Daughter misunderstood love Sex Story


By Paul

I split from my wife when my daughter was young. I used to have her stay with me most weekends and did the normal stuff of watching tv, going to the park etc.
Not long after her 10th birthday her mother brought her to my house. She got out of her car and dragged my daughter to my door.
” She is an uncontrollable, nasty, rude bitch and I’m sick of her. You can have the horrible cow from now on” she screamed. She went back to her car and threw bags of clothes on my drive and then sped off.
My daughter was sobbing so I got her in and collected her belongings. I comforted her and told her not to worry. She eventually calmed and the night went as usual. After eating and her shower she came down and sat on the sofa with me, falling asleep after a while.
Things were good between us and everything was back to normal. After living with me for six months I met someone a d we hit it off. She got on with my daughter really well.
Roll forward a year and I was still seeing her. One night when I popped my head in to daughters room to say goodnight, I gave her a kiss and told her I love her. She replied ” You don’t love me as much as your gf because you kiss me differently. If you loved me you would kiss me like it.”
I tried explaining the different sort of love there is but insisted I kiss her the same otherwise she knows I don’t love her.
I’ll carry on in part 2

By Paul

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