Cheating wife PT5 Sex Story

#Cheating #Incest #Teen

By Paul

My mind was in turmoil right now. My intention at the start was to confront my wife about fucking her son and here I am sitting with my young daughter who is asking if we can have sex. This was never in my thoughts but to be fair, what dad hasn’t had desires about getting his cock into his daughter.
I tried to explain this to her and said she shouldn’t want to do it as a revenge thing or just because they were doing it then we should. She replied by saying it was none of those things. She had been having thoughts about us for quite a while and then admitted she pictured us doing stuff when she touches herself. That was quite unexpected. I told her of the consequences if anyone ever found out and then confessed that just lately I had been looking at her in a more sexual way and had very similar thoughts.
After a brief awkward silence I put my arms around her and kissed her on her lips whilst stroking her neck and my other hand on her ass. ” Oh dad I want this so much. Can we please? “.
I took her hand and led her upstairs to her room. Once in there I kissed her again and felt her tiny tits through her top. I moved back and lifted her top over her head and off. Her tits were the size of half oranges and her nipples were small but hard. I bent and took one in my mouth,suvking and nibbling it. My right hand slipped into the front of her shorts and made contact with the peachy fuzz on her mound. My finger moved between her lips and found her already moist. I sought out her tiny hole and managed to get my finger finger to the first knuckle. My god she felt tight.
She in turn put her hand on my stomach and slowly moved it down to my shorts. She grasped my stiffening cock in her hand and began stroking me to full hardness. After a while I moved back slightly and pulled her shorts down. I looked at my now naked daughter, seeing her like this for the first time in years. She had grown up to be a beautiful, sexy girl.
I lay her down on her bed. As I did I glanced at her bedside clock. My wife would be home in an hour. I didn’t want Sophie’s first fuck to be rushed so decided I would save that for the next day. I took my shorts off and lay naked with her. We kissed and caressed some more and then I started moving down her body. I spent some time sucking her nipples whilst touching her pusdy before I moved down to taste the forbidden fruit. I admired her pussy. A covering of fine hair and very neat slit. I moved forward and my tongue made contact, tasting her fresh, sweet pussy for the first time. She jumped a little as she felt my tongue swipe between lips and make contact with her clit. I pushed her legs up and out yo open up her neat pussy and then really went to work on her, suckling her tiny clit whilst putting my finger inside her. My left hand went up to play with her tits. In no time she was writhing around and breathing heavy. She groaned a d clamped my head between her legs and I could feel the extra wetness as she cum on my tongue.
After she came down from her orgasm I reminded her of the time saying Lisa would be home soon. She said we should let her catch us in bed together like I caught her and her son. I said I wanted her to hear the recording first before she found out me and Sophie were doing stuff together.
Who’s idea do you think would be best?

By Paul
#Cheating #Incest #Teen

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