Cuckold Husband Wife Sex Kahani

In the Cuckold Husband Wife sex story, a husband got his shy wife fucked in front of him by his friend doctor’s cock. Enjoy this double fuck.

Hello friends, today I am here to tell you the story of my wife’s fuck.

I wanted to see the sex of my wife Rajanti.

Whenever I used to talk to Rajanti about this, she used to look at me very angrily.
But when I used to tell her this thing at night while fucking her in the room, she used to get a lot of pleasure.

After the end of the sex, Rajanti used to say that I will not do anything like that. I just like your dick very much. I don’t need another dick.
I said – you are right but I want to see you getting fucked by someone else’s cock.

Rajanti said – You are mad and hungry for lust.
She was right, I am a cuckold husband.

I said – Hey man, that thing is wrong, the husband forcefully gets his wife to fuck someone else. I will not do any such thing. When you will say yes, then only I will agree for this work. I won’t force myself on you.

Rajanti said- Yes, you are right but I will not do such a thing.
I said laughing – one day I will convince you for this work.
Rajanti said – let’s see.

I like Rajanti’s cool thick ass and fair pussy. My wife is a tall beautiful sexy lady.

Now I started planning to get Rajanti fucked by some other man’s cock.
Cuckold husband wife sex starts from here.

I thought of getting Rajanti fucked by my friend Dr. Vikas Mishra’s dick.
Dr. Vikas Mishra is a handsome young man. His age is 40 years.

While my wife Rajanti is 28 years old now.
I didn’t even need to apply much mind.

One day Rajanti was having stomach pain.
When I came home at night, my wife was lying on the bed.

I asked – what happened?
Rajanti said – I am having pain in my stomach.

Then what was there in my mind, a plan was made to get Rajanti fucked by Dr. Vikas Mishra’s cock.

I said – Come on, I will show you to the doctor.
Rajanti- Yes come on.

I took my wife Rajanti to Dr. Vikas.
Dr. Mishra had an eye on my wife for many days but he never got such a chance to play with Rajanti’s body.

I took Rajanti to the doctor. Dr. Mishra looked at my wife with lust and said – what happened, how did you come to see me today?
I said- Sir, my wife has a lot of pain in her stomach.

Doctor Vikas said to my wife – Come inside, I will check you.
I told Rajanti to go for checkup.

When the doctor took Vikas Rajanti to the checkup room for checkup, I saw through the crack in the door that the doctor was holding his penis with his right hand.

Dr. Vikas closed the door but by mistake did not latch it.
That door opened a little on its own, then I saw Vikas was caressing Rajanti’s stomach and he was holding his penis tightly with his hand.

Slowly the doctor brought his hand near Rajanti’s navel.

Rajanti said – The pain is happening in the upper part of the stomach, not in the lower part.
Vikas said- I am doing the checkup. You lie down quietly.

Now Vikas took his hand further down from Rajanti’s navel.
Rajanti said – what are you doing?

I was watching all this from outside.
Seeing all this, my cock was tense.

When Vikas’s hands started going into my wife’s panty, I went inside and told Vikas – Doctor, you should not do this to the patient.

The doctor started saying to me – Sir, you are misunderstanding. I am a doctor and if you think I am doing something wrong with your wife, you can show me somewhere else.
I looked at him and said to him – what happened?

He took me out.

I told him in clear words – Doctor, actually my wife wants a female doctor to see her. But I know you are a good doctor so just I was telling you like this in front of him. I have no doubt about your ability. I was told about you by Savita Bhabhi that you treat women very well.

As soon as Dr. Mishra heard the name of Savita Bhabhi, he started looking at me with questioning eyes.
He said – How do you know Savita Bhabhi?
Pressing the doctor’s hand, I said – I have come to you only on the advice of Savita Bhabhi. Now I am going outside, you see my wife properly.

I put some special emphasis on the word ‘see rightly…’ and closed my eyes.
By my signal he also understood that he is ready to fuck his wife but his wife is not agreeing.

In fact, Savita Bhabhi was the mistress of Dr. Mishra and Dr. Saheb had openly fucked her sister-in-law. I was aware of this and by shooting arrows in the dark, I trapped the doctor in my net.

The doctor said to me- Your wife really looks like a sexy doll and you will not mind if I have sex with her… isn’t it?
I said – yes. I just want to see you having sex with her.

He said – Ok means hiding or living together in the open?
I said – for the time being I want to see secretly. Later depends on the situation.

He gestured OK and smiled.
Now it was certain that both of us wanted to enjoy sex with Rajanti and watch her having sex.

That day I came back home with my wife.
Vikas called me late at night and said – your wife is very sexy. Now my cock is yearning to release water in your wife’s pussy.

I said – Doctor, don’t you worry, your wish will be fulfilled. Just think of something that my wife will agree to have sex with you.
Dr. Vikas said – a tablet comes. If that tablet is given to your wife, she will be mad to get fucked by anyone.

I said – will it not have any side effects?
He said – nothing like this will happen.

I told Vikas – then what was the delay? Tell me the tablet quickly, I will give it to Rajanti in the morning with water.
He told me the name of the medicine and said that tomorrow morning you should get your wife admitted in my hospital. I will perform her chudai ceremony right there.

I agreed and told my wife that Dr. Vikas Mishra will treat your stomach ache in the morning and you have to accompany me to his hospital in the morning.
She agreed.

In the morning, I gave medicine to Rajanti with water on the pretext of stomach pain medicine and took him to the hospital.

By the time she reached the hospital, she had completely become insane.
I was also doing sexy flirting with him.

Shortly after lying on the bed, Rajanti started looking at me with sexy eyes.
He got up from the bed and grabbed my cock straight away.

In a while Vikas Mishra came up and he saw that Rajanti was holding my cock.
On seeing this, the cock in the doctor’s pyjama went up.

Rajanti saw the doctor.
On seeing the doctor, my wife left my cock.

The doctor said – Don’t be shy, today you are my girlfriend and your husband’s wife.

My wife said – put cock in my pussy. Doctor, you fuck me well today. I am suffering a lot.
The doctor said – Today I will fuck you by making you a mare and by lifting my cock in my lap, I will get your husband’s hands inserted in your ass.

After listening to the doctor and Rajanti, my cock became more tense.

Then the doctor started taking off Rajanti’s clothes.
In no time my wife was only in tights.

She was looking very hot in tights. The pink tights made Rajanti hotter.

Now the doctor started pressing Rajanti’s boobs and Rajanti was holding the doctor’s cock with her hand.

Water was coming out of my cock after seeing the exploits of both of them.
Now the doctor made Rajanti a mare and said to me – You put my cock in your wife’s pussy with your hand.

My wife said – it will be a lot of fun, today for the first time I am going to get fucked by someone else.
I was laughing seeing her.

Rajanti said – You don’t laugh, put the doctor’s cock in my ass and you come under me and you also put your cock in my pussy.
When he had to say this, I caught the doctor’s cock with my hands.

The doctor’s cock was very long and thick.
I put doctor’s cock in Rajanti’s ass and I myself went under Rajanti.

The doctor was holding Rajanti’s waist and was jerking vigorously.

The sound of ah ah was coming from Rajanti’s mouth.
I was jerking in her pussy.

Rajanti was engrossed in two-way sex.

The doctor took out his cock from Rajanti’s ass and lifted it in his lap.
He said to me – put my cock in Rajanti’s pussy.

I grabbed the doctor’s long cock and put it in Rajanti’s pussy.
Now the doctor had taken Rajanti in his lap and was jerking her pussy.

The voice was coming out of my wife’s mouth- ah more loudly… Quench the thirst of my pussy… Today I got two cocks.
I was enjoying watching both of them fuck.

The doctor tried to put his cock in Rajanti’s mouth but my wife refused.
The doctor said – help me.

I said – she doesn’t even suck my cock.
The doctor said – Today I will make him suck my cock for the first time.

I said – she will not agree.
The doctor said – you help me.

I said – tell me what should I do?
He- You hold both the hands of your wife.

I held both the hands of my wife and the doctor was trying to insert cock by holding Rajanti’s mouth, but she was not opening her mouth.
The doctor said – You put your cock in Rajanti’s pussy.

I put cock in Rajanti’s pussy and jerked hard.
At the same time Rajanti’s mouth started sighing and the doctor put his cock in Rajanti’s mouth.

The doctor started saying- Oh what a juicy mouth… I am enjoying a lot. Got tight sexy material for first time cock sucking.

After sucking cock for some time, the doctor made Rajanti a mare in front of me and started fucking her.
Then he took out his cock and put it in my wife’s pussy.

After some time he fell in my wife’s pussy.

After shaking his cock, he said to me – I have removed the water of my cock in your wife’s pussy. There is no problem, is there?
I said – Hey man, you are a doctor. Give medicine
He laughed.

By now Rajanti was very tired.
I thanked the doctor.

The doctor also thanked me and said- Thank you friend, this will deepen the relationship between you and your wife.

Now sometimes in months, if I get a chance, I get the doctor to fuck Rajanti.
We both enjoy our life a lot.

My wife has completely opened up now.
I am also looking for another cock for cuckold husband wife sex.

In the next sex story, I will tell whose lucky cock was to fuck my wife.
You must have enjoyed this cuckold husband wife sex story.
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