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#Incest #PreTeen #Rape #Virgin

By madi<3

Me and my daddy were on our way to California, for a father daughter vacation. I’m 12, and my daddy is 47. We were stuck in a traffic jam so we just started talking for a bit. I was wearing a crop top with a mini skirt, since it was summer. He put his hand on my thigh and slowly starting moving up.

“W-what are you doing daddy??” I asked, confused and frightened. With no answer from him he started forcefully pulling my shirt off. I tried to fight back, but it was useless. It was dark outside so no one could see in. He threw me into the back seat and soon climbed back there too. I was topless with only a bra and my skirt on.

“This is what girls like you get. You wear such provocative clothing, leaving me wishing I was fucking you. Now I can.” He pulled his pants and boxers down to reveal a massive cock, 9 inches. He unhooked my bra and slapped me every time i fought back. Then he took off my panties, revealing my shaved, virgin pussy.

“No daddy please…”I whined as he was stroking his cock over my body. He lined up his cock with my pussy.

“Say goodbye to your virginity.” He then slammed all 9 inches in. I screamed and cried as he was going in and out, taking no breaks. “God you’re so tight.”

“Please stop daddy.” I begged while sobbing.

“Maybe after this you’ll learn to not be such a slut you stupid fucktoy. I’m gonna keep fucking you until this traffic clears out, and my phone says not for a few hours at least, so better start enjoying this.” About 2 hours later, and 5 times of cumming in me, daddy said, “Next up your sweet ass.”

“Daddy please it’s really gonna hurt.” I whimpered.

“Exactly babygirl now flip over before I do something worse.” I flipped over, not wanting to know what he was gonna do to me if I didn’t. He then put his tip inside of my ass, slowly pushing it all the way in. I started crying and whimpering in pain. He then went faster, making my whimpers turn into screams. He kept going for what felt like hours, and finally came inside. He pulled out, turning me over and kissing my body, saying “Thanks baby. I know this will be a fun week.” I just laid in the backseat, in pain.

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By madi<3
#Incest #PreTeen #Rape #Virgin

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