Cheating wife PT4 Sex Story

#Cheating #Incest #Teen

By Dan

Sophie came in from school very excited a out the recording. She ran upstairs into the shower and came down a out 15vmins later in some loose shorts and a vest top. I made us both a drink and she sat opposite me in the lounge.
I pressed play and watched her intently as we listened. It was so clear you could hear every lick and slurp and moan. Both of them talking dirty a d the sound of his cock pounding her wet hole.
I could see Sophie’s hard nipples through her top and she was swinging her legs open and closed giving me glimpses of her young pussy up her loose shorts leg. Her breathing changed as the recording went on. She sat back in the chair and closed her eyes leaving her legs open. I could see a small.damp spot on her shorts. I had a lovely view of her pussy.
She must have forgotten where she was as her left hand moved up and started to rub her hard nipples and her right hand went between her legs. My cock was straining at my shorts at this sight. We both listened as Lisa was screaming for her son to fuck her deep and cum inside her. Finally we heard Sean tell her he was cumming and then he moaned.
I got up and walked over to Sophie, my hard cock clearly visible in my shorts and asked her how she felt after listening to them. She said she knows it’s wrong what they are doing but it had turned her on a lot. She looked at me and said she could see it had the same effect on me.
I apologised but she said it was ok she understood. She then asked if I ever thought of her like Sean and Lisa think of each other. Oh wow I wasnt expecting that. I told her I hadn’t looked at her sexually until I found out about my wife and her son but I now see she is growing into a beautiful young woman.
I asked Sophie the same question about me. She dropped her head a d was blushing. She then just said yes and often thinks of me when she touches herself. As I was reeling from that shock she then asked if we could do stuff like Lisa and Sean do. I felt my cock twitch and leak precum. Oh God what have I got into here

By Dan
#Cheating #Incest #Teen

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