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(Professor Ke Sath College Girl Ka Sexy Romance)

COllege Sex, Sexy College Girl, Hindi Sex Story, My name is Navya, I am a college student, I am 19 years old and I live in Mumbai. My father is also a processor in our college so I always go to college with him. I have very good friends in my college, some of them are from my school time. This is my second year of college, all my friends are from Mumbai only. Those people are very nice and many of them come to my house also they know that my father is also a professor in this college. A new professor has come to our college this year, his name is Dixit. Dixit Sir also teaches us in the class, he is very nice and he also knows about me that my father teaches in this college that’s why I and he often talk. Professor Ke Sath College Girl Ka Sexy Romance.

His teaching method is also very good, he explains everything very lovingly and talks very nicely with all the kids. I never saw him getting angry on anyone, I liked his nature very much. Dixit sir and my father also became good friends although he is much younger than him but still he visits our house many times. Whenever he comes to our house, he always asks about my studies.

One day I was sitting with Dixit sir, I started asking him are you married, he said yes I am married, I was married last year. I asked him where your wife lives, he started saying that my wife lives in Delhi. Dixit Sir is from Delhi and lives in a rented house in Mumbai, I came to know this on the same day, if I ever needed anything, I used to tell Dixit Sir, he is always my friend. Used to help

He also helped me a lot in making my notes and he always used to help me a lot that’s why I always respect him. Once in our college the children of our class were about to give a party to their seniors, so all the children collected money among themselves, after that they thought of giving a party to our seniors because it was their last year, that’s why we It was decided that we will give a party to those people on our behalf in a nice hotel. We booked a hall in a hotel, after that we informed our seniors and also invited our teachers there. “Professor Ke Sath College”

We had also organized some programs and everyone was very happy. When we went to that party, I also felt very good because I had very good relations with my senior. He used to treat me very well too, many of those girls had even become my good friends. Our classmates had arranged very well. My father was also present in that party and we kept different programs in it, some children sang songs and some children danced in it. Our seniors were also very happy but when our teacher was sitting there everyone was nervous, when our teacher left then everyone started dancing freely and everyone had a lot of fun that day. Dixit Sir was also present in that party, he stayed there for a long time.

He was supporting us a lot and he was the last one to leave our party. He also danced with us, I loved it when he was dancing. The next day when we went to college, Dixit sir met me and said that you guys enjoyed a lot yesterday, I told him yes we enjoyed a lot yesterday, you were also dancing very well yesterday. He started saying that I was fond of dance from long back and I never miss any chance to dance. After that Dixit sir went to teach his class. We also went home early, when I went home, I got a call from Dixit sir, he said that you had asked me for some notes, come and take them from me. I told him that I will take those notes from you tomorrow.
“Professor Ke Sath College”

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I did not remember at all that I had asked Dixit sir for some notes. I told Sir that I will leave the house after some time, so I will take those notes from you. He started saying ok when you come towards my house then call me. I went towards Dixit Sir’s house in the evening and I called him, he said that I have just come out somewhere, I will reach home after 10 minutes. I told them ok I will wait for you outside your house for 10 minutes. I was now waiting for him and after some time Dixit sir came. When Dixit Sir came, he started saying that because of me you had to wait, come sit inside the house, I will feed you something. He took me with him to his house, he gave me hot samosas, when I was eating those samosas, I started laughing seeing those samosas. Dixit sir started asking me why are you laughing seeing these samosas. I told him that I remembered something. He asked me what do you remember, I told him that once in childhood we kept samosas on our breasts and we wore a bra over it, at that time my breasts were not that big. “Professor Ke Sath College”

When I told this to Dixit sir, his mood got spoiled, he came and sat near me and started caressing my thigh. He caressed my thigh so well that water started coming out of my vagina and I also kissed his lips. I felt very good kissing his lips and I was kissing him. It was my first time kissing someone. When he put his cock inside my mouth, I was very bad at first but later I started feeling good, I started taking his cock till my throat. He undressed me and licked my pussy for a long time so that my pussy was wet.

When he touched his cock on my pussy, a different type of current started coming out of my body. When he pushed and inserted his cock inside my vagina, I screamed and felt a lot of pain. He was holding me tightly, he was telling me that this is just a pain for some time, after that you will also feel better, but I was feeling a lot of pain and blood was coming out very fast from my vagina. “Professor Ke Sath College”

It was time for him to push me, I also started feeling good now and I also started supporting him fully, I was making intoxicating noises coming out of my mouth and when my hot hot breath hit his mouth, he pushed me even faster. While beating, I was taking sobs from my mouth. He was in full mood and started saying that I am not able to bear the heat of your tight pussy at all. As soon as his material fell in my vagina, he pressed my breasts very fast and after that he dropped his material inside my vagina. When he took his cock out of my pussy, my vagina was bleeding and I was feeling very good. Since then Dixit sir has become crazy about my pussy and after that he has enjoyed my vagina many times. “Professor Ke Sath College”

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