Daddy was missing his Baby Girl Sex Story

#Incest #PreTeen #Virgin

By Bebe

A work of fiction, enjoy it for what it is.

Daddy was missing his Baby Girl. Alone in the house would be a perfect time to play, however, she was in school, 8th grade, and not expected home for hours. To pass the time he pulled out his secret laptop and logged in. Hundreds of files labeled “BG with the date” filled his screen. Selecting the special one labeled “BG…First time” he opened it. Four recorded videos popped up, each a different view of her bedroom. A year earlier he had planted mini high tech cameras throughout the house to capture every moment he would come to share with his Baby Girl. There were cameras in the bathroom, the living room and his own bedroom as well as several in his stepdaughter’s room. They were so tiny no one would ever find them. He controlled them remotely to only record what he wanted.
Enlarging the first video he watched as his Baby Girl was undressing. Earlier that week he had taken her shopping for new bras and panties and she was now going to model them for him. Stripping naked she had no idea he was recording her every movement. Seeing her remove her training bra got him excited as her little breasts and nipples came into view. He zoomed the picture and paused a moment to take in the sight. He fast forwarded to her trying the first of her three new sets. The first, a white lacy bra and bikini panties. He remembers well sitting at her desk watching her try on each outfit. The second was a cute pink set almost appropriate for girl her age. The last and his favorite was a black sheer bra and thong pantie so transparent she might have been naked. Her nipples even more pronounced as the fabric was totally clear around her areola. He felt his cock twitching as she pulled the thong up her legs and his figure came into view on the screen watching himself adjusting the tiny material between her legs and her ass cheeks.
Switching to another of the videos showing a different angle of the room, he watched as he and his Baby Girl were kissing and his hands roaming over her body. He started rubbing his hardening cock over his pants remembering the feeling of her under his hands, unclasping her bra and fondling her 32A breasts. His fingers rubbing her nipples, feeling them hardening and her tiny body wiggling under his touch. Kneeling in front of her he slid down, kissed her belly and pussy through the material until he pulled them off.
His cock so hard he stood and pulled down his pants and briefs, letting them pool at his ankles. Sitting back down his cock in one hand, he opened the third video showing his Baby Girl totally naked and laying on the bed…her legs spread wide and his head buried between them. Stroking his cock, he watched himself licking and sucking her wet pussy, his Baby Girl wiggling and moaning under him. He increased the volume to hear her ”Yes…Daddy…ohhhh….that feels so good”. He loved sucking her pussy, she got so wet. He had been engaging in oral with her for about a year and she loved it. He knew this day would be different. He continued to stroke his cock slowly rubbing the head as it got more and more excited knowing what was coming next.
He opened the fourth video, a super close up of her young, naked body, opening her legs zooming on the pinkness of her pussy, her little clit peeking from it’s hood. His cock looked huge as he rubbed it up and down her pussy lips, spreading the wetness from her pussy and his precum over her tiny hole. Raising her legs higher he pushed the head against her hole, stretching her little by little, knowing he had to be patient as not to hurt her. He wanted her to enjoy this moment and want him again and again after this first time. Pulling it back out and entering again several times before finally getting the head in. His stepdaughter was panting hard but not telling him to stop so he continued pushing slightly in and out until he felt himself entering a little more with his thrusts. It took at least ten minutes to put half of his 7 plus inch cock into her young pussy. He knew he could come any minute if he didn’t pause her pussy squeezing him so tight and her moving under him could send him right over the edge. Watching the screen Daddy continued stroking and pulling his cock, remembering every inch of her pussy, reliving that moment of entering her for the very first time.
“Don’t stop Daddy” hearing those words thrilled him beyond reason and he thrust hard and deep feeling his cock hit her cervix and burying all of him inside. He couldn’t believe his Baby Girl could take all of him and wanting it. Pulling and pushing, thrusting slow and then faster and harder he watched as he and Baby Girl fucked. The ecstasy on her face only enhanced his desire and obsession for her. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, on the screen or in the moment.
“Oh my god…I’m going to cum Daddy…” Baby Girl started bucking and convulsing under him, biting her lower lip as cries and moans filled the room. His own back arched and he came fast and hard, shooting rope after rope of his hot cum into her waiting body, spilling his seed into her cervix imaging her flat belly round with his baby despite the vasectomy he had three years ago, The sight too intense Daddy jerked his cock faster and harder as he felt his balls tighten and his cum shoot straight into the air hitting the computer screen before he could grab the towel he had laying on the desk next to it. Long shoots of cum covered his screen, coating the imagine of his Baby Girl laying panting on the bed, dripping down her chin and her chest. The sight of this only enhanced his own orgasm as his cock was still throbbing. He watched as his own body collapsed on top of his stepdaughter his ass still bouncing as he tried to keep his cock inside as long as possible before it slipped out, his cum pooling down her pussy and ass onto the sheet beneath them.
Wiping himself and the computer screen, Daddy closed the videos and once again hid his secret laptop and couldn’t wait for Baby Girl to come home so he could add to his growing collection.

By Bebe
#Incest #PreTeen #Virgin

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