Coaxing Jenny: Part 5 Sex Story

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By Paramedic1

Read “Coaxing Jenny” series to understand the story.

“Hey handsome! You coming at harvest time?”, she asked

“Stupid question. Do you really think I would pass on a chance of seeing you? Hell yeah I am going”, I said.

Part 5:

We went to my Uncle’s farm to help out during the harvest. When we pulled up Jenny came running down and gave my dad the biggest hug. “Excuse me!”, I said. She stuck her tongue out at me. I picked her and she turned her head and I kissed her cheek. I threw her over my shoulder and carried her in the house to her laughing hysterically and beating my back.

All my cousins set up camp on the farm. We set up a circle of tents. Jenny of course insisted on staying with me so they let her.

There was a new cousin. She was kind of like Jenny in the fact her Mom married into this family. The girl was kind of shy. My uncle made a comment and I am really good with kids. Maybe I should go talk to her and make her feel welcome. So I went and talked to her. I introduced her to Jenny and they became instant friends.

Lauren was 11 like Jenny. We soon were playing together and she became friends with all the other cousins.

I went out to the woods to take a piss. Jenny and Lauren were hiding behind a tree. “Shhh shhh he will hear us. See it?”, Jenny said.

“I can’t see where he went.”, Lauren said.

“That is because I am right behind you.”, I said. Both girls screamed. Jenny started giggling.

“Why are you corrupting her?”, I asked.

“We were talking about boys and boy parts and….”, Jenny said

“And you are spying on me again. Just like with Kelsey?”, I said. “When are you going to learn?”

Lauren asked, “Are you going to tell my parents?”

“I don’t know. Are you going to tell on me?”, I asked.

“Look I am sorry. I didn’t mean to cause any trouble.”, She said. She was getting hysterical and started to cry.

I calmed her down. “Hey, hey you are not in trouble.”, I said. I took my dick out. “There now I got nothing to tell on you about.”, I said. Her mouth dropped open and she calmed down. I hit Jenny over the head with it. “Bad!”, I said. Jenny giggled.

Lauren giggled nervously. “Can I uh…you know…um touch it?”, Lauren asked.

I tapped her head with it. “There.”, I said.

She laughed, “that was not what I meant!”

“Ok if you two beat me back to the tent then you can.”, I said.

“See I told you he was cool.”, Jenny said. They ran back to our tent. “He is a dork. He hits me with it all the time.”

In the tent I sat in a bean bag chair and I said, “School her Jenny.”

Jenny pulled my shorts down and pulled out my cock. Her and Lauren touched it. Lauren watched it get hard. “How does it do that?”, She asked. I shrugged.

Jenny said, “Watch this.” And started sucking my dick. “You just got to learn what he likes, to do it right.”, She said, “he loves when you suck hard on it. Wanna try it?”

Lauren quickly shook her head. Jenny laughed. “I was the same way at first but this one talked me into it. Now I love it. Just put it to your tongue.”, Jenny said. Lauren was hesitant but she did. “Now put the top in your mouth. It is not bad.”, Jenny said. Lauren did.

“See?”, Jenny said. “My best time was 3 and a half minutes.”

“3 and a half minutes to what?”, Lauren asked.

“Just watch.”, She said. She told me to cum on her face and chest.

She took her shirt off and started blowing me. She was licking the head and sucking hard on the way back up. After a couple minutes I took control and started jacking off until I came over Jenny’s face and chest. Lauren was in shock. Her mouth open and eyes about to pop out of her head.

Jenny was licking the cum off her face.

Lauren said, “Girls eat that?”. Jenny giggled and nodded. Jenny took her hand and guided it to my dick. Jenny scooped some cum on Lauren’s finger and told her to eat it. She was reluctant at first so Jenny went down on me and cleaned it off. “It is not bad at all.”, She said.

Lauren tried the little bit on her finger. “Tastes like raw eggs. Salty raw eggs.”, She said.

I stood up and had Jenny stand in front of me. “So what you do is. Well let’s say Jenny here is my dick. You grab it by the sides like this and then jerk it up and down like this.” Lifting Jenny up and down. Jenny was laughing.

“You keep doing this until it erupts like this..” I started shaking Jenny. She turned around and slapped me. “Jerk!”, she said.

“I was just illustrating for her!”, I said.

“I am going to illustrate kicking you in the nuts!”, She said.

“Are you two married or something? You are weird like my parents!”, Lauren said.

“What do you say honey? Should we tell her?”, I said. Jenny giggled and looked at me all starry eyed. We kissed.

Lauren put her face in her hand and shook her head.

We went out and played. I was a little more hands on with Lauren now I would lift her up in the air and give her crotch a touch, totally by accident of course. Lol. Jenny went with her parents shopping. I was put in charge of the kids.

Lauren and I were in Jenny’s room. “Show me your thing again.”, She asked.

We went to the bathroom. We locked the doors and I sat down on the john. I took my dick out and let her feel it. She ran her little hands up my dick.

“Come on my turn. Take off your shorts.”, I said. She did exposing her beautiful bald pussy. I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. I took her to the master bedroom. I locked all the doors. “We need to be quiet. Ok?”, She nodded looking scared. “Don’t be scared I’m never going to hurt you. I want to make you feel real good.”, I said.

I spread her legs and just buried my face into her pussy. She reacted like a fish on a line trying to close her legs and get away. “Hey hey! Calm down! I am telling you I am not going to hurt you.”, I said. I started licking her tasty clit. Her young pussy tasted wonderful. She was still resisting at first but was getting used to it and she started getting into it. Her hips were rocking up and down. I stuck my pinky finger in her. She gasped in fright. “It is ok.”, I said. She was still a bit nervous I could tell. After about a minute of sliding my finger in and out of her wet tunnel she went back to rocking her hips. She was moaning as her legs clamped and reopened and then clamped down. She let out a loud, “errrrrr mmmmmm” as her legs squeezed my head. I kept going and her legs clamped again. She was giggling now and rolling to her right side trying to get me to stop as she came one last time. I stopped and kissed from her pubic mound to her face. She put her hand on my face. “You are so cute. Thank you! That was great.”, She said. We got dressed and went out and played with the other kids.

Lauren had a glow about her after that. Jenny noticed it when she came back. “What is with her?”, She asked. I asked what she meant. “She is like so happy and glowing?”, I grinned and shrugged. She giggled, “I cannot believe you. What did you do to her?”.

“Nothing special”, I said.

“I never glowed like that!”, she slapped me playfully, “I want to glow like that!”. She smiled at me and hugged me.

I was Lauren’s favorite now. She hung on me the rest of the day. That night she came and said she wanted to sleep with Jenny and I. Lauren was coming on to me wanting to make out.

“Ever kiss another girl?”, Jenny asked. Lauren shook her head no. “Can I kiss you?”, Jenny asked. Lauren shook her head. “I didn’t want to either my first time but a friend showed me how.” Lauren still did not want to. Lauren kissed me now trying to avoid Jenny. I think Jenny freaked her out a little.

We went out to the hay loft and smoked a joint and drank a few beers I slole. Lauren was a little more open to Jenny’s come ons now. They kissed. Jenny slid her hand down Lauren’s pants. Lauren just went with it. Jenny then went down and removed Lauren’s shorts. Lauren spread her legs and Jenny buried her face in Lauren’s pussy as she stood up.

“Mmmmmmm nice. Yeah nice.”, She said. Rocking her hips. Lauren motioned me over. “Kiss me? Please?”, She asked. We kissed and made out as Jenny ate her out. She whispered in my ear. “You are far better at that.”, She said and we laughed. “Can I suck your dick?”

“Uh I don’t know.”, I said.

“Why not?”, She asked. I just smiled. She laughed and slapped me. She laid down on the hay and Jenny continued. I put my dick in her mouth.

She was sloppy at it at first. I told her what to do and she got better. “Will you finish on my face and chest? Like you did to her?”, She asked

“Uh, I don’t know.”, I said jokingly.

“I see why she wants to kick your thingy!”, She said and laughed.

I tickled her unmercifully. She was laughing hysterically. She just looked at me. I could see the love on her face. “You are so much fun!”, She said. She took off her shirt exposing her budding tits.

I jacked off as Jen ate Lauren out. Lauren was becoming uneasy, moaning and rocking as Jenny licked her pussy. She was dancing her tongue across her little pearl and fingering her with her thumb. I could see she was about to orgasm so I made out with her. She grabbed my cheeks and was kissing me hard as she came gently moaning. She pulled away and looked at me and and giggled. “You are so cute!”, Lauren said.

Jenny moved aside and I got on top of Lauren. I jacked off. She was watching intently as I stroked my cock until I came over her face and chest. She was giggling as she got hit with it. “Let me have it.”, She said. She sat up and cleaned my cock off. “Thank you” she said to both of us.

I wanted to fuck Jenny. I took her and slammed her down on the hay. “You want it asshole? You have to fight me for it!”, She said. She was kicking me lightly and fighting me trying to get her pants down. I pulled her pants down and pushed her locked legs towards her body. “Quit fighting me bitch!”, I said.

Lauren got scared, “uh guys? Wha….what is going on here?” I told her to “shut up and watch.”

“Whoa! My mom and dad taught me to respect my elders but you cannot talk to me that way!”, she said sticking up for herself. She was so cute when she got mad.

I smiled at her. “Hey hey! You know I love you. It is all pretend! Ok? I am sorry if I made you mad. Come-on.” I kissed her. We got lost in a moment making out.

“Uh hello. Dumbass! Not finished here!”, Jenny said.

I had Lauren get on top of Jenny. “Here hold her legs so she cannot kick!”, I said. She did.

“Not fair you stupid fucks!”, Jenny said. I stuck two fingers in Jen and rubbed her clit. Jenny stuck her thumb in Lauren’s pussy and started rubbing hard. Lauren let go and was getting into it. “Lauren hold one leg.”, I said. Lauren got one leg opened and I got the other. I was able to get in between them.

“No! Please! No!”, Jenny said. Lauren watched intently as I poked my cock into Jenny’s pussy. “Oh you motherfucker! You will pay for this! Both of you!”

Lauren asked Jenny if it hurt. Jenny told her to shut up. Lauren put her ass in Jenny’s face. I laughed. Jenny started spanking her which she liked. Between the spanking and the fingering Lauren started shaking. I could tell she was about to orgasm. I grabbed her face and kissed her. We made out as Jenny brought her to the finish line. She buried her tongue in my mouth as her little body stiffened. “Keep going Jen!”, I said between kisses. She relaxed and was rocking her hips as she stiffened again. Jen stopped. Lauren kept kissing me to no end. I broke it.

“Let me fuck this hoe!”, I said. She laid next to Jenny and watched my cock slide in and out of her as Jenny and I were cussing each other out. Lauren reached in and started fingering Jenny’s clit. “Aw you bitch! Taking his side! You backstabbing cunt!” Jenny said. Lauren giggled.

I lifted her hips and just started slamming her pussy as hard as l could. Lauren kept rubbing her. Jenny’s eyes rolled in the back of her head. She winced and moaned. Her legs locked around me as she came. Lauren did not stop and Jenny was soon in her second orgasm. Jenny was out of breath and exhausted. I pounded her pussy and she just took the abuse no more energy to play. Lauren went down and kissed her belly to face. Jenny played with Lauren’s budding breasts. They made out as I fucked her hard. I finally could not hold out any longer as I became stiff and just unloaded my dick into Jenny. I collapsed beside her out of breath.

“You two get rough!” Lauren said.

“It is fun!”, Jenny said.

We got dressed and I carried both girls on a shoulder back to our tent. We laid down on the air mattress. Jenny on one side Lauren on the other. Both saying “I love you” before drifting off to sleep.

Part 6 coming soon

By Paramedic1
#PreTeen #Teen #Threesome #Virgin

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