Chachi Ki Gand Fad Chudai

I enjoyed fucking my real aunt’s ass in the hotel! Aunt had gone with me to get her pussy killed, but I also killed aunt’s ass. Have fun reading.

Friends, I am Sagar once again present in Panipat with the story of pussy fucking in the field.
first part of the story
Nurse Aunty Fucked In Hotel Room
Till now you had read that I was fucking my aunt with cocks in her pussy and she had fallen.

Now further fuck the real aunt’s ass:

I took the cock out of the pussy and opened the hands of the aunt and made her lie down straight on the bed and spread her legs up and started drinking her pussy juice.
The taste of her pussy was very salty.

There was not a single hair on aunt’s titi, due to which I was enjoying more in licking her pussy.

I raised her legs a little more and greased one of my fingers with oil and inserted it into the ass hole of aunt and started taking it out slowly.
On the other hand I was licking her pussy.

After ten minutes of pussy licking, I stood up.
My cock was still standing very tight and had become completely smooth due to being stained with pussy juice.

I pulled the aunt towards me and put her ass on the edge of the bed.

Then picked up the oil bottle and emptied half of it on her ass and applied some oil on the cock.
Set the cock on the ass hole.

That’s why aunt said – Sagar, slow down… this is ass… not pussy. I took your cock in my pussy, but I don’t think my ass will be able to take your big fat cock. I have never killed my ass before today. My ass is completely sealed, I will be in a lot of pain, please do it slowly.

I felt a little pity on the aunt and I slowly tried to put the cap of the cock in the ass.

Being smooth, the cap immediately entered the hole.
Aunt screamed out of nowhere- Aaah hahahmm put it slowly please… otherwise I will die.

I slowly started taking out the cap of the cock.
What a pleasure it was to put the cap inside out… I can’t tell.

Sensual sounds were coming out of the aunt’s mouth too – aahh umm ahh ahh.

I said – are you having fun, aunt?
Aunt said- Yes… but put a little more inside… but stir slowly.

I put some pressure on the cock and put the cock further inside.

Now my cock had entered up to 4 inches in aunt’s ass.
Aunt shouted again – Aaaah stop you bastard.

I stopped and started taking out the cock slowly till 4 inches.
After some time the pain of the aunt calmed down a bit, then she again said that pour the ocean a little more inside.

I again exerted a little force and this time I inserted my cock up to 6 inches in his hole.
Aunty screamed again.

I stopped.
Aunt asked – how much has it entered till now?

I said only one inch left.
She said to insert him too… and today tear my ass too.

Hearing all this, I got excited and I gave a big push.
Now my entire 7 inch cock was embedded in her ass till the root.

As soon as she was pushed, the aunt started crying loudly- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I stopped for a while and took out the cock little by little and started pushing it comfortably.

Aunt got some relief from the pain, so I took the cock out of her ass and bent down and started licking her ass hole with my tongue.
After licking for a while, I again set the cock on the hole and this time with all my strength, in a single push, I took the cock completely in the ass.

As soon as she was pushed, the aunt shouted out loud, oh mother, you bastard, today you will die only after killing me.
I started thrusting and pushed my 7 inch chachi’s ass cock inside and out.

Now cool sounds were coming out of aunt’s mouth- Aaah aah oh… It was fun.
Hearing all this, I got excited and I increased my speed.

Then aunt also started enjoying getting her ass killed and she lifted her ass up and started taking cocks.
Like this, I killed aunt’s ass for about 20 minutes, but I was still not going to fall.

After some time, I took the cock out of the ass and after making aunt a bitch on the bed, put the cock in the ass from behind.

I started pushing her ass hard inside.
After a long push pale ass fuck I reached the climax.

I asked aunt – where to take out?
Aunt said – Fill all your goods in my titi.

I took the cock out of the ass and put it in the aunt’s pussy and started pushing with all my might.
After a few violent thrusts, I entered the aunt’s pussy with a big bang and filled her pussy completely with my stuff.

I took out the cock and put it in aunt’s mouth.
Aunt cleaned the cock completely by sucking it.

I got tired and fell on my aunt.

Aunt took me in her arms and said- Wow today, what a fun fuck you made me… I enjoyed it a lot. I did not enjoy this much even in the first sex with your uncle, which I enjoyed today.

Both of us were tired and lay like this for 30-35 minutes and now the time was 12:30.
After a while, both of us stood up and went to the bathroom and started bathing naked together.

Aunt put a lot of soap on my cock and started rubbing the cock slowly.
My cock got tanned again.

Seeing the standing cock, the aunt said – It seems that I have liked your cock. Your cock wants to have more fun now.
Saying this, the aunt brought me out holding my cock and became a mare in front of me.

I was feeling a bit tired, so I explained the second position to my aunt and I lay down straight on the bed.

Aunt climbed on top of me and after setting the cock on the pussy with one hand, slowly putting the whole cock in the pussy, started jumping up and down on the cock.

After some time the aunt increased her speed and started jumping on the cocks.
Both of us started exclaiming ‘Aaah ohh…’

After jumping on the cock for about 20 minutes, the aunt took the cock out of her pussy and put it in her ass and again jumping on the cock, she started taking the cock inside the ass.

Aunt increased her pace and started jumping on the cocks.
After 15 minutes of jumping and ass-fucking, she got tired and sat on the cock.

Aunt’s face was filled with sweat.
Till then I had also got some relief from fatigue, so I bent the aunt towards me and started pushing her from behind by raising her ass slightly.

After a while I increased my speed and started banging her ass very hard.
After beating the aunt’s ass well for a few minutes, I took the cock out of the ass and inserted it in the pussy.

Now I started banging her pussy loudly and after banging her pussy again took out the cock and put it in her ass.
In the same way, I banged both the holes of the aunt till about 2:30 pm and by breaking the seal of the ass along with the pussy of the aunt, she calmed down the ass as well.

Meanwhile, aunt had fallen twice. But my cock was not yet taking the name of falling.
Aunt’s pussy was swollen badly due to excessive beating and her ass hole was also in bad condition.

Now aunt refused to fuck more but it was also necessary to pacify the cock.
I handed over the remaining bottle of oil to my aunt and asked her to massage and masturbate his cock.

I lay down on the bed after giving the bottle to my aunt and my aunt sitting between my legs started masturbating well by applying oil on the cock and massaging the cock with both her hands.
It seemed that some expert whore is massaging the cock, because the fun that comes in getting a woman to massage and masturbate by applying oil on the cock, that fun does not even come in tearing the sealed pack ass.

It had been 15 minutes while massaging the aunt.
I asked aunt to apply more oil, then aunt opened the whole bottle of puri on the cock and soaked the cock completely with oil.
Then she started massaging the cock with both her hands up and down.

I climaxed after 5 minutes of greasy fist massage.

I told my aunt – my goods are about to leave.
Aunt said – I want to drink your goods.

Aunt was sitting on her knees on the bed, I stood on the bed itself and put the cock in the mouth of the aunt and started pushing it till the neck.
After indiscriminate fucking of aunt’s mouth for a few seconds, I got very stiff and fell in aunt’s mouth itself.

Aunt’s whole mouth was filled with goods.
She swallowed all the goods in one go and also licked the oil on the cock and cleaned the cock completely.

This form of aunt was no less than a porn actress.

I fainted and lay down on the bed.
Aunt also lay down next to me and started kissing me on the lips saying – Wow my lion, today I have agreed to you. You have beaten me very hard today… Your dangerous beating has worsened the condition of my pussy and I enjoyed a lot the way you broke the seal of my ass today. I didn’t even enjoy getting my pussy ripped. This young long thick cock of yours has calmed both my holes well. From today I will hand over my pussy as well as my ass to this cool young cock of yours. You can beat them whenever you want, however you want.

After a little rest, both of us again went to the bathroom naked to take a bath and the aunt washed my cock thoroughly with soap and cleaned it completely.

I also put my finger in aunt’s pussy and ass and cleaned the whole ass pussy inside.
Then we came out after taking a bath and I ordered food.

We both ate food naked.

Aunt put on her clothes after having food, but I was still naked.
Aunt said – let’s go home.

I said that it is only 4 o’clock now. Your leave is at 5:30 and you reach home at 6.
Aunt laughed and said – So what is the mood to do now?

I said that we still have 2 hours and we can do a lot in 2 hours.
Having said this, I came and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled my aunt towards me by keeping both my feet on the ground.

Aunty came and sat between my both legs and holding the cock in her hand started shaking it.
Started kissing on my cock.

In a few moments, my cock again became erect like a snake.
Aunt started taking the cock in her mouth. Aunt sucked my cock well for ten minutes and then stood up and took off her clothes and became naked again.

I again made aunt a bitch on the bed and slowly inserted the whole cock in the pussy from behind.
I started pushing the cock completely inside and out.

Like this, he beat the pussy for about 20 minutes and took out the cock from the pussy and put it in the ass.
Now beat the ass a lot. Then removed the cock from the ass and put it in the pussy.

For the whole half an hour the pussy was again well fed.
Till now aunt had fallen twice and she was about to fall for the third time.

I increased the speed of the cock and started pounding the pussy hard.
After a few minutes of vigorous thrusting pale pussy fuck, aunty’s pussy released juice again.

My entire cock was soaked with the juice of aunt’s pussy.

I took the cock out of the pussy and put the cock smeared with aunt’s pussy material again in her ass hole.
This time I got my ass fed a lot and now I am also about to fall.

I asked aunt – where should I take aunt?
Aunt said – take it out in the ass itself.

I increased my speed and with 15-20 hard thrusts I dumped all my goods in aunty’s ass.
I took the cock out of the ass and lay down next to the aunt.

Aunty started sucking my lips.
After sucking my lips for 5 minutes, she cleaned her pussy and anus with a cloth and also cleaned my cock.

Then aunt stood up and put on her clothes and started asking me to wear clothes too.
I said aunt you go home, I will come on my own in a while.

Aunt said – it’s okay.

I was lying naked.
Aunty came towards me and went out of the room with a loud kiss of my cock.

Friends, that day I had torn apart the ass of real aunt and that day the aunt must have showered many times.
Due to excessive beating, aunt’s gait had also deteriorated and for the next two days, she did not even go away from aunt.

I lay there in the hotel for an hour, then left for home.
After that I stayed at uncle and aunt’s house for many days and we both used to get a chance to have sex every 3-4 days.

I used to climb on aunt as soon as I got a chance and used to get down only after making aunt bad.
I made my aunt drink a lot even while working at her mistress doctor’s house.

Aunt was also very happy with my sex. Aunty’s ass has now come out even more, due to which she looks even more sexy.
I enjoy even more now in making aunt’s cool ass jump on the cock.

Now aunt is pregnant again and after this she will give birth to my child.

Friends, sorry the sex story got a bit long because I have told you the whole scandal between my aunt and me in full detail.
Hope you like this sex story. This is a true incident of mine.

Do tell me your views on the story of Sagi Chachi ki Gand Phad Chudai.
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Thank you.

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