

In the morning aunt woke me up for 6 reasons and I slept wearing clothes.
Aunt got busy with her work.

Then whenever we got a chance, we would engage in sex.
Aunt also gave me her daughter’s pussy which I will tell you in the next sex story.

Right now I have come to study in a college in Nadiad and I have not got any pussy.
But I still do sex chat with my aunt on the phone.

Hope you liked Aunty Pussy Fuck Story.
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