Daddy bred me Sex Story

#Incest #Mature #Pregnancy #PreTeen

Daddy and I have been having sex for years, and had lots of fun.

Not that many years ago, when I was 11 years old, I spent the night at my daddy’s house, and he pushed my pussy to the limit.

My parents are separated, divorced because mom found out that daddy had been having sex with me while mom was at work, I try to tell her that he didn’t force me or rape me and that I liked it, and just because he was fucking me didn’t mean that he loved her any less, but mom didn’t like it, she didn’t want daddy to go to jail so she didn’t turn him in, mom saw only one solution, divorce.

Mom still doesn’t like me staying at daddy’s house because she knows what we’ll be doing, but he’s my daddy and he has a right to see me as do I to see him, she can’t stop us, so she doesn’t even try anymore.

So, I was at my daddy’s, we’d just finished having amazing sex, then daddy told me he had bought loads of dildo’s for us to play with, all different sizes, he knows I like pussy play so we both decided to see how much punishment my little pussy could take.

First he pleasured me with a simple 5 inch vibrating dildo, daddy’s cock was 6-inches long so the 5-inch dildo wasn’t doing a lot for me.

Then he moved on to a 7-inch one, that one really pressed quite hard against my cervix, it was huge, and he pushed it all the way in, almost losing it inside me, “Try the next one, daddy.”

Next up was a long and thicker 8-inch dildo, daddy pushed it up my pussy, it stretched me wider than I’d ever been before, that hurt a bit, but I was loving it, and it made me have a very big orgasm.

“Shall we try the biggest one?” he asked.

I was very shocked, “What – there’s an even bigger one than this?” I Asked.

“Oh yes…” he replied, and he reached in to the box and pulled out a whopping great big 9-inch double thick dildo, it was as thick as my arm, and almost as long, “Holy shit.” I said.

I pushed it in to my pussy, I screamed because it was stretching my hole out very wide, I was only 11 years old, tiny for my age, and my pussy was certainly not ready for this thing, and it stung, “It stings! – It stings! – That hurts, daddy.” I cried.

“Want me to stop?” he asked.

“…No. Keep going – I can take it.” I replied, determined to take this monster even if it killed me.

It took daddy about 15 minutes of slow pushing to get 6 inches of it inside me, then I grabbed a pillow and pressed it against my face, readying myself for what he was about to do, he hit the bottom of the dildo hard with the palm of his hand like a hammer, and the remaining 3-inches went shooting inside my pussy, “Arrgggh!!!” I screamed the house down.

When I finally calmed a little, I was still in agonising pain, but I took the pillow off my face and look down between my legs, the whole thing was inside me, I could see my pussy was stretch out about 3-inches across, and there was a lump in my body, I could actually see the shape of the monster dildo while it was inside me, “Fuck.” I said.

Daddy started to pull it out, it was giving me both intense pain and incredible pleasure when it started to slide out of me, when he finally pulled it all out, a small river of orgasmic fluid flowed out of my gaping wide hole that had been left behind, it took my pussy nearly 30 minutes to fully close up again after being stretched so wide.

Then daddy fucked me again with his real cock, which is always a lot of fun, I love daddy’s cock.

I’m 16 years old now, and 2 years ago I gave birth to my son, who is also my brother, or possibly step-brother, depends how you look at it really.

Mom was furious when she found out daddy had bred me like a little whore, but I was happy and excited because daddy and I had created something beautiful out of our incestuous love making, a little baby.

I now live with daddy permanently because mom’s an alcoholic now.

And daddy and I still have great sex and fun playing with toys.

#Incest #Mature #Pregnancy #PreTeen

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