Coaxing Jenny Part 4: Lovely Gifts Sex Story

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By Paramedic1

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Jenny left for home. My new friend Kelsey and I spent the summer together having fun. Kelsey was now 12 and I was about to turn 16.

Kelsey said she had a birthday gift for me. It was the day before my birthday and her parents were gone. We went to the guest house.

She had me stand in another room. She told me to open the door. When I did she was naked with a gift bow covering her pussy. “Your present is my virginity.”, she said, I know you will take great care of it.”, she joked.

“Yes but you can never have it back”, I said as a come back. She stuck her tongue out at me.

We were both virgins. I’ve nailed asses but not a pussy. We started kissing. I felt up her shirt to her budding breasts and squeezed them gently. My hand slid down her pants to her bush. I rubbed her pussy as we made out. I lifted her shirt and sucked her young firm tits. She slid her pants down. I laid her down and got her pants and underwear off. We 69ed. She sucked on my cock as I licked her pretty bush. She had beautiful red hairs coming in. I spread her vulva and licked and sucked on her clit. She was moaning. I took it between my index finger and thumb and rubbed it. She reacted instantly. Her body shook.

On the other end she was sucking hard on my cock and bobbing her head up and down. I just kept rubbing her with my fingers and she was moaning loudly, “errrr uh… uh… uh….errrrrrr”, she said as she clamped her legs around my hand as she came. I got up and turned around.

I kissed her. Showtime! I was eager to finally fuck some pussy. I got on top of her. We made out. “Are you ready?”, I asked. She looked at me nervously and nodded. “You sure about this?”, she smiled and nodded. I put my dick up to her hole and slowly poked it in. It went in a little. I brought it back and reentered. It went in a little further. “Ow ow ow ow ow.”, she said. I felt her hymen break. “Ow ow”, she kept saying. “I apologized”, she just ignored it. I kept pushing in and out until my whole dick was in her. I was pumping her slowly and gently. The “ow”s stopped and she started getting into it. Now she was more “MMMMFFFF MMMMFFFF”, with each thrust. She grabbed the back of neck holding on as I fucked her. Kissing me every once in a while. She pulled me close. “Do it like you do it in my ass!”, she said. I held her hips and slammed her pussy hard. “Errrrrrr fffff……..errrrr awwww!”, she said. She started fingering her clit. I kept slamming her until I felt my climax coming. She was rocking her hips as I fucked her. I unloaded my nuts into her beautiful virgin pussy. Her legs clamped around me as she brought herself to orgasm. There was blood on my dick. We put an old towel down just in case of blood. I wiped my cock with it. She was just staring at the ceiling. “You ok?”, She smiled and turned and nodded to me. I tickled her and we laid together and made out.

“You are an asshole! That hurt at first!”, She said.

“I can’t help that. Anyway I apologized! You ignored me.”, I said.

“You are still an asshole.”, She said and giggled. I beat her hip with my dick as we laid together. “Behave!”, I said. We made out.

The day of my birthday we went to my Uncle’s house. He is Jenny’s stepdad. My coming was a surprise for Jenny. We are going to stay the weekend on the farm. Kelsey couldn’t come unfortunately.

We got there and Jenny flew from the house to the car. She gave me the biggest hug. “I am so glad you are here!”, She said. “I love you so much!” She showed me around the farm even though I have been here thousands of times. Just not since she moved in. We got to the barn and I picked her up and put her on a hay bale. I kissed her like there was no tomorrow.

“Man, I missed you!”, I said.

“I missed you too!”, She said. I went to cop a feel but was shot down. “Not yet. Wait until later.”, She said.

We ate and talked. Jenny and I set up a tent out in the woods on my Uncle’s property. I was feeling bad being with her and not telling her about Kelsey.

She called me a jerk out of the blue. “Don’t I get a dick beating for that?”, She said. “You ok? Is something wrong? If it is about Kelsey she told me already. I am fine with it. I knew it was bound to happen and besides we are related by marriage. Us two as couple would never work with our families. We can still do stuff though. I love that and I love you! That is all that matters.”, She said. For 11 she was very wise.

That lifted my spirits. Kelsey came through for me. I undid my pants and whacked her in the head with my dick like she loved so much. She grabbed it and started blowing me. “Mmmmm tastes like her now too.”, She joked. She was sucking on my head and then went down on me. “Time me!”, She said. “Let’s see how good I am!”. I started the timer on my watch and gave it to her. I sat on the bean bag chair in the tent as she went to work. She was working it hard. Sucking as hard as she could on my dick. I finally felt it coming on as I unloaded into her mouth. “Stop! 3 minutes 30 seconds! Ha new record.”, She said.

“Kelsey’s is 3 minutes 29 seconds!”, I joked. She punched me in the leg. “Just for that kiss me!”, She said I pushed her away and she laughed.

“Look what I got!”, She said. She pulled out the anal lube. “But first you got to lick the front and I will give you the back for your birthday.”

I held my dick. “Can I get the front for my birthday?”, I asked slyly.

“Hold on there Mr. Step Cuz. Wheren’t you just in my friend yesterday? You are lucky but not that lucky. You will be my first but just not tonight ok?”, She said.

I put my hand on her cheek. She was an adorable kid. I told her I loved her. She returned that sentiment. We stepped out of the tent. She kicked me and ran. I chased her through the field. She was laughing hysterically. I chased her and caught her when she fell in the grass. I bench pressed her over my head. I laid her on the grass and tickled her until she was almost blue. She was gasping for air when I stopped and she kicked me again. I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder and spanked her. I carried her back to the house spanking her cute little butt. She was beating my back lightly in protest and laughing.

We went and spent time with our family. We had a bonfire and later on Kelsey and I went to our campsite. I had stolen a couple beers and I had some weed I bought off of a friend. I rolled a couple joints.

“What do I do?”, She asked.

“Well for now just sit there and look pretty.”, I said. She smiled and hugged me as I rolled them.

I cracked open two beers. I gave her one. She made a face as she tasted it.

“You don’t like it? Just drink you won’t notice the taste after a couple.”, I said. She pounded it. Gulped it down like a mad woman.

“You think your Uncle Bob, big old country boy, never gave me a beer before?”, She said. I laughed. We went out in the woods and smoked. She went into a coughing fit her first hit. I laughed. I taught her how to shotgun a hit. She puts smoke into her mouth and I sucked it out.

“Betcha Uncle Bob never gave you weed.”, I said. She smiled.

She was stoned. We drank a beer. She was sitting in the bean bag chair. “You know what? Bad girls smoke weed and drink beer.”, I said I took my dick out and tapped her with it. She laughed and grabbed my dick.

“Do good girls get their pussies eaten?”, She asked.

“Mine do.”, I said.

She pulled down her pants and showed her beautiful baldy. She was starting to show a couple hairs on her pubic mound. I went for it. She clamped her legs shut. “Wanna play a game? I saw this on a porno movie. Wanna fight? We play fight. Bob has been sending me to Ju Jitsu classes. It will be fun.” I declined. Thinking someone might get hurt. “What? You afraid of a little girl? Pussy. I am 11 and you’re 16 and you’re afraid of me.”, she said

“First of all don’t call me that! Second I am not afraid of you!”, I said angrily.

“You want it? Take it! Come on don’t be scared. You afraid of a little girl?”, she asked

She was trying to rile me up. She started kicking me with her legs. I grabbed one leg and controlled it. I pushed it to her body to get to her pussy. The thought of just taking her pussy against her will was becoming a reality. I couldn’t do that to her though. I loved her too much. I pushed my dick against her slit. “Whoa whoa whoa!”, she exclaimed, “not yet! I am not ready!”

“You said take it. Come on what would you do if this was real?”, I asked.

“Kick you in the nuts, run to the house and grab Bob’s 12 gauge.”, she said and smiled. “Now remove your dick from there before I shoot it off. Mouth and ass only for now! Got it?”

“Damn! Yes Ma’am. I don’t know this play fighting stuff isn’t going like I thought it would.”, I joked

“Shut the fuck up and try to rape my ass or mouth now ok?”, she said. Actually it was kind of comical because she is a sweet 11 year old girl. She rarely ever talks like this.

I slapped her playfully. She hit me back. “FUCKER! YOU ARE A LOW PIECE OF CRAP! YOU CAN’T EVEN WIN AGAINST A LITTLE GIRL.”, She said.

I buried my face in her pussy. “Aw you fucking bastard! Leave me alone you piece of shit.”, she exclaimed. I shoved two fingers in her virgin pussy. “Phew…..oh…. oh shit. You fucking bastard. Leave me alone! Stop it!”, she was hitting my head softly. She was right. I was extremely aroused. This was fun. She started shaking her legs. Her hips were rocking up and down. She locked her legs and released, locked, released and then just clamped down. “Errrrrrrrr there you fucker! I am going to crush your fucking head.”, she said. “Aw gosh damn!”, she said out of breath. “That was fucking wild!” I hovered over her face and slapped her playfully. “You like that? Huh?” I slapped her “Who is the pussy now. Roll your fucking ass over!”, I said.

She shook her head. We wrestled until I got her over. I lubed up my dick and lined it up. She wanted to play this game. She wanted to feel what it felt like to be raped in the ass. I showed no mercy. From the first thrust to the last I slammed her ass. Her eyes looked like they were about to pop out of her head. She exclaimed, “Oh my gosh!” As I slammed it in. I was spanking her ass cheeks hard as I could. They were red when we were done. “Fucking hoe! You like that hoe? Getting fucked in the ass. Bitch! Don’t ever call me a pussy again. This is how I treat hoes that talk to me like that!”, I said. She was trying not to laugh as I pounded her ass. “You wanna laugh at me bitch?”, I asked and spanked her some more. I kept pounding her ass until I had the most intense orgasm of my life. My dick unloaded into her asshole. I pulled out. She just curled up into a ball. “You ok hon?”, I asked. Shook her head. I put my hand on her head. She giggled and stuck her tongue out at me. I laughed.
“That was intense! I had the best orgasm!”, I said.

“See now who was afraid to try new things they might like?”, She asked and pointed to me.

I went out to the water pump and washed my self with soap and water. When I came back she was still naked. “Not done yet! Stick it in there like you did Kelsey please! Jack off in there. Like you did to her.”, She asked. She put it in her mouth. “Tastes like well water!”, She said. I laughed. She got me hard and she spread her legs. Her beautiful pussy I could not wait to fuck her. I put my head in. “Deeper”, she said. I poked it in farther. “Deeper”, she said. I drew back and poked it in a little further about half my cock was in her now. Kelsey was right it does hurt a little. “I got an idea.”, She said. I asked what it was. “Why don’t you fuck me? Take my virginity. I want to give it to you for your birthday like Kelsey did.”she laughed, “come on just do it. I wanted to surprise you.”.

“Oh hell yeah!”, I thought. I pulled back out and slowly went back in. “I will be gentle baby. I love you!’, I said. She returned the statement. “Ow. Geez. Ow. Damn.”, She said as my cock slowly went in and out. I felt her hymen break. After about 2 minutes she was getting into it. “Uh….uh…..uh….yeah.”, she said. I picked up pace a little. She was rubbing my cheeks and smiling watching me fuck her. She started fingering herself. I slammed her pussy hard and she just jumped like a fish on the line. “Ow…..ahhhh…. Damn…… Again! Do it again.”, She said. I started slamming her little cunt. “Geez oh man! Aw yeah! Fuck me please!”, She said. She was rubbing herself hard. Her pussy was soaked.

“Talk to me dirty! Call me names and talk to me dirty again. Please? I love it. It is such a turn on.”, She said. I slapped her face. “Yeah there you go.”, She said. I called her a slut, hoe and a bitch and she got really turned on.

“You fucker! You like raping little girls? You piece of shit!”, She said. I grabbed her by her chin and forcefully moved her head left and right.

“Shut the fuck up! I don’t listen to hoe bitches!”, I said. She hit me. “You fucking asshole! You will pay for this”, she exclaimed. I gave her hickey’s in places you would not notice. Mostly on her chest. “Stop that fucker! I will get you for this!” I finally could not hold out any longer as I came in her. Her knees came together as we came at the same time. She just laid there smiling at me. Stars in her eyes.

“I love you so much!”, She said.

“I love you too Jen.”, I said.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms. What could be better for a birthday gift than two virgins. Two virgins I deeply care about. Jenny and I fell asleep in each other’s arms. Next morning she kicked me again and I chased her down and caught her and threw her over my shoulder and carried her to the house.

“Hey handsome! You coming at harvest time?”, she asked

“Stupid question. Do you really think I would pass on a chance of seeing you? Hell yeah I am going”, I said.

More in part 5.

By Paramedic1
#PreTeen #Teen #Virgin

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