Cousins at Play: Part 10: Sweet Sixteen Sex Story

#Incest #Teen #Virgin

By Mr Rodd

Years ago David promised Sharon to “wait” until she as 16…Now her birthday was approaching…

It was a long time since I’d promised my cousin “not to put my anything in her anywhere” until she was at least sixteen years old and, although we’d both been tempted – and had done everything else that we could think of – we had been true to our word. But now her all important birthday was fast approaching and we both knew exactly how we wanted to celebrate.

It was easier said than done though.
Our relationship was secret and it was always difficult for us to arrange to get together without arousing suspicions, at the best of times, but Sharon’s birthday was during the summer and her parents loved the sun. They were going to take her away from me for two holidays and three long weeks!

I would just going camping with Mum and Dad – again. I knew Dad was just trying to do things on the cheap, as usual. I had started to become annoyed with him for always being so tight fisted, but last year, Mum explained things.

Apparently his family had been quite poor when he grew up and he wanted me, his only child, to have a better start in life than he had. So, on the day I was born, he opened a special bank account and he had been putting money into it for me, every month. He was going to tell me about it when I was 21 or, earlier if I was ready to set up my own home. Mum had only told me “to keep the peace” and it was a big secret, so I would have to look surprised on the day when he proudly handed me the bank book, in a few years’ time.

Despite being my dad’s brother, Sharon’s father had a very different response to coming from a “poor” family and he was determined to his enjoy money when he had it. His mantra was “spend spend spend” and this year was no exception. He was taking his family away for two weeks in Spain and another week in Blackpool.

We were going to join them for two days, in Blackpool, though to help celebrate my cousin’s birthday. It was good news. We knew our parents would have plans, but hopefully Sharon and I could find an opportunity to mark the occasion in our own special way.

I’d never been inside a hotel before and although I tried to act with teenage bravado, I was a little overwhelmed. Everything was so big and the staff were so eager to help – even when their help wasn’t needed. The way Dad reacted when a young porter offered to carry his luggage made it clear he had never been in a proper hotel either!

There were stairs everywhere but the porter showed us to the lift. It was the first one I’d ever been in, Iiked it, but the ride was disappointingly short as I got out at the second floor. My parents stayed on till the fourth.

I had my own room, but it was unlike any room I had ever slept in before. Not only was it bigger than I had at home, the bed was larger and the were sheets crisper. And there were luxuries that I had never seen in a bedroom before – I had my own radio and television, as well as a spotless private bathroom. It was a shame I was only staying for one night!

Of course there was the usual furniture like a chest of drawers and a wardrobe to stow the few clothes I had in my suitcase.
There was also a locked door on one of the side walls that I guessed must be concealing a bedding store.

I didn’t have a sea view, but I was more than happy with my accommodation.

I returned to the ground floor where I met up with Sharon’s family. We must have looked like an odd crew. They were all tanned after two weeks in the Spanish sun, whilst we were pale after a wet weekend in Wales.
There were the customary greetings and birthday congratulations, including a very awkward chaste kiss between the birthday girl and I.

We spent the day enjoying candy floss, fish and chips and, of course, Blackpool rock! We went up the Tower, visited the wax works and rode the tram. We were having a great time, but Sharon and I were still hoping for the opportunity to slip away from our parents – if only for a moment.

Maybe we would get a chance in The Pleasure Beach – Blackpool’s fairground.
One of rides was called “the tunnel of love”. It was a boat ride through a series of tunnels and it would have been ideal, but it was too obvious!

Then we spotted the Ghost Train. That was what we were looking for, as long as our parents didn’t decide to join us! Luckily they didn’t so we were able to enjoy a few precious minutes snogging and groping in the dark whilst being tossed around in a small cart ignoring all the so-called “scares”.
It wasn’t ideal but it would have to do, for now.

There were more celebrations planned for the evening. We were going to visit the pier and see one of its famous shows. It was a special night so we had to dress up.

As was the fashion, I wore a pale grey suit comprising a loose fitting jacket with padded shoulders and matching chinos. A white shirt with a burgundy and grey check and a button down collar topped off with a smart burgundy tie.

I thought I looked smart, but Sharon? Well Sharon just looked gorgeous…

Her hair was tied back, showing off her beautifully made up face and she was walking in high heels like a confident young woman, but what really caught the eye was her dress. White; off the shoulder; knee length and tight; it emphasized her tan and displayed the womanly curves that I knew so well.

I kissed her hand and offered her my arm, in comic fashion.
“Good evening young lady. May I introduce myself? I’m David. At your service ma’am.”

“Well thank you kind Sir.”

She took my arm and we left the hotel together. We were acting like the couple we were, but hoping our parents would just think we were joshing as cousins.
No one said anything so we seemed to be getting away with it.

The pier was noisy and exciting. The theatre was bigger and brighter than I has expected. My uncle disappeared to the bar and returned the our drinks. He’d bought me a pint of beer – I wasn’t quite old enough and it was the first one I’d ever had. I drank it slowly because I didn’t really like the taste and because I’d heard that ” brewer’s droop” could ruin a boy’s performance in the bedroom – if only he were lucky enough to get his girlfriend in there!

The show was great and Sharon loved all the singing and dancing. Linda Nolan was top of the bill and when sang “I’m in the mood for dancing” it suited my cousin perfectly. She sang it all the way back to the hotel – grabbing each of us in turn to join in her in a joyful jig down the street. Taking off her high heels she danced with carefree abandon as though no one was watching.

It was a shame the evening had to end.

When the time came for bed, my parents and uncle went up to their rooms. My aunt, escorted Sharon back to hers. I was surprised to find that it was next to mine.
She kissed us both goodnight, “Oh look at the two of you. All grown up and so perfect together,” she sounded a little drunk, “I hope you always remember to be kind to each other.”

It was a strange thing to say.

“Oh, I have little presents for both of you.” she took two small parcels out of her handbag. Handed us one each, then swapped them over.
“Ooops, that’s right.
You can open them in your rooms.”

We thanked her.

“Oh, and don’t worry about getting up early in the morning. It’s been a long day. We’ll have a lie in. Have a good night. Take care.”

She staggered away and hopefully found her bedroom.

Mary and I kissed but didn’t say goodnight.
We both retired to our own rooms.


I was intrigued by by my aunt’s parcel. I opened it and found that it contained a key and a packet of condoms.

The key was a mystery, but I knew what the condoms were for!
I’d been to so much trouble to buy some, a week earlier, getting a bus to a nearby town where nobody knew me. Then visiting two chemist shops before I was brave enough to hand over my cash. I left with four “packets of 3” because I had no idea how many I would need, and then missed the bus home and had to hitch hike.
It was such a palaver…

Why had my aunt bought me some though?
Did she know about Sharon and me?

Well, maybe it didn’t matter whether she knew or not. It seemed like she approved, anyway.

So, time to get ready to go to my girlfriend.
I took off my jacket and tie, washed, combed my hair, put on more aftershave and checked my look in the mirror.
I decided that I had never looked better!

I had an idea about the mysterious key. Maybe it was for the side door, that I’d noticed earlier.
I peered through keyhole.
It wasn’t a bedding store – it was Sharon’s bedroom!

So this was it. I put my key in the lock…


I’d loved Sharon since she was a tiny little girl.
Over the years I had spanked and stroked and sucked and squeezed her bum and her boobs, watching them grow from nothing until she became the beautiful, shapely young lady that she was today.
Now I was going to turn my attention to her pussy and do the one thing that was supposed to make her a “real” woman.

It was my first time too.
I hoped I was up to it.
I hoped Sharon still wanted it.

Deep breath.
Here we go.”
I opened the door.

Sharon was sitting at her dressing table, still wearing her lovely dress and heels. She looked over her shoulder to face me.
She spoke calmly,
“Hi David. I was hoping you’d come.”

I didn’t know what to say – I hadn’t planned this, so I tried to be funny.
“Oh no, I must have been too loud. You heard me this time – I’ve always been able to creep up on you before.”

She chuckled, “I’ve heard you lots of times, but it was always more fun to pretend it was a surprise. ”

“Oh, I never knew. That was sneaky.”

She stood silently.
Placed her hands on the dresser and bent over to push her bum out for me in the traditional manner. This time her heels only served to emphasise her pose.

“Well I know what sneaky girls get,” she said huskily, wiggling her rear end, “and I know you’re the man I want to give it to me.”

I placed my hand on the back of her skirt. It was stretched too tightly for me to pull it up, but it didn’t matter. Her bottom felt wonderful, even through the layers of fabric. I stroked it lovingly, before spanking a pert round cheek.

“Ooooooh.” Susan’s response was more of a moan than a squeal.

I let my hand linger where it has landed. Squeezing and caressing my darling girlfriend.

I struck her twice more, I loved it, but spanking wasn’t our goal tonight. It was merely foreplay.

I slid my hands up over her hips, past her ribs to her breasts. Cupping them, gently squeezing them, as I kissed her bare shoulder.

She still has her back to me and to took hold of the zipper, slowly drawing it down to open her dress. I peeled it away from her body revealing her lacy white underwear. A matching set, the kind she knew I liked. She turned to show it off properly. She put her arms around the back of my neck, pulling me towards her and we kissed each other on the lips for first time since I’d entered her room.

We held our kiss as I uncooked her bra. She stripped away my shirt and opened my trousers with shaking hands. I kicked them off and walked her back to her bed, laying her down and suckling her tits whilst she ran her fingers through my hair.

I slid down her slim body. Her breathing was ragged and she seemed to be trembling as I pulled away her panties leaving her completely naked beneath me. I lay my tongue on her, already moist, slit and licked her from crotch to clit, sensing her growing arousal.

I lifted off her for a moment.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes,” she breathed, “We’ve waited long enough. I’m ready.”
“You will make sure we’re safe, won’t you?”

“Yes, of course. Don’t worry. It will hurt a bit though, you know – the first time – there might even be a little blood, I can’t help that. ”

“I don’t think we need to worry about that.
Oh, you are my first, but after all my dancing and gymnastics, there isn’t anything there for you to break.”

She hugged me, “You don’t mind do you?

“Of course not. I never want to hurt you.”

She pushed my underpants down.
“Oh, but I don’t know. I might have to stretch to get that beast into my little puss!” she giggled.

She lay back in the missionary position. She took hold of my cock and slid it against her slick lips.
I’m not sure that it really qualified as “beast” but it felt bigger and harder than ever.
She pointed it at the right place and I eased it inside her for the first time. Just a little bit, but it was the best feeling ever.
We both gasped and I went deeper and deeper, bit by bit. Her warm sheath wrapping me in its loving embrace.
Sharon started to match my rhythm
It was glorious.
I held on for as long as I could hoping to take her too her peak. But it was my first time and couldn’t contain myself – shooting my cream into her before her orgasm had hit.
I was a good boy, though and finished her off with my mouth – even if her pussy did taste of latex!

We slept together for the first time since we had camped out, all those years ago.
We made in love all the positions we could think of.
We both enjoyed more orgasms.
She spent the night in my arms and my fingers spent the night in her pussy.


It was the next morning before she asked me the question…
“How did you get into my room last night. I thought that connecting door was locked.”

“Er, it was. Your mum gave me the key. I think she must know about us. She gave me a pack of rubbers, as well.”

Sharon laughed, biting her lip, “Yeah she gave me a pack too! And a pot of cold cream like she told me to use after we’d been cycling.”

“You mean after we went on a bike ride and you made me spank your bum raw!”

“Yes, I thought that might have been what the cream was really for. Do you think she knew then?”

“Maybe she’s always known. I mean, it is her fault we got together in the first place, isn’t it?”

“What? Why would you say that.”

“Well think about it.
Who was it that told you “daddies spanked mummies to show them how much they loved them?”
And who was it that told you that being spanked on the bum felt nice?”

“Erm, I hadn’t thought of that maybe it is her fault after all.”

She tickled me and we fucked once more, before I went back to my room.


We knew we both needed to shower and get the smell of sex of our bodies before going down to breakfast with our parents, but we couldn’t trust ourselves to shower together without getting even more sweaty.

I stood alone in my shower wondering what the future would hold for my cousin and I.
I was doing well at college and I was on track to get a job with the gas board.
Maybe I could get a posting to the seaside and maybe Sharon become a dancer in one of those end of the pier shows, like we has seen last night and maybe we could use Dad’s money to get a house together, somewhere nobody knew us, and maybe I could buy her a ring and maybe we could tell everyone that we were married.
Maybe it wouldn’t be too difficult – we already both had the same surname!


If you have followed this story from Part 1 then thank you so much for sticking with it through 10 Parts, about 30,000 words and heaven knows how many typing and spelling mistakes!

You may recall that in very the first paragraph of the first part, I promised to tell you about my adventures during the first 16 years of Sharon’s life. As we’ve just celebrated her birthday, I think my tale is now finally done.

It is the first thing I’ve written, so your comments and feedback will be very welcome. And if you have any suggestions for a sequel… well, who knows?

By Mr Rodd
#Incest #Teen #Virgin

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