Dad whores out Daughter part 2 Sex Story

#Abuse #Exhibitionist #Rape #Teen

By littleslut

My pussy hurts but still dad forced me to fuck brutal criminal so my step family can enjoy the luxury

I was eating my breakfast boiled peas and carrot im forbidden to eat any junk as I’ve to maintain the fuckable body

My half-brother was eating bacon and pancakes cooked by my stepmother
She & dad was upstairs fucking loudly

Today is a school holiday that means a whole day of fucking clients im already tired with last nights adventure

A group of middle age men hired me for their party I entertained at least 5 men till late night

When I finished my pussy was red and oozing with cum it’s leaking on my thighs

“Trina I brought you clothes ” Ted my stepmom’s brother said as he approached the table

“My name is Reina ” I said Angrily he is a pervert

“Oh my friends always refer to you as Trina that’s the name you tell them isn’t it ” Ted said eyeing me with dirty gaze

Dad won’t let ted have me not cause he respect me or anything he knows Ted is not going to pay him

“When did you get here ” Dad said as he come downstairs

“Just now I brought reiny some clothes
I saw them in the store and immediately thought about her ” ted said putting the package in front of me
And pull out a red lingerie lace top

“I’m not a whore to dress up in this” I said with greeted teeth

“Oh what else are you after shagging all those men ” my stepmom said entering the room

“My shagging brought you all the expensensive make up you put on your shitlike face next time offer your loose ass to fuck ” I shout at her

“Reina behave ” dad scold me

“Let it be Arnold it’s classic whore behaviour ” She said
I push back my chair and went to my room

“Let me have her and I’ll tame her ” ted said

“Fuck off ” Arnold told him

I lie down on the bed and called my friend Emma she don’t know what I do but she know my family is cruel

“Reina how are you”
“I’m good, let’s go somewhere I wanna go out of the house ”

” okay meet in near the lake house in 30 minutes ”

I get ready to meet Emma but dad stopped me in the way

“Where are you going”

“To Emmas ”
“We have work you can’t ”

“But I don’t want to I deserve a leave ”

“Do as I said or you’ll regret it ” he said and left
I text Emma that I can’t make it

I got ready in a skimpy dress for my client I putt on a lot make up to hide my teen face

We’ve to drive to reach the destination father don’t tell me much about anything I just have to please them that’s it
Sometimes he told me about the kinks

After driving for more than an hour we reach the state prison

“Dad why are we here” I ask

“We received a special order don’t ruin anything reina just act as told ” he said

We took the car inside and I come out of the car after dad
There is only a single guard in sight
He ask us to follow him

We follow him through many dark corridor till a iron gate he stop dad right there ask him to wait

I went inside with him there is a long way to walk
After that he took a key and open a door to snothrf iron gate

There was a man lying in the dark cell little light us coming from a small ventilation window

“The parcel is here ” guard said and leave he locked the door on the way out

The man removed his hand from his face and ask me to come towards him

I walk to him he was a huge man his uniform was clean and he had a little beard

“What’s your name girl ”

“Trina ” I said

He stand up
He was a lot taller than me a fifteen years old

“I haven’t had a girl in ages Trina remind me how a girl’s mouth feel”

I got on my knees and undid his trousers there wasn’t a boxer beneighr it

I took his cock in my hand and rub it a little after few seconds I start using my mouth
With a lot of experience I know my stuff well

He wrapped his fingers in my hairs and enjoying the moment

After fucking my mouth he ask me to undress and lie on the ground

He played with my boobs like a cat playing with ball
He bite me squeeze me suck me

He insert a finger in my hole
I was dry he knew its going to hurt me he starts finger fucking me

“Last girl I fucked didn’t pleased me much I broke all her teeth for it so better get your cunt smooth ” he whisper

I knew im going to get hurt a lot today that’s life for me
Clients treat me like dirt & my family leech on my painfully earned money
Part 3 soon

By littleslut
#Abuse #Exhibitionist #Rape #Teen

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