Coaxing Jenny Part 2: Kelsey Sex Story

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By Paramedic1

Read “Coaxing Jenny” to follow along with the story.

Jenny went back home and I was kind of bummed. However things were looking up when we got some new neighbors on the lake. They had one daughter, 11 yo, Kelsey, her brother was my age. I was still 15. They came over to introduce themselves and I asked them to play catch with me while our parents talked. We played catch. That went from catch to chasing the 8yo around to rough housing. We were having a blast.

I woke up one morning to someone poking me. “Come on dad leave me alone.”, I said.

“I am out here.”, He said.

I looked up and it was Jenny. I hugged her. My dad surprised me and brought her here for the weekend. I was so happy to see her again. My dad left. She told me how much missed me. I told her the same. I put my finger over my lips. Shhhh. I put my hands down her pants and felt her soft vulva. She reached under the covers and took out my cock and massaged it. She kissed me as I rubbed her standing there. Her legs and ass tightened as she ran her teeth along my tongue as she peaked into her orgasm. “I love you!”, She said. I told her the same.

Jenny met Kelsey that morning and they became instant friends. Playing in the backyard and stuff. I went to take a shower. They were both giggling. I hear a barrage of “yes he will” and “no he won’t”. These two are arguing over whether I would let them see me naked.

I was in the shower and I hear. “Shhh. He is cool. But we got to be quiet.”, She said.

“Yea be very very quiet!”, I said. Peeking through the curtain. Kelsey was about to run. “No! No! You stay! You are not in trouble. This one is.”

Jenny laughed and said to her friend, “I got this covered. Don’t worry.”. I moved the shower cover and Kelsey gasped. I dried off and got out.

“See I told you.”, Jenny said. I dried off and went to Jenny and whacked her on the top of her head with my dick.

“Stop being bad!”, I said. She stuck her tongue out at me. I slapped her across the face with my dick. I just kept tapping her with it. She was laughing hysterically as Kelsey stood there frozen. “Don’t be scared honey. We are just playing.”, I said. Jenny just took it and put it in her mouth. Kelsey was in awe as she watched it grow.

“But..but does it do that?”, She said.

I laughed, “it just does”

“Jack off for her and make the white stuff shoot in my mouth.”, Jenny said.

I did. I sat on the toilet Jenny stood by waiting as Kelsey watched in awe with each stroke. She was seeing her first dick and what it does. Jenny just stood by waiting. Kelsey watched as I put hand down Jenny’s bikini bottoms. She spread her legs so I could rub her as I jacked off. Jen was moaning and moving her upper body in rythym with my finger. I arched back and “Jen…errrrr mmmm Jen it is coming.”, I said. She opened her mouth above my cock as the sperm shot into her mouth. Kelsey was wide eyed watching this go down. She gasped loudly as it shot out.

I was out of breath. Jenny swallowed what she got. She was about to clean my dick off. “Ahem did you offer your friend any?”, I asked. She asked Kelsey. She nervously took a fingerful off Jen’s hand and tasted it. She smiled afterwards. “Tastes salty.”, She giggled.

Jenny said, “here grab here. Like this.” Jenny grabbed the side of my dick. Kelsey was reluctant to touch it.

“Gee just like Jenny. Go ahead”, I said, “it doesn’t bite. Jenny was reluctant at first to do it. Now she loves it.”

“He lies!”, Jenny said.

“No you do!”, I said. I hit her mouth with my dick and got some cum on her lips. She licked it off. “That is not for hitting me with you know! It is for me to enjoy!”, she said and laughed.

I laughed, “Behave yourself then in front of our guest!”

“You two are weird!”, Kelsey laughed and said

“Watch Kelsey!” She said and licked the cum off both side sides of my dick and then went down on it and cleaned the tip. “You should try it! You will like it.” Kelsey was shook her head.

So I asked if I could shower now. Jenny said, “I guess so. Don’t let us stop you.” She giggled.

I took a shower. Kelsey came back as I was shaving. “Can I come back in?”, She asked. I told her she could. “I want to see it again. I want to touch it. I did not want to touch it before because it was all gooey and icky from the white stuff.”

“Ok hon.”, I pulled my underwear down.

I sat down on the toilet and had her stand in front of me. I guided her hand to the base of my dick and let her feel up. She was playing with my penis head. “Watch this!”, I said. I tapped her head with it. She laughed. I slapped her face with it playfully and she was laughing hysterically.

“Jenny says you are not supposed to do that with your thing!”, She said

“Yeah to her! She did not say anything about you”, I said.

“I like you! Your funny! I like your thing. It is cool.”, She said.

I put it to her lips. “Stick your tongue out.”, I said She backed up real quick and shook her head. I laughed.

“Don’t be afraid!”, I said, “Jenny was this way at first too but she loves it now.”

I coaxed her into it. She stuck her tongue out and closed her eyes as I touched it to her tongue. She was shaking. “Bad?”, I asked. She shook her head. “Alright put the tip in your mouth.”, I said. She looked worried. “Come on do not be scared. If you do not like it you never have to do it again.”, I said. She was nervous as she held my cock with both hands and put my tip in her mouth. “Bad?”, I asked. She shook her head no. I hugged her and kissed her forehead. I gave her some pointers and she sucked my dick. She stopped.

“Is it going to go off in my mouth?”, She asked. “I don’t wanna do what Jenny did.”

“I will warn you then and you can move your head away.”, I said. She started blowing me again.

Jenny walks in. “Hey! What’s going on here?”

“She came in and wanted to…well wanted to… see it and it…it.. just progressed to this. I am not in trouble am?”, I said jokingly. She laughed. She pulled her bikini bottoms down exposing her beautiful slit. “Let’s go to my room.”, I said.

“God you two are weird!”, Kelsey joked.

We went into my room. I laid down on the bed as Kelsey resumed what she was doing. Jenny sat on my face as I pleasured her my tongue. Kelsey was doing great. Her little mouth sliding up and down my cock. She was sucking hard on the way back up now. “Awwww shit shit. Ok Kelsey. I am about to come!”, I said. I was going to grab my dick but she changed her mind I guess. She sucked hard as she could. “Errrrrrr-ahhhh”, I said as I unloaded my nuts into her mouth. She took it all. She sat there with a mouthful of cum and swallowed it all. “Damn girl! That was great.”, I said.

I picked Jenny up and threw her on the bed. I blew raspberries into her belly as she laughed hysterically. I tickled her. I finally moved my head down between her legs. I opened up her little box and found the pearl inside. I danced my tongue across her clit. She was loving it. She was moaning as my tongue did its work on her. Kelsey just watched intently. Jenny was tapping her fist into the bed as I did this to her. Her legs went around my head. They clamped down and relaxed, clamped down and relaxed, the last time they locked. Jenny was making some guttural sounds as her orgasm peaked. I kept going and slid a finger into her. She orgasmed again. Grabbing the bedsheets and pulling them loose. I kept going. Her legs actually were hurting my head because they clamped so tight. Jenny orgasmed again. “Aw you fucker! Oh gosh damn! Mother fucker!”, She said. I stopped. I actually felt bad. I never heard that sweet girl cuss like that and I made her do it. She laid there for a moment. Exhausted. Then she got up and hugged and kissed me.

Kelsey was just watching this whole thing in awe. “Did you hurt her?”, She asked

Jenny kissed me. “He would never hurt me!”, She said. “It felt great! Let him do it to you! You will like it! Come on show him your pussy at least. He showed you his.”

“Dont pressure her. She will do it when she is ready.”, I said. “She does give a mean blowjob I will say.”. Kelsey smiled

Jenny turned away. “What is wrong Jen?”, I asked. She looked at me with a tear streaming down her face. “What you do it good too!”, I said feeling bad. She giggled and stuck her tongue out at me. “Oh you brat! You are getting a dick beat down for that!”, I said and chased her round my room. Kelsey grabbed my leg to protect her friend. I grabbed Kelsey and threw her on the bed giving her raspberries on her soft belly. She giggled.

Jenny grabbed my dick and started giving me a handjob. “Don’t be afraid. Let him do it.”, Jenny said.

Kelsey pulled her shorts down. She was beautiful. Gorgeous little body. “Aw wow!”, I said. I whispered. “Your pee pee is even cuter than hers.”. Kelsey giggled. Jenny pinched my dick head. “Ow! Damn it was just a joke!”, I said.

“Keep talking!”, Jenny said.

I ran my finger down her slit. Her legs immediately slammed shut and she squirmed. I laughed. “Just calm down honey. Relax. I won’t hurt you.”, I said. I opened her lips and started moving my tongue and sucking on her clit. Jenny comes by me, finger out. “Can I?”, She asked. I gave her an “ok” look. She fingered Kelsey as I licked and sucked. Kelsey was just staring at the ceiling enjoying all these new sensations. Her hips started moving up and down. Jen rammed two fingers in her. Her legs clamped. “Errrrr awwww”, she exclaimed. As her orgasm peaked. My head felt like it was locked in a vice. Jenny was ramming her fingers hard into her. She orgasmed a second time. Squeezing my head even harder. She collapsed out of energy. “Think she liked it?”
, I asked Jen. Kelsey motioned me to come here. I did and she kissed me. I laughed.

We spent most of the day playing outside and in the lake. Her family came over for a barbeque and we built a bonfire and watched the sun go down. Thinking what a great day I had with my two lovelies and what more is to come.

More of our weekend adventure to come in Part 3.

By Paramedic1
#PreTeen #Teen #Threesome #Virgin

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