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By Smutdaddy51

A chance encounter leads to some family fun!

At the airport lobby, Charlie was sitting, talking on his cell phone, “Hey, Dad. No, I haven’t found her. Well, the traffic held me up, so I missed her flight coming in, and I don’t know where she is. I barely even remember what she looks like, I mean I haven’t seen her since I was a little kid. Look, let me call you back, okay?”

Charlie puts his phone away, and sits there for a moment.

“Hey, sexy, this seat taken?” Charlie looked up, to see a striking beautiful older red headed woman standing there.

To Charlie the woman was over forty, for sure, mostly like over fifty but she clearly took care of herself so her age was hard to pin down.

“Um, no.” He scoots over, to give her room.

“Thanks.” the woman sits next to him. “My son was supposed to pick me up, but I haven’t seen hide nor hair, of him.”

“Maybe it’s traffic? I ran into one hell of a jam on the way here.”

“Yeah, probably. Just my luck to arrive in the middle of rush hour.”

Charlie chuckles. “I know, tell me about it.”

“So, you waiting for someone?”


“Well, if they don’t show up, maybe you could take me?”

Charlie laughs. “Where would I take you?”

“Well, the family bathroom, so we can be alone, is a good place to start.” Charlie busts out laughing.

“Or am I a little old for you?”

“Oh, no. Trust me, I’m used to being hit on by cougars.”

“Oh, I’m a cougar, am I?”

“Oh, yeah.” Charlie’s eye to the red head’s heavy tits on display in her cleavage revealing top, “Believe me, if I didn’t have to find someone, I’d take you in that bathroom.”

Susan chuckles. “And then what?”

“Pretty much anything you’ll let me do. Which, based on my experience with women like you, is pretty much anything.”

It was the beautiful lady turn to laugh.

“Well, how about I give you my cell phone number? Then, after you find your friend, and my son finally shows up, you wanna hook up while I’m in town…”

“Fuck, yeah.” Both pull out their phones.

“Okay, my number is…Wait, I should tell you my name first, shouldn’t I?”

“Yeah, I guess. Can’t just put ‘Red-headed cougar’ in my contact list, can I?”

The beautiful lady again chuckles.

“Okay. My name is Susan…”

“Huh, that’s my grandmother’s name.”

“Beg your pardon?”

“Oh, that’s who I’m here to pick up.”

Suddenly, both he and Susan look like something just dawned on them.


“Um, yeah.”

“Oh, my!” Susan covers her face up, as she turns bright red. “I just hit on my own grandson.”

“Yeah, and I was flirting back.”

“So, did your father send you to pick me up in his place?”

“Yeah, he said he was running late.”

The two are silent for a moment, then Susan speaks up again.

“Okay, I think we can both agree your father doesn’t need to know this happened.”

“Yeah, that would probably be good.”

Later, Susan is in her son’s guest bedroom, in a silk nightie and robe, when Charlie comes in with a stack of sheets.

“Hey, Dad sent me with some extra sheets, just in case.”

“Oh, uh, thanks, Charlie.”

Susan grabs the sheets from him, and puts them on the dresser.

“So, uh…”


“Um, can we talk about…what happened? I’m still a little weirded out, and…”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I’ve seen it happen many times. We’re just lucky we worked it out before, you know, anything happened.”

“Yeah, I guess…Still, that was weird…”

Susan suddenly smirks, as if she just caught on to something. “Wait, I think I know what’s bothering you…”


“You’re still thinking about how we almost ended up fucking.”


“You’re still feeling an attraction to me, aren’t you?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Yeah…To be honest, Charlie, it’s the same for me. That whole car ride, I kept glancing at you, thinking, ‘If he wasn’t my grandson…’”

“Uh, really?”

“Charlie, I want an honest answer to this question. Do you still want to fuck me?”

“I…you’re my grandmother, I mean…”

“It’s okay to say yes, Charlie.”

Susan smiles evilly.

“I’m certainly thinking I wanna fuck you.”

Charlie suddenly has a deer in headlights look on his face.

“I mean, hell…Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve committed incest.”

Charlie starts to ask, “Who?” but is cut off when Susan shoves her tongue in his mouth, and kisses him.

After making out for a minute or so, Susan breaks off kissing her grandson, continuing to smile, takes her robe off, then slips out of her nightie, and stands before her grandson, completely naked.

Her tits had a little sag, but with their weight there would be some. Her tits had the biggest aroles and nipples Charlie had ever seen in person. Staring at them for a moment, Charlie then grabs Susan’s huge tits, leans in, and starts sucking them.

“Ooh, Charlie, honey…” Susan moans as she feels Charlie’s mouth on her titties. Charlie squeezes and kneads his grandmother’s titties, as he licks and sucks on her nipples.

“Mmm…Fuck, you’re making me so wet, baby…”

She then places her hand on the front of his pants, “What about you, sweetie?”

Her hand caresses his crotch, then she stops, pulling her hand away slightly, and gasps a little, “Ooh…sit down, baby…”

Charlie sits down, and Susan kneels before him, continuing to rub his bulge, then she unzips his pants, and out pops his cock. It was quite a cock. starts to suck him off.

“Ohhh, fuck…” Charlie moans, as Susan’s lips slide up and down his rigid member, going all the down until the head of his cock was in her throat. Years of experience had taught her the skill to be able to deepthroat a cock like her grandson’s.
At one point, she stops, and jerks on his now spit covered cock slowly. “Have you ever had a blowjob before, Charlie?”

“A couple of girls from school.”

“Were they as good as me?”

“Fuck, no.” Susan grins, after flicking her tongue on the tip of Charlie’s cock, and working her lips back down once again the head was in the back of her throat.

After a while, Susan takes her grandson’s cock out of her mouth, wraps her soft tits around the spit lude shaft and gives him a titty-job. To Charlie it was the softest, best jerk off he ever had. The head of his cock was deep in his grandmother’s cleavage when he began to cum. Once he stop, Susan first sucked and licked Charlie’s cum covered cock clean, then made a show of rubbing the cum on her onto her titties, like it was skin lotion.

“That feel good, darling?”

“Uhm, yeah…”

“Do you know how to eat a woman?”

“Oh, of course.”

With that said, Susan laid down at the edge of the bed, while Charlie knelt in front of her, lick up and down Susan’s moist pussy slit.

“Ohhh, honey…just like that…” Susan bites her lip, as she kneads and massages her tits, “Oh, Fuck, you’re even better than your father…was at your age!”

Charlie finger-bangs Susan’s dripping cunt, while he licks around her clit. “Oh!” Susan moans out loud, digging her nails into her tits. “Fuck! Yes!” As she orgasmed, and then orgasmed again and again.

Charlie is now lying in the middle of the bed, naked, holding his grandmother’s hips, as she rides his cock, “Oh, fuck, yes! Oh, honey, I love how big you are!”

Susan’s wet, ginger-haired pussy slides up and down Charlie’s cock, which itself is dripping wet from her cunt. As Susan continues riding her grandson’s dick, her big tits bounce and jiggle. “Fuck! Oh, fuck!” Suddenly, Susan arches her back, as she orgasms, the collapses on top of her grandson.

Charlie’s need to continue fucking has him rolling Susan onto her back. Kneeling in front of her, hands grasping her sides, her tits now almost hitting her in the face as he thrusts into her wet cunt.

“Oh! Fuck me, baby!” Susan cries out as she feels Charlie’s cock thrusting quickly in and out of her fuck hole.. “Fuck!!!” she suddenly screams, as another orgasm hits her. Once she recovered enough to realized that her grandson had cum yet, she know want she had to do.

Susan’s now on her side, with Charlie behind her. “Yeah, put it in there…slowly…” Charlie press the tip of his cock against Susan’s backdoor, then laboredly pushes it in, causing her to groan. If it wasn’t for his size, Susan wouldn’t have had a problem with his cock in her ass. She like it up her butt.

“Fuck…play with my pussy…”

Charlie starts diddling Susan’s cunt, causing her to moan and whimper. After a while, Susan’s ass loosens up, allowing Charlie to go a little faster, and she gets close to again screaming, as he pounds her ass.

“Oh, Fuck, rub my clit faster…”

Charlie’s middle finger glides over Susan’s clit. Before long, Susan shrieks, and this orgasm has her pussy sprays all over the bed. Amazingly Charlie faught off his need to blow his load as Susan’s ass clamped down on his cock.

Susan now kneels on the floor in front of her grandson, vigorously jerking and sucking the cock that had just been up her, intent on making him cum. Remembering want made him the first time, Susan once again wrapped her big soft titties around her grandson’s cock.

Soon, he started to groan, “Yeah, cum on my tits, baby…” Charlie again groans, this time as he cums, his cock head had popped from between her titties, so his cum shot into the air, several ropes of cum, which covered Susan’s titties. Once he stops, Susan wipes some up, and then sucks it off her fingers, before again rubbing the remainder into her skin.

Both sit on the floor at the foot of her bed. “So, you also did this with Dad? When?”

“Oh, a long time ago, before he ever met your mother. He…wanted to fuck me, and, even though he was my boy, I kind of wanted to fuck him, so…”

Charlie starts laughing. “This is kind of fucked up, isn’t it?”

“Oh, completely,” Susan agrees, also laughing.

Eventually, their laughter stops, and they smile at each other, then kiss. Either of them realizing that Carl, Charlie’s dad had been outside the guest room door, not only listening to his mother and his son fucking, but jerking off to want he had heard.

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By Smutdaddy51

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