Cuckold’s dream come true Sex Story


By CcukyBoy

When you have a wife like mine, you want to see her get fucked all day long

It all started when the school called and asked if we could house a foreign exchange student. My wife Wanda, 5 foot 3, 122 pounds of German beauty with 36 c’s and the prettiest little pussy you would ever lay eyes on, said yes.
Brian was an 18 year old soccer player from Africa. The moment she laid eyes on him my wife started acting like a school girl with her first crush around him. Everything he said was extra funny and whatever he wanted to eat appeared before him like magic.
After one week Wanda had taken to wearing short, revealing nighties in the evening when we sat around watching TV and allowing her knees to part more and more. Brian liked to wear very loose fitting jogging shorts with no underwear. His excuse was his legs got sore from soccer practice and needed something that allowed him to relax. Wanda’s eyes tended to look more and more at his firm legs and poorly concealed cock than the TV. Brian’s cock would peak out the end of his shorts when he would lift his arms up to stretch.
I saw this by accident one night and was impressed with not only the length but the thickness of his cock. Flaccid it was at least 9 inches long and as thick as my wife’s wrist.
Wanda would stare at it and moan softly every time it would happen; the crotch of her panties would start getting darker and darker as the evening progressed from the juices flowing from her. At first Wanda would ask me to go to bed earlier and earlier, hungrier for sex than she ever had been. I would enter her with my 6 inches and fuck her as hard as I could. She had always been very quiet with people in the house and wouldn’t allow any sex that was performed above a whisper.
The first night she softly moaned into my ear “more, more, I need more. I came hard into her filling her with my impotent sperm. {I had a vasectomy following the birth of our only young.} She would smile at me and go into the bathroom and clean up.
This is going to work out great was my first thought. My wife of 14 years had an orgasm faster than she had ever had before and it was so strong it felt like her pussy was milking my cock. She came back into the bedroom and kissed me and laid down and went to relax.
Day 2
I came home from work to find Wanda wearing a bathrobe tied very loosely around her waist and her full breast half hanging out, in the kitchen making supper.
“What are you wearing that for? Was the first thing out of my mouth, “Brian will be home from school any minute!”
She just laughed and said he was already home and was upstairs taking a shower. It seems that he had decided to call her at work and have her pick him up that morning, claiming sickness. When she arrived at the school he had met her in the parking lot and jumped into her car laughing.
“You aren’t sick at all,” my wife said in amazement
“Sick of school” he said, lets go swimming, so the two of them had spent the entire day at the beach arriving home just before me. She had been the first to shower getting the sand and salt water off.
“How did he look in a bathing suit?” I asked not really expecting an answer.
Her cheeks got red and softly she said ”Fucking great”! and she looked carefully into my eyes gauging my reaction.
A million things ran through my mind at that time and if I had done anything other than what I did the next six months would have been a lot different. I walked over to her and slid my hand under her robe and cupped her sex and whispered into her ear.
“Did you have fun staring at his huge cock all day?”
She shuddered and moaned into my shoulder as the orgasm she must have been on the verge of all day came over her suddenly and her pussy started soaking through her panties almost immediately. She was wet. She turned to me and kissed me hard, her wet tongue probing into my mouth and chewing on my lip as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her.
She pulled away quickly as she heard Brian’s footsteps on the stairs, almost as if she didn’t want him to see her kissing me. Brian was wrapped in a towel and sat down at the table to wait for dinner. I expected my wife to say something about the way he was dressed or not dressed and tell him to go put on some shorts to eat but she didn’t.
Halfway through the meal Brian looked at my wife as she was leaning over to pick up a fork she had dropped and her breast had popped free of her robe. Immediately his massive cock started to swell and the crease in the towel over his leg was gaping open. Wanda tucked her breast back in but not before noticing the huge purple head of his cock pulsing and jumping with his every heart beat. She gave a little cry of surprise and they both looked at me. I calmly took another bite and smiled at both of them. This seemed to burst some sort of damn, they both began laughing.
When I asked what was so funny they both replied nothing and smiled to each other. That night after another incredible night of sex Wanda dropped off to relax almost immediately and I lay in bed wondering what was coming next. Before I fell arelax I heard her moaning in her relax and saying “Oh yes Brian!”

Day 3
That evening watching TV it seemed that Brian couldn’t get comfortable on the couch because he kept stretching and changing positions unaware that I could see what it was he was up to. Which was trying to show as much of his cock to my wife as possible without me seeing. One time I glanced out of the corner of my eye and even though he was holding a pillow to try and block my vision I could see him actually slowly pumping his fist up and down over his thickly veined shaft. Wanda was openly staring at his cock and running a finger up and down her soaking wet panties. Wondering just how far they would go I announced that I had to go to the bathroom and would be back in a while.
As I stood up they both stopped their mutual masturbating thinking they had avoided being caught. I walked down the hallway and closed the bathroom door without going inside and peeked back around the corner, I had a perfect view of the living room and with the darkened hallway neither of them could see me. As soon as he heard the door close Brian crossed the room and pulled his shorts down around his ankles and wrapped his fist around his massive cock and started to play with it right in front of my wife’s face. She just moaned and started rubbing her pussy. Brian suddenly moaned and long ropes of cum arched through the air and splattered on my wife as her fingers worked in and out of her pussy. My heart almost stopped when I saw her scoop some of his potent sperm up and put some in her mouth and rub some more into her soaking pussy. Wanda then cried out in her own orgasm. Brian kept shooting jet after jet onto her pussy. I slipped into the bathroom and pulled my own cock out and came after 1 or 2 pumps.
I made a big production out of flushing the toilet and washing my hands to give them enough time to clean up and when I returned although flushed and breathing a little hard they both looked pretty much like normal. I went over to Wanda and told her I was going to bed and asked if she was ready to come up also. She glanced over to Brian for a second and then looked me in the eye and said she wanted to finish watching the movie and would be up later and for me not to wait up for her. I leaned over and gave her a kiss and could smell and even taste the cum from Brian. I went upstairs and about 30 minutes later I heard her come into the room and whisper my name asking if I was arelax.
I said nothing and pretended to be arelax and I could hear her going back downstairs. 15 minutes later I crept halfway down the stairs and peeked over the banister I saw for the first time Brian fucking my wife. She was on her knees with her back arched and smooth round ass offered up in the air for his massive cock. A grunt would come out of her every time his cock would slam into her, farther than I could reach, and the inner lips of her pussy would pull slightly outward as his massive organ pulled back out.
Once he pulled his cock all the way out of her and her pussy remained gaped open for a few seconds and the sudden emptiness she felt was evidently too much to bear because she began begging him to put it back in. He rubbed the thick helmet of his cock up and down her soaking wet slit and my wife began backing into it while he sat there doing nothing and she was crying “thank you, Thank you”. I heard Brian begin to chuckle as he grabbed her by the hips and slammed all the way back into her in one motion and she began to beg him to cum inside her and fill her with his sperm.
Orgasm wracked both of them as he started to shoot his cum into her pussy. Wanda realized that at this point that she wasn’t on the pill and quickly pulled off his cock to go wash out her pussy. Brian grabbed her and asked her where she was going. She told him she wasn’t on the pill and had to go douche.
Brian looked her in the eye and said in a very cold voice, “If you wash my sperm out of your pussy you will never see or touch my cock again!”
Wanda could see he was serious and begged him to reconsider. He would not relent and she buried her head on his chest and asked him “What will Mike think?”
My cock exploded and I came all over myself when he lifted his head and looked me straight in the eye and said “Don’t worry about him; I can take care of anything he might even think about saying!”
I quickly turned and went back upstairs, my heart racing. My wife was slowly becoming enslaved by an 18 year old’s massive cock! Wanda came to bed a few minutes later and I pretended to wake up and asked her in as calm a voice as I could muster how the movie was. She sighed and rolled over with her back to me and said “The best one I have ever seen, I think it is my new favorite.”

Day 4
Wanda refused to have sex with me, saying she was to tired from staying up late. I awoke about 3:oo A.M. and noticed she wasn’t in bed. I went down stairs to get something to take and Brian was sitting on the couch feeding his cock into my wife’s mouth. She was on her knees and her back was pointing towards me so she couldn’t see me. Brian looked right at me and winked! I could see a puddle of cum running out of her gaping pussy even though he had stuffed a tissue up inside her to hold as much inside her pussy as possible.
The little bastard was consciously trying to impregnate my wife! As I turned to go back upstairs he smiled at me and told Wanda,” I don’t want you to fuck Mike for a week or two, let him finger you or eat you and he can masturbate but don’t let him put his cock inside you. I want him to be surprised by the new size of your pussy after a week or so with me.”
Wanda moaned and I think she actually came as I saw her shudder after his orders. Not only had the little prick possibly knocked my wife up but now he was cutting me off!

Day 5
That night I arrived home late from work and saw Wanda rubbing Brian’s legs and back with ointment. She looked up at me and smiled saying “He had a hard day at practice and was sore so I am rubbing him down.” She didn’t seem to think I would notice that she was only wearing sheer bra and panties and as she talked to me she was rubbing her crotch back and forth on Brian’s leg. Obviously Brian told her to do it to test me and to prove she wouldn’t get into trouble. Her eyes were locked on me waiting to see my response or to say something.
I just told her, “It was a good idea taking your clothes off like that so as not to stain them or get that smelly cream on them. Well I have to run to the store either of you need anything?”
Wanda’s jaw literally dropped when she saw I wasn’t going to say anything about how she was dressed or what she was doing.
“No we are both fine Mike, now run along will you?” Brian said and rolled over and placed my wife’s hand on his massive cock. Wanda’s eyes never left mine as I looked straight at them both and said as nonchalantly as I could, “Ok see you in a half hour or so.” I could hear Wanda cry out “Yes, fuck me now!” as I was closing the door.

When I came home a half hour later Wanda had put on her night gown and was lying on the couch with a towel under her that had cum stains on it from the slow leaking of her reddened and stretched pussy. I walked over to her and kissed her on the mouth and could smell the sex in the room. I slid three fingers into her easily and she just moaned, and said “Stop that, Brian will see you.”
I asked her where he was and she said he was tired and sore and she told him he could relax in our bed, because the couch was hurting his back and he needed his strength for an important game in the morning.
“Where the hell am I supposed to relax?” I asked. And she smiled at me and wrapped her hand around my cock and said I could relax on the couch.
She pumped my cock up and down a few times and purred “Please, do it for me.”
“Alright, I said but it going to be crowded, this couch isn’t big enough for the both of us.”
She just laughed, squeezed my cock, and said “silly boy, I am relaxing in my own bed I can’t relax all night on this thing, I will have a stiff neck in the morning.” She kissed me and got up and walked upstairs giggling and telling me goodnight. I could hear more giggling as I heard her climb into bed and whisper to Brian.
I stood at the foot of the stairs pumping my cock as I heard him tell my wife to “climb on top of him.”
She whispered to him”But I know Mike isn’t arelax yet!”
I slowly climbed up the stairs until I could see into what was once my bedroom. Brian was slowly fisting his hard and swollen cock and Wanda sat on her knees staring at it.
“Don’t you want this cock?” he said.
In one motion my wife pulled off her night gown and swung her hips over his throbbing member. In one single stroke he impaled her once tight pussy with a cock that was at least twice as big as mine. Wanda cried out in ecstasy as he started lifting her up with his arms and dropping her back down on his cock.
“Yes, yes, yes fill me up!” she cried.
I could see the inner lips of her pussy pull outwards and leave a shiny trail along the thick veins of his cock with every stroke.
“I think I will move into this room for good,” he told my wife as he squeezed her breasts, when her hips took over the fucking motion. I saw him looking over her shoulder directly at me.
My little wife was driving her pussy savagely up and down on his cock, wet sucking sounds all but drowned out her reply.
“Yes, I want to be able to fuck you every night.”
“Do you want me to cum inside your womb?”
Wanda shuddered in orgasm as he continued to whisper the filthy things he was going to do to her. His hips lifted her off the bed as he started to shoot his cum as deep inside my wife as he possibly could. She came again feeling him fill her and threw her head back and squealed for joy. I saw her roll over and Brian grab a pillow and tell her to lift her hips, as he slid a pillow under her to hold his sperm inside longer. This final offense was too much and my cock started to shoot on the hallway floor outside the bedroom door.
As I made my way back downstairs my mind was racing. I lay down on the couch and it took a long time before I finally fell arelax. I woke up in the middle of the night to some strange noise and I realized it was Brian and my wife going at it again.

Day 6
The next morning I made my way upstairs to shower and dress for work. Wanda and her lover were still arelax. I could see little hickeys all over her breasts and neck and the smell of sex was overpowering. After getting out of the shower and dressing I went into the bedroom to give her a goodbye kiss. Brian had moved into a spooning position while I was in the shower and had his hand cupping her breast, with his thumb and finger on one nipple. I leaned over to kiss her and she relaxily opened her eyes and smiled at me.
“Did you relax ok on your new bed?” she asked.
I whispered back to her so I wouldn’t disturb Brian,” yes, but I thought I heard some noises last night<” and I lifted Brian’s hand off my wife’s breast, “was everything ok up here?”
She smiled and placed Brian’s hand back on her breast saying “it’s kind of cold this morning and he is warm, you don’t mind do you?”
I could see Brian’s hand start to squeeze and pull on my wife’s breast and I could see her nipples were very hard as she stared into my eyes, looking for a reaction. All I could do was stare and smile. Feeling bolder she reached out and squeezed my cock as it was now swollen in my pants.
“Have a nice day at work dear” she said softly and patted my cock goodbye. I could see Brian smile up at me form behind her, under the covers I could see movement and knew he was also playing with her pussy as we spoke. Her breath quickened and she got flushed and in a very shaky voice told me to hurry up or I would be late for work. I leaned over to kiss her and she moaned into my mouth as Brian slid his cock into her from behind.
I said goodbye and told her I would be quiet so as not to awaken Brian.
“Thank you” she said and the last image I had as I turned to leave was her head thrown back the covers sliding off, and Brian’s hands cupping both breast while he pushed his hips closer to my wife’s ass.

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