Coaxing Jenny: Part 3 Sex Story

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By Paramedic1

Read Coaxing Jenny 1&2 to understand the story.

So I wake up the next morning. Jenny is under the covers sucking my dick. “What are you doing?!!! My parents are home!”, I said.

“Lay back and enjoy it. They come in just keep the covers over us or tell them you are getting dressed don’t come in. You like the way Kelsey does it. Well she told me how she does it. Now be quiet and enjoy it and I will get to work.”, Jenny said.

She started licking my head and then going down on me. Sucking hard as she came back up. “Oh oh. Fuck.”, I said. “You are great hon.” Her little tongue swirling across my head was amazing. Jenny just sucked as hard as she could on the way up. Her soft hands touching my cock. I felt myself about to ejaculate. “Uhhh-ohhh”, I said as I shot my load into her mouth. She giggled and swallowed. She thanked me. “I should be thanking you. You did really good. Remind me to thank Kelsey also.”, I said. She laughed.

I had to help my dad with some trees this morning. It was late morning now. I went over to Kelsey’s house looking for Jenny. Her mom said they were probably in the guest house. I go over there and I hear moaning. I quietly snuck in and Jenny was eating out Kelsey. “Hey that is my thing!”, I said. They both jumped up scared until they saw it was me.

“We were just trying it. I wanted to do it to Kelsey. I see why you like it.”, She said.

“Well how would you like it if I acted like a 10yo girl.”, I said. I play acted how Jenny acts sometimes.

“That is not me!!! I don’t do that!”, She protested.

I asked Kelsey. She just started laughing hysterically nodding her head yes. “You two are assholes!”, Jenny said.

I took my dick out of my shorts and hit her with it playfully. “We don’t talk like that young lady!”, I said. Jenny giggled.

“You going to join in or just bitch?”, Jenny said

I hit her again with my dick. “Language!!”, I yelled. She giggled.

Kelsey shook her head, “Weirdos!”

I looked at Kelsey’s little angelic body. I wanted to fuck her but she was too young. I didn’t want to hurt her. I grabbed my dick and put the head in her as much as I can get. Kelsey protested asking what I was doing. “Ahh ahh! No! No! Wait please! I don’t want to do that yet!” I told her to relax. My dick head was hidden in her little tunnel as I jacked off. Jenny watched intently as I was rubbbing my dick. “Uhhh shit”, I said as I came into her. I went down and kissed Kelsey and thanked her.

My sperm was leaking out of her as Jenny licked it up. “You really like the taste of that don’t you? “, I asked. Jenny just giggled.

“You going to do that to me sometime?”, She asked.

“What lick my sperm off you? No way!”, I said and laughed.

“No moron! The other thing!”, She said.

I laughed “Of course!”, I said, “I will give you the whole thing.”,

I left those two to their lovemaking. We met up later at my house. Jenny went with my mom and the girls on a boat trip. Kelsey stayed behind with me. Kelsey was kissing up to me the whole day. Getting me stuff, asking if I want this or that, Etc. I asked her what was going on.

“Ok what do you want?”, I asked. She claimed nothing. “Ok what is going on then? Why are you waiting on me hand and foot?”, I asked.

“Ok. Will you kiss me down there again like you did yesterday? It felt so good.”, She said

“What about Jen? Wasn’t she doing that to you this morning?”, I asked

She giggled and whispered, “She is not as good.”. I laughed.

I sighed, “I guess.” Acting like I did not want to.

Kelsey said, “Oh bullshit! You know you want to.”

“You know what happens to girls who talk like that around me!”, I said. She giggled.

“What you going to dick beat me in front of your dad?”, She asked.

“Ew I am going to get you” and I tickled her and chased her. My dad watched us and shook his head totally disinterested. She ran to the guest house. We went in and I picked her up and slammed her lightly on the bed. I picked her up a couple times and did this she was laughing hysterically.

She looked at me with stars in her eyes. “I love you! You are so much fun!”, She said. I picked her up and sat her on my lap and we made out. I went in for a feel. I ran my finger up and down her soft vulva. She started kissing me more passionately. I slid my index finger in her and she arched her back as I did. She got used to it as I slowly fingered her as I kissed her. I took my thumb and started rubbing her clit. Her kissing became more and more intense. She grabbed the back of my neck as her ass was tightening with every thrust of my finger. My finger was soaked with her juices. “Uh uh errrrr”, she said as her ass tightened hard as she came she bit my tongue gently and dug her fingers in my neck. “OHHHHH DAMMIT!”, She said and she put her head on my chest out exhausted.

“Damn you are good! Oh son of a bitch!”, She said. I picked her up and threw and slammed her on the bed again gently. I got on top of her and started tickling her.

“What did I say about using language like that.”, I said. She was laughing.

“Ok how about this then?”, She flipped me off. I laughed. She was so adorable. Just a beautiful angel.

“Ew you are a bad girl! I am. Going to punish you.”, I said. I took out my dick and started tapping her head and face all over and tickling her. She was laughing hysterically again.

She grabbed my dick. “I am sorry. I will make it up to you okay?” She started licking my head doing circles around it. Then licking the stem from my sack to the tip. It felt amazing.

“Someone likes this? Hmmm?”, She said. She gagged trying to deep throat it. She was giving me the most amazing blowjob. She put her hands on the lower part and was jacking me as she sucked my dick. I was about to come and pulled away and started jacking off. I arched back, “Oh fuck. Oh fuck.”, I said as I shot my load over her face. “That is what happens to girls who swear like that!” She giggled. “You’re a jerk! I was going to swallow it.”, She said.

She cleaned up and came back to me. “Is it true you stick that in Jenny’s butt?”, She asked. I told her we did do that. “Does it hurt?”, She asked.

“Why do you want to do that with me?”, I asked.

“No not with you. I got another guy in mind.”, She said and giggled.

“Ew you know what happens when you cheat on me.”, I said. I picked her up and I slammed her on the bed and tickled her. She was laughing hysterically.

“Do you want to do it?”, She asked.

I said, “nah”

“Ok I got the other guy. It’s cool!”, She said. I tickled her more.

“We need lube or it might hurt.”, I said. She got up and reached under the night stand to a hiding spot.

“Jen showed me where your parents keep it.”, She said. I laughed.

“At least you are far more willing than Jenny was her first time. I had to ride all the rides at the amusement park with her to get her to do it.”, I said.

“Hey hold on! What do I get?”, She said

“Well you are a theif and theives get punished severely! They get rammed in the ass!”, I said. She laughed.

She got me hard again and got on her hands and knees. I lubed up my dick and her ass. I slowly poked it in. “Mmmmm-uh”, she said. I slowly moved in and out letting her get used to it. Slowly picking up a rythym. I stuck my thumb in her cunt. I could feel my cock sliding in and out of her. I moved my thumb to her clit and started rubbing. “Oh-uh oh-uh oh-uh.”, She said as I fucked her virgin ass. She started shaking and buried her face in the pillow. “Errrrr phew errrr phew errr mmmmm”, she said as she came. “Aw son of a bitch. Dammit!”, She said. I took my hand away and grabbed both hips and just rammed her ass. “Ehhhh”, she said in a high voice. I just pounded her hard as I could. “Ehhh ehhh ehhh”, she said with each thrust. “You are a bad fucking girl! You know that? Bad fucking her girls get their asses rammed!”, I said. She was letting out a barrage of swear words now. I felt my orgasm coming on as I abused her little butt hole. “Oh uhhhhh errrrrrr dammit oh fuck”, as I came. I unloaded my nuts into her ass. I hovered over her exhausted. I pulled out of her. I collapsed on the bed.

“Is that what you do to Jenny? No holds barred like you did to me?”, She asked.

“Yeah why you don’t like my work?”, I asked

“I did not say that! I was just going to say Jenny is very lucky. Go wash yourself shit dick!’, she said and laughed. I playfully slapped her face. She punched my arm.

We went and washed up. She stood and was tightening her butt and twisting herself. “What did you do to me? You rearranged something!”, She said and we laughed. We came back and we laid together on the bed making out. She was a wonderful girl. I could not wait to break her cherry. But that is another chapter for another time.

More to come soon.

By Paramedic1
#Lesbian #PreTeen #Teen #Virgin

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