Coaxing Jenny: Part 6 Sex Story

#PreTeen #Teen #Threesome #Virgin

By Paramedic1

Read the “Coaxing Jenny” series to understand the story.

Part 6:

I woke up in the tent to my two 11yo angels debating on whether or not I would cum first or wake up first if they gave me a blowjob whilst sleeping. “Here roll him on his back.”, Jenny whispered. Lauren saw me open my eyes and I gave her a quick wink. She flashed a quick smile. She started sucking my dick as Jenny watched. I grabbed Jenny when she least expected it and started to tickle her. She was laughing hysterically as I pulled her pajamas down and kissed her pussy. I laid back and Lauren continued with the blowjob. Her little tongue working it’s magic as she licked my dick base to head, circling the head and returning to the base. Then going down on me and sucking hard on the way back up. Jenny and I kissed as I fingered her. Jenny got up and started licking my dick also. One girl would go down me and then the other. “Who ever’s mouth he comes in wins.”, Jenny said. Both girls were blowing me hard trying to win the contest. Lauren was down on me as I felt myself about to nut. I held her head down on my dick. “Uhhhhh errrrrrrr mmmmmm errrrrr”, I said unloading into her mouth. Lauren looked at Jenny with a mouthful of sperm and they started making out sharing the prize of Lauren’s victory.

“I win!”, Lauren said

“No! That was fan interference! It was a draw!”, Jenny laughed and said.

We got dressed and showered and ate breakfast. Uncle Bob gave us the horse stalls to clean up. Jenny and I were in one stall and I whispered to Lauren to be a look out. We were in a stall we just finished and I grabbed Jenny. She was giggling. I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down to her knees. “Ew.”, She said and giggled. I lifted her and pinned her face against the wall bending her over. “Keep fucking quiet!”, I said. She started hitting me lightly. “Stop it you asshole.”, She said. I slid my dick in her cunt from behind. She moaned as it entered her. I held her against the wall as she tried to hit me in playful defiance.

“Aw shit! Damn. Asshole.”, She said as I fucked her. “You will never get away with this asshole!”. I picked her up and I slammed her hard onto a fresh hay bale not meaning to be so rough but she did not seem to mind. She was fighting me hard now as I tried to roll her over. Lauren came in and assisted in helping me play rape our cousin. “You are a bitch Lauren!”, She said. Lauren laughed. I got my dick back in her and I pounded her pussy hard as I could. She was cussing me out. “Jerk off motherfucker! I will get you for this.”, She said

“Shut up you stupid hoe! Redneck farm girl slut!’, I said to her. She was about to laugh but stayed in character. Her pussy was wet as could be. I am glad no one was around because of the sounds of our bodies slapping together and our swearing. I felt myself about to cum. I slammed her harder and harder until I just unloaded my seed into her pussy. “Uhhh-ohhh motherfucker. Dammit I love you Jen.”, I exclaimed. I was exhausted. I pulled out and laid next to her on the hay stroking her beautiful blonde hair.

She chuckled. “Nice one!”, She said, “Totally unexpected.”

“You liked then?”, I asked

She kissed me, “NO I LOVED IT!” I smiled and we kissed. We got back to work.

Lauren asked me a short time after, “Is that what you are going to do to me someday?”

“That is up to you.”, I said “It is your body. But yeah if you want to. We do not have to play that way either. We just find that fun.”

“She adores you. You know that right?”, Lauren asked “She wants to make you happy.”

“Hmmm I get the feeling she is not the only one.”, I said.

She blushed. “Who me? No…..nah….never.”, she chuckled nervously. I laughed

I grabbed her and carried her to the hay bale. I blew raspberries on her belly and unbuttoned her jeans. She was giggling and laughing. I pulled her underwear down and ran my tongue over her slit. “Uhhh….ahhh”, she said in a loud gasp. I pulled her pants down to her knees and began to finger her pussy while rubbing her clit with my thumb. “Lick it! Lick it like the first time you did it please?”, She begged. I felt bad having to say no to her.

“It is to open here.”, I said. “If someone comes we need to zip up quick. Plus you have to take your shoes off and everything. Later ok? I promise I will lick it to your heart’s content.” She got all excited. I rubbed and fingered her pussy. She was rocking her hips. Jenny came by and started kissing her. Their tongues were dancing as Lauren got more and more into it. Her hips went high and came down, high and came down and then her legs clamped. She held Jenny’s head kissing her passionately as she came. I continued rubbing her into a second and third orgasm. Lauren and Jenny continued kissing. I pulled my pussy soaked fingers out of her. “Thank you”, Lauren said to me. She looked to Jenny “and thank you.”, Touching her cheek lovingly.

Lauren was now on the other side of the barn. “She adores you.”, Jenny said. I laughed and said she said the same about Jenny. “What?!! Me? No. I don’t adore you. Maybe like you a teeny tiny bit but that is all.”, She said jokingly.

“Uh huh. Is that why you haven’t left my side since I got here? Is that why I cannot even pee in the woods without you two spying on me?”, I asked.

She said, “Just a teeny tiny bit!”. I grabbed her shirt and pulled her to me. “You better sound off that you adore me!”, I said playfully. She laughed and ran away giggling and I chased her. I grabbed her and undid her pants button and started fingering her. She kicked and hit me.

Lauren got mad. “Again? You two are like horny dogs! Come on Bob is going to be mad if we don’t get this done!”, She said.

“Well she started it!”, I said. She hit me.

“You did asshole!”, Jenny said.

“Ew you little brat!”, I lifted Jenny up and down several times and shaking her. She was laughing.

“Come on!”, Lauren said. I grabbed Lauren and did the same to her. She was laughing too. I set her down and she kicked me. “Asshole!”, She said. I started tickling her for calling me that. I reached my hand down and touched her pussy. She spread her legs as I rubbed her. “We got…got to get….come on….back to…”, She stammered.

“Back to what Lauren?”, Jenny asked. She laughed, “My stepdad is cool. Dont worry to much.”, She said.

Lauren was just in another universe as I rubbed her pussy. She just stood there enjoying it. She hugged my arm as she moaned loudly. “Mmmmm ewwww ahhhh”, she said. Squeezing my arm tight. Her thighs clenched as she orgasmed.

“I love you!”, She said, “I love when you do that to me.”

We finished the barn and went and had lunch. We smoked a joint and then the girls and I went horseback riding.

Lauren asked me if I really stick my dick up Jenny’s ass. “Sometimes” I said, “Not as much since she gave up the front.”, I laughed. She asked me if it hurt. I told her to ask Jenny. “Why do you want to do this?”, I asked

“Me? No. No. Just asking for a friend.”, She said. I laughed. “Yeah ok”, I said

We got back that evening and had dinner. We played with the other kids and waited until everyone was asleep. We snuck off to the hay barn again. I kissed Lauren.

“I owe you a promise.”, I said.

We laid out a beach towel and I laid her down on the hay. I unbuttoned her pants as I gave her raspberries. I moved her underwear down and licked her slit. She moaned. I ran my finger across her pussy. I could just see the anticipation and excitement on her face. I quickly removed her pants and underwear and got to work. I buried my face between her legs. I used one hand to open her little folds to the treasure inside. I danced my tongue across her clit. “Oh yeah there you go.”, She giggled. Jenny was playing with my dick as I ate out our step cousin. “Mmmmmfffff mmmmfffff oh.”, She said. She gasped and I stuck my index finger inside of her. I took my thumb and rubbed her clit and kissed her body from her pubic mound to up her stomach and chest to her lips. We made out together as I pleasured her. “I love you and you are doing a good job but get back down there and lick it like I told you to!”, Lauren demanded. I laughed. I did as ordered.

“Ha! She told you!” Jenny said. I smacked across the face with my dick. “Ow jerk!”, she said.

I started licking her again. Her hips were in motion moving up and down as I licked her and thumbed her. “Don’t stop! Damn don’t stop! I love you!”, Lauren said. She started shaking and her legs locked and opened and locked and opened and she locked them around my head. “Errrrrrrr uhhhhh ahhhh”, she said as she came. She giggled and I did not stop as she went into her next orgasm. “Mmmm Mmm. Ewwww!” She said. She laid there out of breath.

“Ok my turn!”, Jenny jumped on top of Lauren facing her. They started kissing. “Are you going to watch us kiss or are you going to fuck me?”, Jenny asked. Since she wanted to get lippy with me I showed no mercy. I entered her nice and easy and then I rammed it into her. I was slamming her pussy. She could barely concentrate on kissing Lauren. Her wet tunnel felt great as I slammed her.

“Redneck bitch!, I said.

Lauren kicked me joining in. “Don’t talk to my lover that way!’

“Fuck you! You rapist asshole.”, Jenny said. Hitting my arms best she could.

I felt my cock swell up and I arched my back as I unloaded into Jenny. I pulled out and laid with them on the hay stroking Jenny’s hair. We relaxed for a bit. Jenny pulls out a sandwich bag with some gel inside of it. “What the fuck is that?”, I asked

“The lube. I stole some from my parents.”, Jenny said.

“Cool” I said, “You ready now?”

“Not for me! For her! She was asking me about it and wanted to try it. I said that you would do it for her.”, Jenny said.

Lauren nervously got on hands and knees. I lubed up. “Unlike me. You will have something to take your mind off of it. Someone came all over my pussy. Can you clean it for me?”, Lauren began eating out Jenny. I lubed up and rubbed my dick along her slit. “No. No. Wrong hole!”, She said, “I am not ready for that!”. I giggled. She called me an asshole. I slowly entered into her. Her eyes got wide. Jenny kind of coached her threw it. Calming her and telling her it is alright. Her ass was tight as my thick cock slid in and out of her. Like I did with Jenny I was very gentle. Just gradually picking up pace giving her what she can handle. “Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.”, Lauren was saying with each thrust. “Ew ahhhh”, she said as I slammed her seeing her reaction. “Want me to do it like that?”, I asked. She said “no”. “Finger her Jen.”, I said and she did. She was starting to get into it now with Jenny’s help.

“Ok do it again. Slam my butt.”, She said.

I did. She started to like it. I was pounding her butt hard as Jenny fingered her. Her upper body started to shake. “Ewww uhhhhhh”, she said as she came. I told Jenny to keep doing it to her. “Ewwwww ewwwww uh gosh damn!” She said as she came again. Jenny was laughing torturing her step cousin. She just kept playing with her clit. She was having convulsions and she hit her third orgasm. She just collapsed into Jenny’s pubic mound. “Ew perfect landing”, Jenny said.

I held her hips as I thrusted into her hard. Lauren had no energy left and just took it. Jenny got under her and they kissed. “It is ok. Sweetie.”, Jenny said. I felt my cock swelling and my nut coming on. My dick just exploded as I came into her asshole. I laid on the hay out of breath. Lauren got up and was twisting her hips and body trying to get things right again.

Jenny giggled. “Don’t laugh at her. You were the same way!”, I said. Jenny slapped my chest.

I carried both my angels back to camp and to our tent. We slept in each other’s arms until morning. I realized how lucky I was to have these two in my life.

By Paramedic1
#PreTeen #Teen #Threesome #Virgin

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